Top 10 Avenged Sevenfold Songs with the Best Guitar Solos

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1 Afterlife

There are three kind of solo in this top.
The really fast ones like Afterlife, MIA and Second heartbeat. I imagine the guitar burn.
Then, the most intense solo,like Seize the day, Gunsliger and Requiem. The sound is amazing and deep inside us.
The last one is Sidewinder... acoustic guitar, really impressive. Choose the solo you prefer, I will not hate you, I am a fan of this band.

NO WAY! I personally think its kinda sloppy compared to others that SYN has done. Just fast picking really. A solo isn't all about speed, it has to have a good balance of "bad ass" and structure. Buried alive is one of the best in my opinion.

Some people might say he's just playing scales really fast, but I think that Syn is playing some amazing scales at incredible speeds. He's comparable to some of the amazing guitarist out there such as Van Halen, Slash, etc with this solo.

2 Second Heartbeat

While almost all of their songs are fantastic, I think this one has the best solo. Not only is it fast, which I love, but it goes well with the progression of the rest of the song, which earns it bonus points in my book.

I got into Avenged Sevenfold a few months before Nightmare came out. However, I really enjoyed their older stuff a lot more than the new. This is one of my favorite songs by them, and my favorite album.

Wow afterlife is dominating this one... But I guess they haven't heard the second heartbeat solo, truly fantastic with its sweep pick shredding speed, just beautiful to listen to. Syn is fantastic.

3 Seize the Day

The guitar solo in Seize the day is ridiculous, Also how the hell did Hail to the king not make this list?

The solo always makes me cry because it's my favorite song but way too sad.

Like I was saying... This song it's their finest job even by guitar solo.

4 M.I.A.

This song is amazing, over 8 minutes long, great intro, great mid-song solo, great acoustic outro solo, and great subject. This song honestly sound like a seize the day and bat country combined because of great riffs and its almost somewhat of a power ballad.

How does this not have more votes laugh out loud?
This song is super underrated I encourage everybody to listen to it as it is probably a7x's best as well as their best solo!

MIA is one of A7X's best songs. It has a super catchy chorus and it also has a totally face melting solo. I think it should definitely be in the top 3, after afterlife but before Second Hearbeat.

5 Bat Country

A well constructed solo that doesn't rely on just speed. Fits the song very well and incorporates some nice bends and vibratos, the small sections of sweep picking and fast chromatic runs separated by the slaytanic and creepy licks makes this solo by far their most unique.

Don't Know why Second Hearbeat's solo is ahead of this. The raw wailing and the incredible part where everything else silences...
I can die happy knowing this solo was written, and this song.

One of the best solo's by syn gates I have ever herd! He is one of the best lead guitarist ever I haven't heard a guitarist who is better or hotter then SYN GATES!

6 Gunslinger
7 Acid Rain

A whole new sound behind Syn's guitar, and it's just beautiful. The guitar literally cries as it's being played, and the emotion behind this solo is not found in any other A7x song.

No words. Just listen.

8 Lost

What the heck! have you listened to all of the A7x's solos? this song must be number 2 or higher. The solo is more amazing than bat country is..

1 of the best solos ever!
Totally loved it.
Last minute of this song is pure genius.
Simply superb

I don't know what say, I just feel good when I listen this song.
Brazil here, sorry by Google Tradutor. A7X Forever and Ever

9 Beast and the Harlot

This song shows the talents of Avenged Sevenfold throughout! The beat that the Rev gives is impecable, and gives me chills every time I hear him. The riffs on this are beautifully played and should be greatly credited!

Hard to choose but this one really stands out as not only musical (not just a jumble of notes cluttered together) and you can hum it out. Upbeat and dare I say "fun"

Come on vote it

10 Dancing Dead

To me it's the most comfortable to play just from my skill set. The build up tho just perfection! Definitely a must in your top five

This solo blew my mind when I heard it. I didn't think it was humanly possible. Just the build up gives it so much anticipation. This solo definitely stands out among any of Synyster's work. In my opinion #1!

It's very fast and although not the longest it's definitely very awesome, Wicked End's solo should be first!

The Contenders
11 Sidewinder

Dude this is an acoustic solo and it's played by both gates and his pops (aka papa gates). Not to mention how difficult it is considering your sweeping on an ACOUSTIC. So a strong challenge but such a great solo!

Dual acoustic solo with syn's dad. Pretty damn awesome. On of those solos I aspire to learn one day.

' Awesome. That's all I need to say.

