Top Ten Best Fleetwood Mac Songs

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1 The Chain

Everyone in the band contributed to this. It was the only one off of Rumours where everyone gave something to add. The result is a thumping acoustic tune that eventually builds up into one of the greatest fade-outs ever with John McVie's unforgettable bassline.

This song is just so unique, there isn't another song like it. The bass part is easily within the top five bass lines of all time, to me rivaled only by Pink Floyd's money and the Beatles' come together.

This song is probably the most memorable one for me. It builds up perfectly, and the bass and guitar in the end is A+. I love the eerie feeling of the song as well.

A very definite stand -out favourite of mine. As soon as I hear that intro and "Listen to the wind blow; watch the sun rise."... I feel relaxed. Great song.

2 Go Your Own Way

This song shows how great Lindsey Buckingham is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His vocals in particular are just so raw and full of emotion I would argue it's the best vocals on a fleetwood mac song along with the chain and seven wonders.

Just like Queens "Don't Stop Me Now" this song fills me with the unshakeable feeling that I can go whichever way I want in life and no one can stop me.

No offense, but this is the only Fleetwood Mac song I love. The rest I like or dislike. This stands apart from the rest.

An absolutely beautiful song by Fleetwood Mac. I cannot listen to this song without getting tears in my eyes.

3 Dreams

Aside from how this song is the only one that reached number one hit in the U.S. , this song is amazing. The cords are simply breathtaking, and the lyrics are deep and heartfelt. Dreams is a lovely song, and my personal favorite.

The vocals and instrumental within this song makes it their best song. I remember the rumours album used to play on loop in our car when I was young. Good times with good songs

Beautiful song, through and through. Great when you're happy, powerful when you're sad, all around genius piece of art. Timeless stuff.

Awesome, this is a very good song from one of the most iconic albums of all time, it's very touching and it makes you think.

4 Landslide

No offense to the songs ranked above Landslide because they're great songs, particularly the Chain, but this will always be Mac's masterpiece to me. I think it's borne out in the number of artists who have done their versions of Landslide, no other Fleetwood Mac song has been redone like this one. When you see clips of Stevie and Lindsey playing this song, you can see the special meaning behind it. I've played this song on guitar hundreds of times, unlike most songs it never gets old.

This is the song that get me hooked on fleetwood mac. So much undisclosed passion that lay hidden in this song. When I listen to this song an array of memories and emotions come back to me, and the next time I listen to it I get a totally different experience. Number 1 in my opinion no doubt.

While Go Your Own way ramps out the power and passion. Landslide is a poignant bittersweet hymn of lyrical beauty, a poem to lost love and an acceptance of the things passing. In its trembling guitar riffs and emotive vocals it speaks to the little fears and loss in all of us.

I first heard this song on the Dance album, I like the song a lot, I thought this is just a "great" song until I heard the album version, wowww such a beautiful song, the song changes from a great song to my top 5 songs ever. I love a lot of Fleetwood Macs songs, but Landslide tops them all

5 Rhiannon

This is the best song ever. I love watching them play their songs, but this their best. Stevie Nicks is a great singer, & this is like her signature song. I hope she keeps going like George Burns. I hope she keeps going until the day that she dies.

Such a beautiful song. It paints such a vivid image for me of a woman who's just ethereal. Stevie is a blessing.

Definitely my favorite Fleetwood Mac song. Stevie's just a better writer.

One of my favorites. I was named after this song.

6 Sara

Yep. Such an amazing song!

7 Don't Stop

My favourite song ever

This song is so catchy!

Best catchy tune ever

8 Little Lies

Is it just me, or did Christine McVie have most of the band's more tear-jerking and melodically beautiful material? Ever since her introduction after "Kiln House" was released, she had gained a reputation for contributing to the band's ballads, such as the ending tracks to some albums. "Why" from Mystery To Me (1973) is a notable example, as the final lyrics of the entire album consists of "You don't have to give up, why is it all wrong, why don't you love me, why don't you just be strong..." A powerful message, indeed. "Never Forget" from Tusk is another strong contender, as well. But the most heart-rending has to be the final track of Mirage, "Wish You Were Here". Hurts even more when you realize Christine has passed away... Now that she's gone, all we can do is treasure her memory...

"Tango In The Night" was certainly one of those ambitious albums for Fleetwood Mac and they did so successfully, as I found it to be an improvement over Mirage, in my opinion. Now, don't get me wrong, there aren't that many songs with Stevie Nicks singing on the tracklisting, as she's mostly reduced to singing backing vocals and most of the lead vocals were either given to Christine McVie or Lindsey Buckingham, but it's a near-flawless album coming from a band with a successful track record and they harnessed the synth sounds of the late 80s perfectly. Unfortunately, all that success would be grinded to a halt once Lindsey left the group after this album, plus Vito and Burnette joined (I found Behind the Mask to be not bad, "In The Back of My Mind" is a great song, but to me, it's pretty middle-of-the-road).

And yes, I am here after Christine McVie passed away... Such an iconic voice that became silenced. I have seen countless articles on her death, even Rhino Entertainment paid tribute to her. I feel like Fleetwood Mac and the Warner family as a whole would never be the same without her...

It isn't Stevie singing in the bathroom haha! It's Christine McVie (keyboardist) singing this one :) Great song though! Everyone check out Eyes of the World and Oh Diane if you haven't already - two tracks that should be more appreciated.

9 Gypsy

No one can deny that this song makes you FEEL something so deep. It's not just a "good song" like the rest, it's a piece of life sliced right into a completely underrated album.

