Best Albums Between the Beatles and Queen

The Top Ten
1 Abbey Road - The Beatles

Don't get me wrong,a night at the opera is a very good album.However,everything that beatles released from rubber soul to abbey road, is better.Abbey road is way more fun to listen to and it is more iconic than every queen album!

2 A Night at the Opera - Queen

"Abbey Road" is good for its era - probably the best of The Beatles albums - but Queen's "A Night At The Opera" will always be SUPERB"!

3 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
4 Queen II - Queen
5 Revolver - The Beatles
6 Sheer Heart Attack - Queen
7 Rubber Soul - The Beatles
8 The White Album - The Beatles
9 Innuendo - Queen
10 News of the World - Queen
The Contenders
11 Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles
12 Live at the Rainbow '74 - Queen
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