Top 10 Best Songs of 2015

2015 was a year of sonic exploration, a time when the lines between genres blurred and artists fearlessly pushed boundaries. You couldn't escape the infectious beats of EDM-infused pop anthems, while hip-hop asserted its dominance with introspective storytelling and trap-inspired sounds. Rock music experienced a revival with a fresh wave of guitar-driven bands and indie darlings.

The music scene in 2015 was a wild ride, a sonic adventure that kept us grooving and singing along.
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1 Hello - Adele

I love her music and love her lifestyle. The reason I like Adele is simply due to the fact that she has not changed for anyone. She seems very down to earth and doesn't try to attach herself to the "pop" scene, which I simply can't stand. I also have noticed she stays out of the limelight when she is not touring. Good for her. Keep it up, girl! We love ya!

Adele is the only good singer of today who is actually popular (Kendrick and Cole are rappers). Some singers of this decade talk about meaningful topics, don't have a lack of different lyrics, have soul, and don't use autotune. All the bad singers get all the attention. Finally, a good modern-day singer that is good and popular.

2 See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

This song holds the best memory in my life so far because I went on an overnight field trip with my Grade 7 classmates and teacher. Even though it was only three days, it was the best time of my life. My dad woke me up early with his phone alarm, but he didn't tell me he changed the sound to See You Again, and I woke up surprised.

Throughout the field trip at the Ganaraska Forest Centre, I had that song stuck in my mind for three days! It was the best day ever. I went on a night hike, sang campfire songs, played games in the forest, learned how to make a fire, and much more. The day I left, I finally slept in my bed and suddenly the song See You Again played in my mind. Flashbacks of the trip appeared in my mind and I started crying. Oh my god, it's so embarrassing.

3 Elastic Heart - Sia

Such a powerful performance by Sia about battling self-emotions. What this does so well is convey this emotion not only in the song but in the video itself. Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler (both in the video) act as conflicting states of mind, and the cage acts as a barrier that they can't get out of (in this instance, it's the human skull).

Sia's strong vocal performance enhances this meaning and does what other modern pop songs need to do.

8/10 - Great

The music video and the song are strongly emotional. They represent the barrier that one cannot come out of. Shia LaBeouf did an amazing job acting as if his addiction is the barrier (whatever you thought he was addicted to). And then Sia tried pulling him out. It touched me so much that I cried for the first time in ten years. Applaud Sia!

4 Here - Alessia Cara

I'm voting for this because it deserves to be higher. I don't understand why people like Hello so much. This is way more relatable and beautiful. She has a powerful voice that people apparently only see in Adele. And I finally get a song that's not just about your boyfriend, which I really don't care about. No offense or anything, but I'm not interested in any relationships except for my friends' and the ones in my books.

It definitely reminds me of all the parties I sat out of as a kid. Hanging out by the chip bowl and angling to change the sports to Danny Phantom, while avoiding the crowd. Trying to find a quiet corner to read. At least now I know I wasn't the only person to feel this way.

5 Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd

Yes, because it's about a cocaine addiction, it must be garbage, right? No, this song is fantastic, and it's not talking about the cocaine addiction in just positive wording, oh no. It discusses it in a negative way as well, especially after the protagonist falls deep into the addiction. Additionally, this song has been compared to Michael Jackson's songs, mostly based on the sound. Think about that.

Oh, so because the lyrics are about cocaine addiction, this song is automatically bad? That's a pathetic way to think. Listen closely to the lyrics. He's not talking positively about it. This song has amazing Michael Jackson vibes. I love it.

6 Downtown - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I will admit that the lyrics of this song are really dumb (I mean, it's about mopeds). However, unlike other dumb songs released lately (looking at you, Rae Sremmurd), this one actually has great instrumentals and a rapper that has the energy and personality to just sell it.

This song is fun. To people who say acts like Future or Drake are fun, listen up. Their songs are dull, lifeless, and have horrible lyrics. This, on the other hand, is a whole lot of fun.

I laugh every time I hear it. I love Macklemore and I always will. This is the 4th best song I've heard by him. (Best being Same Love.) Macklemore, keep doing what you're doing.

7 Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy

I'm obviously a bit biased because I've been a long time fan of Fall Out Boy. But of all the songs on this list, Uma Thurman is one of my favorites. I do not know how Hello by Adele is on top. She's really not that great. But it's still a good song.

