Top Ten Best Mastodon Songs

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1 Oblivion

This song really takes me to this other place... Amazing vibe to it. Just great! And the lyrics! I'm at a certain point in my life where I can relate to them every bit, and this song helps me cope with my reality. Mastodon you make my life worth living!

Best vocal performance in any Mastadon song coupled with the usual standard of ridiculous musicianship found in most other Mastadon tracks. Awesome, heavy, blistering and to top it all of has a chorus which is catchy as hell. Utter brilliance from start to finish.

Metal sounds so great with vocals that harmonize, like they were trying to prove they could sound good but won't get off their metal high horse and stop singing like they had a tracheotomy.

This song is just more than amazing, the vocals alone wants to make me go crazy. Best vocals performance ever! The music in general is great too, a sinister feeling in the intro and then it gets real heavy and emotional.. just too good m/

2 Blood and Thunder

One of the songs which got me into Metal in the first place! First heard on Need for Speed, this is my all time favorite of theirs!

Hard selecting the order of all other songs except this one, which is without doubt number one.

This is #1. This song defines Mastodon, it's their signature song!

Simply badass. No other way to put it plainly. Just badass.

3 The Czar

Almost as good as the Last Baron, held back from being my number 1 simply because I think the more aggressive part should have been longer. All parts of the song are great, though, and an emotional experience.

Oblivion is terribly overrated...this is the song that needs to be at the top of the list not the bland Blood and Thunder which shouldn't be anywhere near the top ten region...My Top 3 would be: 1) The Czar 2) March of the Fire Ants 3) Crack the Skye.

This is the song that really got me into the band. It's legitimate heavy metal, but it's not obnoxiously loud or fast, and it sets their music apart from mainstream metal.

Incredible song and the loved the vocals and especially the solo work as well as the drumming which obviously doesn't need a mention...Brann Dalor is a beast of a drummer.. just listen to Capillarian Crest.

4 The Last Baron

The thing that makes Crack The Skye so beautiful is how each song is a more and more intense experience as it goes, concluding with this masterpiece.

Took me a while to get my head around this son, but now I know, I'll probably never hear a better song in my life!

Crack The Skye may not be my favorite Mastodon album, but The Last Baron is by far their best track!

Metal in its purest form! Vocals riffs drum and everything that makes metal what it is and more.

5 Crack the Skye

God damn, 10th? This is EASILY the most emotional song out of Mastodon's discography, Scott Kelly's vocals are simply amazing, and it is just plain beautiful.

Most intensely emotional song I've heard by them yet. Scott Kelly's vox are so good!

6 March of the Fire Ants

This song is incredibly heavy, but is definitely one of mastodons best. I've been hearing this song my whole life because of my dad always listening to remission in his car. Since I was always too shy to ask him what the song name was or what band it was by, it took me years to find mastodon. But it was worth it, they're now my favorite band of all time, and I have a lot of respect to this song for getting me into metal in the first place.

Favorite Mastodon songs
1. Divinations
3. Hunters Of The Sky
4. Island
5. Hearts Alive
6. The Czar
7. March Of The Fire Ants
8. Aunt Lisa
9. Crack The Skye
10. Octopus Has No Friends

Favorite Mastodon Albums
1.Blood Mountain
3. Leviathan
4.Crack The Skye
5. Call Of The Mastodon
6. Once More 'Round The Sun
7. The Hunter

Remission is an underrated album. But that's not to say Leviathan and onward doesn't deserve the respect it has. Remission has some kick ass tracks, and this has to be one of the best. Love Mastodon.

Great riff and solo. This is one of very few songs in the WORLD that I just can't get enough of. This is an absolutely skull-crushing song.

It's driving, heavy, and like everything else on Remission this song is a *journey*.

7 Colony of Birchmen

This forest is growing faster than I can tell. As much as I love Leviathan, Blood Mountain is still my favorite Mastodon album. 'tis excellent.

One of the best songs I've heard them produce. The way the smokey vocals match the hypnotic riffs is a wonder.

It sounds beautiful and threatening at the same time.

In your face and eloquent at the same time.

8 Hearts Alive

Mastodon's finest in the form of an epic crushing song. Simply amazing music which mirrors the ocean in its power and beauty.

An epic song with awesome riffs where every segment is better than the last. It's my all-time favorite.

So hard to choose when there isn't a single Mastodon song I straight up don't like. Today I'm feeling hearts alive

A modern medal epic that epitomizes Mastodon's awesome power and storytelling.

9 Sleeping Giant

This. Song. If someone asks me, "What is Prog-Metal? " I play them this song. Everything from acoustic beauty, to metal chords and gong strokes in the intro, this song is brutal and perfect.