12 The Wicked End

This is to meat least the hardest due to how articulated you need to be at it. Also more sweeps so that's fun. But it is so well created for that song it's just perfect!

What? This is actually avenged sevenfold's best solo, it is the hardest to play, the one with most different techniques.
Guys, if you haven't heard about this solo please go hear it and be amazed by its hugeness and amazingness.

The overall of this song is amazing to be honest, and yes, the solo deserves top 10.

13 Scream

The song starts off good with some epic guitar but then the solo makes it be not just a good song but an amazing song. The first part of Syn's solo is fast and cool and then comes the harmonized solo with Zacky. Amazing.

This one isn't the hardest to play but it's fast until the harmony section. Seriously the best climax to all of them!

DUDE what the hell?! Why did I have to scroll down to 25! This is top 5 for sure!

14 So Far Away

Only 21st? Come on people, guitar isn't all about speed. It's about making the guitar sing. And that's what Syn does in this solo. This has to be my favorite solo from a7x purely because of how soulful it is.

Come on! 22nd! This song is pure emotion and that is clearly visable in their video. You can actually see the emotion of every band member, especially Syn when he plays that solo

Have you heard how emotional this solo is. Its like syns making the guitar cry. Man this needs to be higher

15 Coming Home

Sometimes isn't always how fast you can play, but how well you can match great harmonies to the underlying tone of the song. Nothing takes you out of the mood of a song when the solo completely doesn't match the tone and pace of the song. "Coming Home" has the perfect solo to match the song, it isn't too short, it isn't too long, and it harmonizes with the rest of the song. It has fast moments, slower moments, and perfect harmonization between Zacky and Synyster. In my opinion, this should've been the closing track to "Hail to the King." Best Avenged Sevenfold solo, ever.

I enjoy how the tension is built up by the leading in break after the chorus. Surrounded by the arpeggios and some playful bends are followed by the fast rolling on high E, then the tapping part is phenomenal. Absolute favorite.

One of their best solos ever, the different paces make it such a great solo! Must listen to it on maximum volume... Or best, LIVE IN DECEMBER

16 To End the Rapture

Not Syn's most popular solo for the simple fact that it's off their least popular album, but it's his greatest.

It's not Syn's solo though, it's Zacky's because this was made before Syn joined Avenged Sevenfold.

THIS DESERVES number 1 to be honest. Or at least top 10. Best solo ever, they should re-do this song.

17 I Won't See You Tonight Part 2

It's a perfect solo, really awesome.

18 Danger Line

I thought Afterlife was great, Until I heard this. Please People, vote for this song, it's such a meaningful solo.

So much soul and heart put into this solo. I salute Syn Gates for writing this masterpiece

What the... ? Hey fans. Plase listen to all songs and then please vote

19 Victim

These SOLOS are absolutely amazing! The first solo is the most badass solo ever, and the second solo is more emotional and content. This song is amazing and this solo is a large part of why it's so great. This and buried alive should be numbers 1 and 2.

May not be the best, but there's so much emotion put into it, it should definitely be put on this list. Also, I think someone should put Natural Born Killer on here as well! There's some great solo's on the new album!

20 Save Me

Save me is a 10 min display of what their style is. It's solos are very well put together and surpass most of their other songs let alone the songs from other bands... This should be number 1!

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 it's definitely the best exsisting solo in the world it's so incredible, how the song is always increasing after the second chorus. And then this solo follows it's just perfect the change between the sweep pickings and the very fast licks just awesome.

Seriously this one is a masterpiece, why the hell it's on 21?

21 Buried Alive

The solo in this song is absolutely insane, I wake up head banging to it every morning. The twin guitars totally jamming in triplets, and then the incredible speed picking and shredding... Wow! Please give it a listen!

Not only does this song have one of the top 5 best guitar solos for Avenged Sevenfold, but the song also has lyrics that can dig deep inside you. Definitely should be in the top 5

Really guys. This should at least be in the top 3.

22 Nightmare
23 And All Things Will End

The end solo of the song is so emotional it fits the title all things will end... it feels like I am dying and struggling for air and ir is just epic

Such an underrated solo! its amazing and one of my favorites with second heartbeat

Save me is by far their best solo, but I just heard this for the first time and boy was I impressed, almost as good as save me

24 Heretic

The most exciting Avenged Sevenfold solo. It is an extremely difficult solo, and it makes it look that is within your soul

25 Critical Acclaim

Amazing! I absolutely love the solo / Syn and Zacky playing together

It is a cool song

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