Top 10 Most Badass Female Disney Characters

It’s Valentine’s Day! A pointless holiday in which people buy flowers, cards, and stuffed animals to show their love for someone. Even though they can, and should, do that any day of the year. Must be nice having a girlfriend. I wouldn’t know. I’ve spent most of my life admiring how awesome some female characters in Disney movies are. The ones that aren’t like other girls. So I made a list of the most badass female Disney characters.
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1 Mulan Fa Mulan, a character inspired by an actual historic figure is a character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 36th animated feature film Mulan, as well as its sequel Mulan II.

If you think Ariel is better than Mulan, hand over your Disney fan club membership card so I can rip it to shreds. Mulan is the kind of character that all girls should aspire to be like! She proves to people that being a girl isn't just about being pretty. They can be pretty and tough at the same time. Mulan proves this by saving all of China. She does the right thing. She goes into war in her dad's place so he won't get hurt and so the country will be saved. She doesn't do anything selfish. She struggles at first but then she shows everyone what she is capable of. She is very tough. An absolute inspiration. And yet, people prefer Ariel just because she's pretty and is a good singer. Literally the only reason I've heard from people who like her. Mulan is those things as well, but she also does what she knows is right. Family comes first. Mulan inspires people to bring honor to your family and Ariel inspires people to ditch your family and explore a different world for your own selfish ...more

No question. She's not just a badass female warrior who saves China but she also inspires people to do what's right even if other people tell you it's wrong.

Well who else would've saved China if it weren't for Mulan?!

She is awesome, cool and badass! Plus she is my favorite!

2 Kim Possible Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible is a fictional character who appears in the animated television series Kim Possible, voiced by American actress Christy Carlson Romano.

Let's face it. Everyone only watched this show because of how hot Kim is. After it was announced that it's getting a live action movie, I've been binge watching the entire series since it's been years since I've watched it. I forgot how great it was. The best part about it would have to be the main character herself. Kim Possible. She is so hot! Not only that, but she is just an overall cool character. Whenever she goes on a mission, she always knows what to do in certain situations. Because she can do anything. The villains that she faces don't stand a chance against her. Despite being an agent, she also has to deal with real life situations. Like school. She's basically a female version of Spider-Man. Except she doesn't keep her identity a secret. The fact that she's able to do this shows how amazing she is. This honestly makes me nervous for the live action movie. Plus, it will be a Disney Channel Original Movie. That just makes things worse.

Teen black widow?

3 Black Widow Natalia Alianovna Romanova, most known as Natasha Romanoff or the Black Widow, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is one of the most talented spies and assassins in the entire world and is a founding member of the Avengers. The character was created more.

This one goes without saying. Despite never really getting a chance to be put in the spotlight, Black Widow always manages to show how strong, brave, and dangerous she can be. This Scarlett Johansson's best character. She portrays her very well. Whenever Natasha is involved in a fight sequence, she always does an excellent job at fighting off the bad guys. This is why I think there needs to be a Black Widow movie. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten one yet. People say she's not an interesting enough character, but that's because we haven't gotten to know her enough. I'm sure that if she gets her own movie, it will be great. I even heard that Marvel is actually thinking about doing it and even hired a writer. Unfortunately, it's the writer of Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Well you can forget about that movie being good.

Charlotte from Lost in Translation & Samantha from Her are Scarlett's best characters in my opinion, but Black Widow rocks too.

Can't wait for her movie & Jac might of been the writer behind Olaf's Frozen Adventure, but she's got Scar Jo to help her out.

I have a little crush on her...she's so cool!

4 Elastigirl

On Twitter a couple of days ago, the Incredibles composer Michael Giacchino posted a little video of the music for Incredibles 2 being recorded. That got me even more hyped. I'm so excited for the sequel. Especially since we get to see more Helen Parr aka Mrs. Incredible aka Elastigirl. If you saw the first Incredibles movie, you saw how amazing she was. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when she knocks out all of those guards. That was the moment when I fell in love with the character. It's amazing how she's still able to do stuff like that despite having been a retired superhero for 15 years. She's able to fight crime and she still takes good care of her family. Bob is a lucky guy. From what I've heard, the sequel will focus more on Elastigirl. That will be very interesting to see.

