Top 10 Worst Uses of CGI in 2017 Movies

As I’m making this list, 2017 isn’t over yet. But there has been a lot of bad CGI moments in movies this year! It’s unbelievable how bad these were! So let’s discuss them.
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1 The Action Scenes - Justice League

Justice League's CGI is on a whole new level of bad! This is some of the worst visual effects I've ever seen from a major film! I couldn't tell if I was watching a movie or some sort of video game. Even half of the characters were CGI! The villain of the film is completely CGI. It looks really bad! Also, because this movie had to go through reshoots, the had to digitally remove Henry Caville's mustache! So he has a CGI mouth! Were they really hoping no one would notice that? It looks beyond stupid! It's even worse than Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One! Literally every action scene is CGI heavy. There was also one scene where one of Batman's vehicles lands and that entire sequence reminded me of the visuals from Attack of the Clones. I literally laughed at how bad it was. I knew the visuals would be bad but I was still surprised by how bad they were. Justice League isn't a bad movie. I just wish it had better visuals.

I thought this movie's biggest problem WAS the CGI, most of it is atrocious! DC really sucks at CGI and green screen!

I dunno. It's kind of that MCU style of not necessarily looking real, but it looks cool. Either way, it still looks better than the other DCEU movies.

I didn't think the CG would be mind blowing but I certainly didn't expect that.

2 Pennywise - It

The only thing I don't like about this movie is the awful CGI. The scenes involving Pennywise are meant to be scary, but they seem more laughable than scary because of how bad the CG is. We see him open his mouth real wide and it just looks weird. The faces he makes look pretty dumb. When he comes out of the projection slide and makes a creepy smile, I laughed. There were quite a few times when I laughed at unintentionally funny moments. It's still a great movie, though.

CGI is like autotune for movies.

3 The Climax - Wonder Woman

This scene really ruined the movie for me, I would have loved it just as much as everyone else here if the last 30 minutes weren't this bad! They had Wonder Woman developing as a character, and an actually good romance with Steve Trevor, but the last 30 minutes was full of cliche stock lines from the villain, an overuse of terrible CGI and explosions to the point where I don't know what the actual hell was happening, and Steve Trevor needlessly sacrificing himself when he could have detonated the plane in different ways without dying. Just a rant because a lot of people IRL or on the web have asked me specifically why I didn't think this movie was great, because I believe it could have been great if they just worked harder to make the climax work!

Look I love Wonder Woman, but if I had to point out a flaw, it would be the climax. The villain was disappointing and the overall fight sequence is CGI garbage! The movie looked visually appealing up until this point. They try to cram as much CGI in this one scene as possible. It ends up being a mess. This didn't bother me when I first watched the movie, but now it has become a pretty big problem for me. Some of the visuals in Batman v Superman looked better than this. I love Wonder Woman, but I wish it had a better climax.

4 The Final Battle - Power Rangers

Power Rangers was okay, but this entire battle sequence was the worst part of the movie. It pretty much has the same problems as the Transformers movies. It's just a bunch of CGI thrown in your face to make it look cool. Even though it makes it look like a mess. The CGI is actually pretty bad. The megazord didn't look convincing. Goldar didn't look convincing. Overall, this scene is a big CGI mess. The movie was kind of enjoyable, but this scene has a lot of problems.

5 The Action Scenes - Transformers: The Last Knight

It's not that the CGI is bad, it's that there's way too much of it! I know complaining about the overuse of CGI is pointless since it's very common in movies these days, but this movie took the CG and cranked it up to 100! Every single moment! Every single scene! There is some form of CGI! It's all over the place! It makes the action scenes look more unwatchable than they already are! It's such a mess! The Last Knight is a bad movie. This is one of the reasons why. The other films had too much CGI as well, but it's more noticable here.

This should be number 1, I voted for Wonder Woman already though. Seriously, the Transformers movies are just atrocious (first one is just mediocre though), and they are somehow BORING, even though they have enough CGI, bad green screen, and explosions enough to trigger a migraine for me!

I remember watching this with my friends. We walked calmly out of the theater, which lasted about five seconds. We just started laughing, and that laughter didn't stop until we went home.

Make no mistake, this movie is BAD.

