Best 2010s Albums That Won a Grammy for Album of the Year

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1 Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

I agree this album was great also even if the 2010s album of the year winners weren't necessarily the best would you argue if I said they seem to make way more sense overall than the 2000s winners?

As much as I enjoyed both Red and GKMC, this is the album that needed to win, both in terms of the artist relevancy and the quality of the album

2 21 - Adele

I just listened to this album (I don't listen to many albums) and despite it's flaws the biggest probably being a lack of variance I really liked it. The amazing thing I realized though is that I actually already knew all but 2 of the songs.

Basically the most succesful album of the decade, it might not be the best one from the winners but is still an iconic one, and also the best Adele album to date

3 The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

Just wondering if Folklore had been a 2010s album where do you would it rank on this list?

The perfect choice of that year. Too bad Funeral didn't get one.

Probably the most surprising one from the list, specially compared to how succesful the other nominees were (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Eminem)

4 24k Magic - Bruno Mars

Despite not being as good as the other nominees (Lorde specially) I still enjoy this album, 2018 nominees were actually really good tbh

5 25 - Adele
6 Golden Hour - Kacey Musgraves

It's really good but I think Dirty Computer is slightly better. Most of the songs are just a little more memorable.

7 1989 - Taylor Swift

It has some truly amazing pop songs but I guess it won't necessarily have that great a cultural impact of course it was also pretty uneven.

Not a bad choice and arguably the best Taylor Swift album, but I was nominated alongside TPAB by Kendrick Lamar which was superior all the way

8 When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish

"Please don't be me"- Billie Eilish
Honestly I'm much more worried about putting too much pressure on Billie Eilish at such a young age than the thought that she maybe doesn't deserve the recognition hell I would say this album is better than Father of the Bride and NFR.

Not a bad album, but Lana Del Rey, Vampire Weekend and Tyler the Creator (which wasn't even nominated) deserved the award way more than her, this only makes more obvious how desperate is the musical industry to push Billie Eilish by everyone's throat

9 Morning Phase - Beck

Yeah it does sound nice but it isn't memorable at all I heard it yesterday and can hardly remember how most of the songs go.

Not a bad album, but not a pretty memorable one neither, and not the best Beck album, Beyonce's self titled was definitely a better choice

10 Babel - Mumford & Sons

From what I have heard from Mumford and Sons I can understand why it's last. I wouldn't say they are horrible but just not that interesting.

From all the albums who won the award, this is the only one that I legitimately don't like at all

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