5 Maleficent Maleficent is the main antagonist of Disney's 1959 animated feature film Sleeping Beauty. An evil fairy, Maleficent is an incarnation of pure evil, and is responsible for all misfortune in King Stefan's kingdom.

When people talk about awesome Disney villains, Maleficent is the one who's brought up the most. She's definitely the definition of evil. She does really mean things when she doesn't get her way. She even went as far as putting a curse on Aurora. The best part about her is that she can turn into a dragon. Doesn't get any better than that. What happened to villains like this? We don't get villains as awesome as her anymore? Now it's all about surprising people with some kind of plot twist in which a character we thought was a good guy turns out to be the bad guy. I'm really tired of that trope. It even bothered me in Coco. I really want to see another great villain like Maleficent.

Hands down the most badass female villain. And arguably the most badass Disney villain. She can literally turn herself into a dragon! We need more villains like her instead of this whole good guy turns bad plot twist

I like how she turns into a dragon!

6 Merida Princess Merida is a fictional character from Pixar's first ever Disney Princess film, Brave. She is a talented archer who wishes that she were not destined to become the Elegant Queen of Dun Broch. She is forced into a marriage betrothal by her mother, with whom she has a very negative relationship. more.

Brave gets a lot more hate than it deserves. It's a pretty decent Pixar film. Merida is honestly a great and heroic character. She can do a lot of things. She is a master at archery, she can ride a horse, and she is a great sword fighter. What's not to love about her? I'm sure that she has taught herself some of these things. That's pretty impressive. She even stands up for herself when she doesn't agree with her mother on getting with a guy she doesn't know. This isn't the last time we'll be seeing Merida. We shall be seeing her again in November.

She is a archery master but what I think makes her badass is how she is kind of rebellious.

7 Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

Only 9 more months until I see Wicked! I'm so excited! Speaking of Broadway musicals, Frozen is a now a Broadway musical and I will definitely be seeing that when it starts touring. Anyway, Elsa is a girl with ice powers. Doesn't get anymore badass than that. With her ice powers, she can do a lot of awesome things. She can even create living things. She created Olaf as well as Marshmallow the snow monster. When the guards go after Elsa, she uses her powers to defend herself. This is my favorite scene in the movie. Elsa is indeed a great character. People seem to hate on her for no reason.

Thank you for putting her on here.

8 Esmeralda Esméralda, born Agnès, is a fictional character in Victor Hugo's 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Esmeralda is awesome, she stands up for people when no one else does, she is clever, a great dancer, and I love it when she spits in Frollo's face

She brings justice!

9 Rey Rey is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by British actress Daisy Ridley. First appearing as the central character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey is a scavenger who was left behind on the planet Jakku when she was a child, and later becomes involved with the Resistance's more.

I almost forgot to put her on this list. Rey is quite possibly the best thing to come from the Disney Star Wars films. Especially because Daisy Ridley is hot. In both the Force Awakens and the Last Jedi, she is shown to be very strong with the Force. She's also great with a lightsaber, she can fly ships, and she was even able to defeat Kylo Ren. Somehow. Yeah. A lot of people call her a Mary Sue because of all these things. To be fair, Luke also managed to do things in the original trilogy without much training. I thought for sure that in the Last Jedi they would explain how Rey is able to use the Force so well, but they didn't. Because Rian Johnson decided to ruin the things that Abrams set up. Hopefully Episode 9 will fix some of these problems. The Last Jedi has flaws, but it's really dumb how some people hate it for not living up to their fan theories. And some of the legit reasons they point out, like Leia using the Force in space, can be explained. People treat these movies as ...more

She's often accused of being a Mary Sue. However she can do a lot of things for having almost no training

Savage, kills everything

10 Rapunzel Rapunzel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 50th animated feature film Tangled, and its short sequel Tangled Ever After. She is the tenth Disney Princess, the first Disney Princess to be CGI-animated, and the first Disney Princess to have freckles or green eyes.