Uma Thurman had some life. It was upbeat and you could dance to it. You could play it at a party without someone going 'What's this slow crap?' It's just a great song that is great for dancing and parties and just having fun.

This song is obviously one of the best songs of the year - it should definitely be on this list. The lyrics have a fun vibe to them, and the "Beach Boys"-like guitar solo at the beginning of every chorus makes this song so unbelievably catchy. As far as I'm concerned, "Uma Thurman" deserves every last shred of good recognition it is receiving. I love this song.

8 U - Kendrick Lamar

One of the darkest, most haunting, and deepest songs of the genius album that is To Pimp A Butterfly. There are so many interesting uses of instrumentation, such as a woman speaking in Spanish, the sound of beer bottles tapping against each other, and one of the weirdest headphone movements I've heard all year.

Damn great song.

Also, 7 U's were used during this review (oh wait, 9).

To Pimp A Butterfly doesn't get enough recognition. This song is haunting, chilling, and makes you think for a while after. But at the same time, you want to hear more and listen to it again. Instead of listening to the song, listen to the whole album. It is unlike any other rap/hip-hop I have ever heard. Truly genius.

9 Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots

I already voted for Tear in My Heart (because I am clique trash, as heck). But Stressed Out is a song that resonates with lots of people today, wanting to remember the days of youth and ease. For a song played on the radio, it has a meaning that speaks to lots. It is not just a relationship song. It explores themes that are almost new to the industry. Well, not new, but are being brought back. I am happy this was one of their songs to become popular, because it brings an important message and nostalgic feeling upon the viewer.

10 Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens

A truly masterful song, embellished beautifully in a ballad about family relationships. Its soft tune is clashed by the contrasting minor key played throughout the song, invoking a dark tone. Each stanza alternates as a conversation between Sufjan Stevens and his mother, Carrie, as she was dying in the hospital.

Easily one of Stevens' most recognizable songs, and one of Stevens' best songs off the album, "Carrie & Lowell".

10/10 - Masterpiece

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? Death by Glamour - Toby Fox
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11 Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

It can be really emotional if you sit and listen to the lyrics. Sometimes I do that and people are like, "Come on! Isn't this your favorite song?" And then I'm like, "Yes, I'm just listening to the lyrics and letting emotions wash over me like an ocean wave." Sometimes, you can sing the song and think, "I love this song!" But sitting and actually appreciating it can really give the song a new vibe in you.

It's really touching and can wash over you if you close your eyes and make your own music video in your head. What the lyrics are saying is that, "I know we may not see each other again, but just remember me. I love you too, but this can't happen, as much as I'd like it to." It makes you just tear up in your heart and suddenly all weight is dropped off your shoulders. You go, Taylor.

12 Defeated - Breaking Benjamin

I was extremely surprised when I saw this up here, especially considering how it beat a ton of competition. This song is extremely meaningful, especially compared to every other pop song on this list. Let's go, Breaking Benjamin!

Definitely one of the best songs ever with amazing music and meaningful lyrics. Not like the ones where songwriters run out of lyrics and sing oh oh baby baby for the chorus.

This is definitely number 1. It has great lyrics and composition. I'm glad that Breaking Benjamin is back.

13 The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar

Any of the songs from Kendrick's latest album could be on this list, but this one has to be my favorite. Everything from the lyrics to the production has raised the bar when it comes to rap.

How?! This song defined 2015. With all the stuff that has been going on, it was about time someone had a song to describe what was happening. This is number one, no doubt. The name is enough to tell you you are going to be blown away.

Kendrick Lamar truly delivers in this song. It is a serious song, and it is good. The dark element and vocals make this track good. The song title is unique.

14 Ex's & Oh's - Elle King

I personally wouldn't like this as much if it were by a man. Not because I don't like men, but her being a woman was more risk-taking. We all know the common thing in rap about side-hoes and using women for their bodies, and Elle King completely changed this idea in both the lyrics and the music video. It definitely could've been insulting if it weren't for the fact that women are treated exactly that way by men in many other situations.

I'm going to have to disagree with the other comment, this song is actually good. It's songs like Watch Me that aren't good.

15 No Way Out - Bullet for My Valentine

This song deserves to be the first one! It's always better than all pop or rap songs. It's better than Adele, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, or any pop singers. This is METAL!

This is real, not fake like all the other songs. This is music and not computer sounds, and the lyrics are just amazing. Bullet For My Valentine.