This is why I can't watch the Transformers movies, the CGI looks messy and clunked together. It makes everything feel five times longer than it actually is, when watching the movies.

6 Spider-Man - Spider-Man: Homecoming

How is it that the CGI on Spider-Man looks worse here than in the original Sam Raimi films? It kind of pulled me out of the movie. There are parts of the movie when Spider-Man is really. When there's a guy in an actual suit. And then there are moments when he's swinging on a web and they had to do it via visual effects. This wouldn't bother me if it looked good, but it doesn't! It looks awful! He just looks like a cartoon character surrounded by real life things! When it transitions from CGI Spidey to real Spidey, it's unavoidable. They make it look too obvious! I don't remember having this problem with the other Spider-Man movies.

I did not think it was bad as DC movies, but if I were to complain about this movie (I LOVED this movie if you didn't already know), it would be that the CGI Spiderman was a bit fake looking, and it could have been polished up. Didn't stop the action from being cool.

7 The Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Beast has a really great song in this movie. If you'd ask me a few months ago, I'd say that I want Evermore to win best original song. But after watching Coco, that opinion has changed. I want Remember Me to win. And that was the ONLY Oscar I wanted Beauty and the Beast (2017) to win! So now I don't want it to win any awards! Think about it! What category could this movie possibly win in? Best visual effects? I hope not because the visual effects are garbage! The castle looks fake, the enchanted objects look fake, but let's talk about the Beast. He looks atrocious! Not only is his design very hideous, but he doesn't even move like a real person! There are moments when you can easily tell that he is just a cartoon based on his movements alone. I know they were trying to make him act like the original cartoon, but it doesn't work in live action! Even in Evermore when he's running around the castle it looks very fake! It makes it hard to feel the connection between him and Belle. The CGI ...more

It's pretty bad when a French movie from 1946 makes the Beast look better than a movie made in 2017. Heck, even Ron Perlman as the Beast looked better.

This was Sign 1 that this movie would suck. If your title character doesn't look good, then it's not going to be a pleasant movie to watch.

Worst CGI Ever. Ares from Wonder Woman looks way better. CGI in this remake deserves to be at #1. Justice League action scenes!

8 The Fake Rat - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

I ran out of ideas to put on this list, then I remembered how dumb this rat in the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Movie was! It takes up like 5 seconds of screen time! They must've spent a lot of money on that! It was really dumb and it really made me angry! It didn't need to be there! So bad!

9 The Pirate Ship - My Little Pony: The Movie

My Little Pony: The Movie is a Disney movie wannabe. It takes a lot of elements from various Disney movies! One example would be the flying pirate ship where they meet Zoe Saldana's character. That ship reminds me too much of Treasure Planet! And that was a problem I had with Treasure Planet. The CGI mixed in with the 2D animation didn't look good. Same goes for My Little Pony! All I can think of when looking at the ship is that it's just a CGI thing in a 2D animated film. They didn't even attempt to make it look like it fits! It was so distracting! I hated this movie! Even if you're a fan of the show, you probably wouldn't like it.

I haven't watched it yet, but it's always nice to get a 2-D animated feature, even if it's a show I'm not a fan of. But really I would way rather watch the Spongebob Movie or Bender's Big Score. It makes me angry though for some reason that I see bronies invading rotten tomatoes or IMDb acting like its top 100 movies of all time material

10 Superman’s Mustache - Justice League

I laughed at this part.

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11 Surtur - Thor: Ragnarok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is able to make its movies look visually appealing from time to time and make things look real, but in Thor: Ragnarok, Mr. Krabs does not look convincing at all! In his first on screen appearance, he looked way too fake and I wasn't convinced that he was really there. Yet somehow in the climax when (SPOILERS) he's destroying Asgard, he looks even worse! There are also other problems I have with the CGI in this film. Hulk didn't look so great either. But Mr. Krabs here was the one that stood out the most.

12 The Antiques - Beauty & The Beast

They just looked creepy.

13 Fenris - Thor: Ragnarok
14 Mrs. Potts - Beauty and the Beast (2017)

This is the worst of the worst in CGI animation.

15 Gargamel - Smurfs: The Lost Village
16 The Fire - Baywatch
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