If you think about it, Rapunzel is kind of a Mary Sue. She's spent 16 years of her life being trapped inside her tower. Then when she finally leaves the tower, she learns things pretty quickly. How did she learn to swim? This also bothers me in the series. Eugene has been out in the real world longer than Rapunzel has and yet she's able to do certain things better than he can. Still, she's pretty awesome. She is a master at using her hair. She's unstoppable with her best weapon. The frying pan. She's more skilled with a frying pan than Princess Peach is. She's basically a much better character than Peach. At least she doesn't always act as the damsel in distress. She actually acts as the hero quite a lot. The season 1 finale of Tangled the Series pretty much proves it. I can't wait for season 2.

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11 Moana Moana is the protagonist of Disney's 2016 animated feature film of the same name. Born on the island village of Motunui, Moana is the daughter of Chief Tui and Sina, with an inherited love for the seas and voyaging. When her island becomes endangered, Moana is chosen by the ocean to journey across the more.

Remember when Auli'I Cravalho got hit in the head during her performance of How Far I'll Go at the Oscars? Good times. Moana is pretty much every Disney princess put into one character. However, the thing that makes her different from every other Disney princess is the fact that she has no love interest. She doesn't need a man to save her. Moana pretty much does most of the work in this movie. While Maui helps out a little. Keep in mind that Moana is a normal teenage girl whereas Maui is a thousand year old demigod. What's even more impressive is that she's never been off the island before. She's a very inspiring character. And a very awesome one. I also like how aggressive she can be at times.

12 Princess Leia Princess Leia Organa, later known as General Leia Organa, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Carrie Fisher.

She is THE princess of the galaxy and has been through every tough situation the galaxy has to offer and she did it all while maintaining her signature hair style.

13 Ursula (The Little Mermaid) Ursula is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated feature film The Little Mermaid.
14 Megara Meg is a heroine from the Disney movie Hercules. Meg is the love interest for, the protagonist, Hercules. Meg sold her soul to Hades for her boyfriend's freedom. However, the (soon to be ex) boyfriend ended up cheating on her. Meg is scared of getting hurt again. However, once she sees how genuine Hercules's more.
15 Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is thought to be one of the most powerful people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and can more.
16 Cassandra (Tangled the Series)
17 Valkyrie (Thor: Ragnarok) Valkyrie is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she is portrayed by Tessa Thompson.
18 Nala Nala is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise and is introduced in the animated film The Lion King in 1994.
19 Peggy Carter Margaret Elizabeth Carter, most known as Peggy Carter or Agent Carter, is a fictional character appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She was one of the most prominent agents of the Strategic Scientific Reserve during and after the Second World War. The character was created more.
20 Elena Elena of Avalor is an American-Animated television series created by Craig Gerber which first debuted on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior on July 22, 2016 and is currently airing on those channels. Princess Elena, the main protagonist is the first Latin-American Disney princess. The city of Avalor more.
21 Alice Alice is a fictional character and protagonist of Lewis Carroll's children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass.
22 Vitani

I love Vitani! She's awesome. She needs more love and she 100 times better then Kiara!

23 Gamora Gamora is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Jim Starlin, the character first appeared in Strange Tales #180. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she is portrayed by Zoe Saldana.
24 Nakia (Black Panther)
25 Tiana Princess Tiana of Maldonia is a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog.

She's one of my favorite princess, she had to work really hard and have a lot of determination to get what she wants. Her life was difficult and I love the message that she gives to little girls, that to pursue your dreams you have to work hard for it

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