It's just beautiful and awe inspiring. The general feeling the song possesses just captivates anyone who listens.

It haunting chords take me to a different dreamlike place my imagination cannot handle.

The song has the most incredible atmosphere I have ever heard. It embraces me with such madness

10 Megalodon

A true mastodon fan would put this song in their top ten. "Five or higher"

Can't believe it's this low on this list.

Another one of the greats!

This song is awesome

The Contenders
11 The Motherload

Has one of the best bridges to a song ever.

When you eat ass and want to be Metal.

It's already here.

12 Dry Bone Valley

It was the first Mastodon song I had seen and my brother introduced it to me. At the first place, the video scared me a bit, but now, I love it! Mastodon is one of the most important heavy metal bands!

The Hunter may not be the most exciting Mastodon album but this is one hell of a track.

If you grew up in the Mojave Desert you would vote for this. Fits the reality of the deep desert perfectly.

This song is a masterpiece and I believe it should be in the top 5.

13 The Wolf is Loose

The drumming, the guitars, the lyrics, EVERYTHING on this track is just perfect in the most godly ways, possibly the most intense album opening song in the history of music? I think so. Possibly the best song from their hands down best album

I think that this is just a great wrap up of all their styles. Really great work and VERY inspirational riff.

All I can say is wow to this tune. Immense. Best album opener ever? Awesome drums and guitar work.

Classic, never gets old, incorporates all their styles I think. Simple as that!

14 Divinations

The surf guitar parts, banjo picking, a guitar solo, just mastodon doing what they do best. Just an awesome song!

1. Strap on some overalls and play some hill billy music
2. Serious arpeggiation
3. Lock horns
4. Take a breath of fresh air
5. Get High on fire
6. Go Surfin'

The intro... All I have to say is YES

This is an absolute cracker!

15 Curl of the Burl

Send this song to someone who hasn't heard the band before to give them what really sums up Mastodon. Heavy, jeering and crazy song.

This song is about the mixing a from cuting a especial part of a tree which worth a lot of money with the consuming oh meth with the money from the curl of the burl. It's a dificult song to understand but it is awesome

Great song from the Hunter! Their new album is awesome, os is this song!

16 Black Tongue

It's tough choosing the best Mastodon song, but my vote goes to this song.

Awesome song, should be in the top 5!

Sick song! I love it!

I burned out my eyes, I cut out my tongue should be in the top ten better than curl of the burl

17 Steambreather

That opening riff is just amazing. Sets the tone for a trudging behemoth of a track. So good.

18 The Sparrow

Absolutely beautiful song. These guys are geniuses

Worlds best music is this...

19 Iron Tusk

Iron tusk was definitely better then then this the first time through, but the reduced repetition of the same main riff helped make this one more enjoyable the 50th time through. But it definitely has weird parts so it makes sense why it's not top ten.

This song perfectly displays Mastodon's abilities. Beautiful, thick guitar riff, amazing drums, and some of the most intense yet wonderful vocals Mastodon ever produced.

Sludgy and intense. Song that got me into the band thanks to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland on the original Xbox.

What a stand out killer track from mastodon superb display of drums with terrific vocals.

20 Siberian Divide
21 This Mortal Soil

This and Siberian Divide are the 2 songs from Blood Mountain that are swept aside from the others. Their actually one of the most unique and beautiful mastodon songs ever written

How is this song so low on the list!? The intro to this song is beautiful and it's hands-down my favorite song from Blood Mountain!

Should be rated higher!

This song is so orgasmic it causes me to implode with euphoria

22 Halloween

My favourite track of OMRTS, has a really distinct opening riff and great soloing section at the end!

Really love the moody chorus by Brann here! And those riffs are killer!

Halloween has such a great upbeat feel. Perfect song for working out.

23 Naked Burn
24 Ember City

In my opinion it's between this The Czar, Spectrelight, Bedazzled Fingernails, Where Strides the Behemoth, Sleeping Giant, Seabeast and The Wolf is Loose for best song.

Damn can't believe this song is getting no love...that chorus is just so awesome

25 Capillarian Crest

Yeah Capillarian Crest should not be this low. The crazy fast hybrid picking is awesome! Not to mention the drumming is excellent too! This songs makes you want to do some damage! Mastodon at their best and one of my favorite songs by them!

Jaw dropping drumming here from Bran Dailor, simply one of the best drum fills I've heard in metal. This is such a shameful list. It should be sitting inside the top three zone alongside The Czar, and March of the Fire Ants.

I cannot understand why this is so low. Greatest guitar work ever heard on a Mastodon song, hands down.

It's a shame... This song should be, at least, in the top 10! Amazing work on the drums for this song.

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