This should be number 1, as well as Defeated by Breaking Benjamin. This is real music, not autotuned like Uptown Funk.

16 I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen

I like this song because it's cheesy and catchy. Yes, I like Carly Rae Jepsen because I like cheesiness.

I know, it's cheesy, but catchy. It may get annoying after some time, but that doesn't make it any less catchy.

This song is proof that Carly Rae Jepsen is actually decent.

17 The Hills - The Weeknd

This is a great song. It manages to create such a dark atmosphere, but still manages to be so enjoyable. Some people might hate its overuse of AutoTune, but I think this is one of the few times AutoTune has been used correctly to make a song very enjoyable. The lyrics are a bit generic, but still not bad. The beat is amazing. The chorus is probably the best part of the song. Everything about this song is enjoyable.

I only listen to this song when it's half past five! Well, actually I don't, but I just love this song so much that I want to fit the lyrics into my review. I just love this song. I can't describe it. I was obsessed with it when I was 10, and I had good taste in music then. 10/10.

18 Cut the Cord - Shinedown

This song is impeccable, as with any song by Shinedown. To those who are struggling, this is your get back up song. You are worth it and amazing, and this song showed it to me.

Let's vote for this awesomeness. Shinedown made it again. A song that rocks. Hear this song because it is not just any song. It's the song.

There are people who know that this is real music.

19 Lean On - Major Lazer

It should be among the first five. It's really an awesome song. It's very popular in my school, more popular than many of those listed in the top 10.

It's a good song! I mean, it's not as good as Hello or something, but it's a fun and popular song, and the dance moves are magic! It should be ranked higher.

I love this song. It is so fun. I love the cover "Peace is the Mission." You should take that to heart.

20 Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

I like this song, but I don't like Ellie Goulding. And truly, I think she wasn't the best singer for this song. I don't even think she sang this song very well. Although, I love the way its lyrics go in sync with the movie. It could have been much better if some other talented female singer had sung it, and there are many.

I really like this song. It's not as good as "Lights," but it's still good. Oh, and all you haters, if you don't have anything nice to say about this song, don't say anything at all, you know?

This song is a blessing. When a song is the only light in a bad movie, based off one of the most god-awful novels I've ever come across - which in itself began as a Twilight fanfic - then you know you've accomplished something. Excellent job, Ellie!

21 Cake by the Ocean - Dnce

So many people on this website say this is an awful song because it's about having sex. But that doesn't seem to stop me from liking this song. Good beats, good vocals, and good harmonies. This song definitely deserved its Teen's Choice Award. 4/5.

I should really, really hate this song, just by virtue of what it's actually about. But it's so insanely catchy, I can't get it out of my head. I had an actual good song in my head before this. Not anymore.

Catchy and infectious. You'll hate yourself for it, but there is no doubt it will be stuck in your head. It grows on you eventually.

22 Focus - Ariana Grande

Yes, it sounds like "Problem." Yes, the chorus wasn't the best choice for this song. Yes, Ariana has made some mistakes within the past couple of years, but this song actually isn't that bad when you think about it. I bet half of you guys only hate it because of the whole donut incident. If she had never made those few mistakes this year, then I'm pretty sure not as many people would hate this song.

Besides, there are much worse songs out there. I would be appalled if someone said this song is worse than "Dooo It" by Miley Cyrus.

23 Reapers - Muse

I love this song. It is so much better than everything in the top 10.

My God, Reapers is insane and totally awesome.

Number 1, come down! Reapers is coming!

24 Gold - Imagine Dragons

From what I've seen on this list, this song is definitely the best. It has a lot of power behind everything in it, with the booming effects and strong vocals. The drums and guitar are excellent, too.

That being said, I wish there was more quality music out there. Most pop music is garbage, yet everyone seems perfectly content listening to it. If we could get more bands and artists at the level of Imagine Dragons or better, then the music industry would be in a much better place.

This song speaks truth. We don't need a lot of money. This band is amazing. They have many good songs, not only the known songs they made like Radioactive, Demons, It's Time, etc., but their other songs are good too. Some are emotional, like Lost Cause, Bleeding Out, Battle Cry, Hear Me, etc. People should listen to bands like this, not pop or rap because pop and rap say nothing but garbage.

25 Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato

I instantly liked it when I first heard it on television. This song is great. The vocals are amazing. I like that she pulls off a stressed syllable.

The words in this song, don't tell your mother, just weird me out.

Reminds me of a Dairy Queen commercial.

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