Top Ten Worst Types of Moviegoers

Everyone who's been to a theater even at least a few times has had a bad experience at the cinema where one or more people decide to be as obnoxious as possible. I've definitely had mine as well! Here are the worst types of moviegoers
The Top Ten
1 The Out of Control Children

Look, I get it. It's a G or PG movie. It's family friendly and definitely for kids. But that is no excuse to let your demonic children run around the theater screaming like banshees! And believe me this has happened before while I was in a theater, good thing my mom got a refund though after she complained.

2 The Parents who Bring Babies to PG-13/R Rated Movies

I may only be a teenager but still, how could you be such an irresponsible parent! The last thing people need is some parents bringing in their screaming and crying baby into a movie that was not intended for them. This has happened to me too many times before and it really makes me angry!

Really, all I can say is get a babysitter. I don't want to hear a baby crying at any movie.

3 The Spoiler

Please, if you're going to go to movies with the sole purpose of being an A-hole and ruining it for everyone, you can just GTFO please.

4 The "Narrator"

This is that one kid (or even adult! ) who feels the need to add his own commentary to the movie out loud! I still don't know why these people feel the absolute need to do it, because literally everyone else is annoyed by it!

If you were watching the Golden Compass, it is at times like having two
The movie: this is important
Person: guys this is important

5 The Person Who Keeps Texting

I get it someone was checking the time or something, but why the hell do some people go to the movies if they are just going to be on their phone the entire time! It can totally wait for after unless it's urgent, then step outside. No one wants to see your bright screen in the corner of their vision while trying to watch a film.

Yeah! When I saw Black Sabbath: The End of the End someone was on their phone almost all the time. And, he left after Paranoid was finished, even though there was 40 min or something of extra content and interviews left.

6 The Kid Who Keeps Kicking Your Seat

Happened a couple times to me where a kid started to get really restless and started kicking on my seat. I should have said something but I just endured this annoyance by pushing back whenever he did it. You should totally try doing that though whenever someone kicks your seat, they usually stop!

7 The Overly Obsessive Fanboy/girl

This pretty much just applies to stuff like comic book movies or other things with huge fandoms behind it. It's ok to be a big fan of something but some people take it way to far. For example I got to see the Force Awakens when it was fairly new and theaters were packed. Some cosplayers were in the theater and they kept on whispering and talking to each other, and one of them even had a light up light saber, which obviously didn't turn out good.

8 The Couple who Keeps Making Out in the Back

Happened once in a theater I was in. This couple was making out in the back of the theater near where I was periodically and I had to keep hearing their lips smacking and such, and that got pretty annoying. They could have done worse things though if you know what I mean...

If you're going to have public sex, do it at the beach or in your car.

9 The Person Eating Loud Snacks

Ok, I'm actually guilty of this one, I'll be honest. Sometimes you gotta open that bag of chips while making as least noise as possible, but to usually no avail.

10 The People Who Overreact at Every Scene

I hate those kind of moviegoers especially on YouTube. You know, when people make those annoying "fake shock" types of expressions when they watch a famous Disney or Dreamworks movie. Those ones annoy the heck out of me. I also hate it when people overreact to Monsters Inside Me about how gross it is and how people make fun of the tragedies. It sickens me. But I love it when people roast Rei Skywalker.

I love Monsters Inside Me because it teaches about the warning signs of becoming infected as provided by Dr. Dan Riskin and how to keep each other safe.
I apologize if this comment is long.

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11 The Cougher
12 The Person Who Always Asks You Questions About What Will Happen Next
13 The Person Slurping
14 The Seat Hogger
15 The People Who Won’t Stop Talking
16 The People Who Go Wild When the Movie is Over
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