This was my favorite song growing up!

What? This isn't in the top ten?

What? This needs to move UP

10 Seven Wonders

A great intro. Great singin by stevie. Great chorus. Great song. And from the best fleetwood mac album after rumours.

A beautiful song! I think the song really fits Stevie Nicks' voice!

Even better once you watch the music video.

Its such a great tune

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11 Everywhere

A happy love song! I don't hear much of my times. Much more contemporary but this is one of those rare underrated songs from Fleet that makes me all preppy.

It's called Everywhere, but this song is everything and more. Beautiful.

This song belongs on the top ten. Its got a certain charm that makes it wonderful

This song let you dream with open eyes. Unique!

12 Tusk

I get why people wouldn't choose this song. It's different than nearly all others, but it is brilliant. Proof? The only rock song that I know of that features a marching band - - and it's cool! With all of its disparate elements, it (unlike many punk songs) comes together as a followable whole. Weird and brilliant!

Another Fleetwood Mac song that sounds like no other. Fleetwood Mac definitely doesn't get enough credit for how innovative they are.

Love it, along with many others. An amazing Fun song from the genius of Lindsay Buckingham!

One of my favorite Fleetwood Mac song.

13 Songbird

Stunningly beautiful song.

Great piano, lovely song!

14 Gold Dust Woman

This is definitely top ten. Stevie Nicks is awesome, awesome, and more awesome. This is number three for me, behind Landslide and The Chain.

Did she make you cry? Make you breakdown? Shatter your illusions of love?

Amazing song, so dark and blunt, great beat, I love it. One of their best.

People, put your kingdoms up for sale and vote this up too!

15 You Make Loving Fun

This is their feel-good song! The most optimistic and sweet declaration of love ever. It's impossible to listen to this song and not feel good.

A great, sweet, happy love song.

16 Big Love

Deserves to be much higher. I love the way Lindsey rocks out when he does this song. He deserves as much credit for the success of this band as Stevie. Both are great! Keep on rocking'.

This song has such a hyped melody it's amazing. You have to listen to it quite a bit before you love it. It's definitely an acquired taste

17 Never Going Back Again

One of my favorite songs ever. It amazes me how Lindsay Buckingham can keep all the fingerpicking so clean. Just beautiful guitar.

This song is so upbeat and quirky. It's my favorite song to listen to when I'm having a bad day.

Such a great guitar sound to it. I love it a lot and should be up higher I think.

18 Say You Love Me

This song is unfathomably catchy. This is probably the Fleetwood Mac song that makes me want to dance the most

Best Fleetwood mac song

Great song I love it

19 Hold Me

You want a percentage, but I'm the fool paying the dues. I clearly remember the video in the desert. Not my favorite song, but near their top 10. In the 30s is ridiculous.

This is my all time favorite. I hear it and it gets stuck in my head (soul) for days. Such a feel good song.

Thought this would be higher... so beautiful

My all time favorite!

20 Second Hand News

Say WHAT? Second Hand News isn't in the top ten?! This is one of the greatest songs they ever recorded! It's a distinct blend of rock, pop, country, and traditional celtic jigs. It even has a "Jive Talking" Bee Gee's beat under it all - and, due to Buckingham's brilliant composition - it works. I saw the song dissected by Buckingham on "The Making of Rumours" dvd, and it was astounding. Also features a great lead vocal by Buckingham and beautiful Buckingham/Nicks harmonizing. Fun song that never fails to get the audience up and moving when played live.

21 Black Magic Woman
22 Silver Springs

Best female vocal performance. Cannot be replicated, not even by Stevie Nicks herself. A truly magical recording. It's a shame it was only a B-side.

I will follow you down 'til the sound of my voice will haunt you. It doesn't really get more stirring than that.

This song should be #1! So beautiful!

This should be top 5

23 I Don't Want to Know
24 Hypnotized

While this is a good song coming from the Bob Welch era of the band, I also like a lot of the band's other material during that era, as well, such as the Southern rock-infused "Spare Me A Little of Your Love," the country tune that is "The Derelict," the soft rocker "Sentimental Lady," and most of their songs on "Heroes Are Hard To Find." These are the songs that helped shape the band what it is today and without Bob Welch and Christine McVie, the band will never change.

Why is the pre-Stevie Nicks era of Fleetwood Mac so underrated? I actually kind of like Bob Welch's voice and I think Penguin is their best early album, in my opinion. This song is actually a good rare song from them.

Wonderfully rhythmic and haunting song by Bob Welch.

The forgotten era of Fleetwood Mac. A great song.

25 Oh Well

And of course, listening to the Peter Green era of the band made me start listening to some underrated British blues rock/pop rock artists such as Dave Mason, who would eventually become a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1993 and would leave the band in 1995 following the bombing of "Time" (you're not alone, FM fans, I didn't like "Time", as well, it showed the band's all-time low). My favorite albums of his? Probably Mariposa De Oro, Alone Together, Split Coconut and Dave Mason (1974).

I think this is "The Chain" before "The Chain". The Peter Green era really showed off the musical talent the band had to offer, and this song presents just that. It starts off with a Southern-style blues rock melody, the song goes all out with the instruments, until the song slows down to a crawl and you're treated to something that sounds like an old Western film. It is certainly does show off the American influences the band would incorporate throughout the years.

Number 24...? Really? By far the greatest thing ever recorded by the Mac.

Come on guys the best Fleetwood Mac is Green's Fleetwood Mac!

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