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1 Wings of a Butterfly

Awesome guitar sound and a great beginning and end. Wings of a Butterfly is definitely one of the best songs by H.I.M.

A beautiful song, absolutely one of the best songs, and such a powerful meaning behind it as well!

This song is great! Like their other song

2 The Funeral of Hearts

One of the most romantic songs I have ever heard, and definitely shows how HIM make extremely meaningful and beautiful songs with equally amazing lyrics...

I've never listened to this kind of "black music" before I discovered that song on YouTube and... It was great for me.. Since then I'm different..

HIM is my favorite band and this is my favorite song. Nothing else to say.

3 Killing Loneliness

This song made me a fan of HIM..for me it's the best song from the made me realize that metal can be beautiful and Scandinavians are awesome when it comes to melancholic yet testosterone inducing songs…I got so much addicted to this one that I actually started preaching about HIM to people who are not, leave metal, even into rock music. The song has got some pain deep within yet it expresses it with open soul and…in a heroic sexy way

It's not just a commercial song. It's truly moving.

The song that got me into this band, such beautiful music behind his marvelous voice, with such deep lyrics

4 Join Me in Death

Join me is an incredible example about that how amazing singer Ville is and how magical lyrics he can write. His voice is like a drug for me and for many others too I guess. This song is never gonna be lame no matter how much you listen to it. Loving this

The first song I hear by a band is usually my favourite... Join me in death was the first HIM song I ever heard and was the song that made me love them. Ville has amazing song writing skills, he makes everything sound so beautiful...

I absolutely fell in love with this song and Ville. He melts my heart every time I hear this song. I have never experience those warm feelings ever in my life. It is my favorite song!

5 Vampire Heart

There's something extra in this song. It's what made me fall in love with the band. The wings of a butterfly is awesome too though.

"Hold me, like you held onto life
When all fears came alive and entombed me,
Love me, like you love the sun scorching the blood in my vampire heart."

Best of the best!

6 (Don't Fear) The Reaper

Like the amazing cover of Metallica - Astronomy, this cover also can find a place in most beautiful covers of all time.

7 The Sacrament

The piano gives this song so beautiful feeling, I've loved this song the most since I started listening HIM.

I get shivers every time I listen to it. It's a masterpiece! The piano, his voice, it's perfect! For me, it's one of their best songs

Absolutely beautiful piece of art.

8 Wicked Game

This needs to be number 1. As the number 1 him fan and having every HIM song on my phone and listening to nothing but HIM on a daily basis this list makes no sense to me. Venus (in our blood) shouldn't even be on this list. There's so many good HIM songs. most of the songs on this list are just the popular ones. Wicked game #1 and venus doom #2

This cover is a really great one. HIM added a whole new feel to the song. It's very gothic and dark, it's not an original by the band, but it's still one of their best.

I know this song isn't by ville himself but he made it ten times better and it's the most popular and famous song from HIM!

9 Gone with the Sin

This was the song that got me into the band, listening to this and all the stripped versions of it just kills me every time. Ville's lower register is just memorizing, and hands down my favorite HIM song.

Ville's low voice at the beginning gives me chills every time! This is one of the 3 songs that makes me speechless every time I hear it!

Love this song it makes me calm... Very good lyrics and I love the voice of ville valo!

10 Right Here in My Arms

This was the first HIM song I've ever heard that got me into the band. 6 years later and it's still my all time favorite track. This song needs to be at least #5 on the top ten.

Fell in love with them when I heard this song. It's so powerful and hard to ignore when I see it on my music list in my ipod.

I've listened to all the songs in the current top 10 and, apart from wings of a butterfly, nothing comes close to this song!

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11 It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)

All their songs are very good. But it's something special with this one... I do really like Love You Like I Do also

This song you have to hear live.

12 Kiss of Dawn

The 6 minute album version with the extended outro section does it for me. It makes an already great gothic song a whole lot more epic. Too bad the video version has the outro edited out entirely...

Best song on the album venus doom!

13 When Love and Death Embrace

I've been HIM fan for 10 years and after all this years, I've found this as the most touching HIM song and always return to it. It's simple yet dark, melanholic and romantic with "desperate" synth line and heavy guitar with subtle licks from Linde which makes the song even more powerful. Ville does really great job singing this song, one of my favourite performances by him.

My life changed forever the first time I heard this song. It's absolutely amazing, epic, deep, dark, romantic and with a sense of void and axiety that you can almost touching. It's a song that shows the band in his very essence

Really good song, hard to believe it's down here. It definitely deserves some more votes

14 Close to the Flame

It honestly feels so relaxing to hear this sweet, romantic, yet depressing song. Just the perfect mixture giving you a good reason to love HIM for their uniqueness with these kinds of songs.

A song which make me cried all the time.

15 Venus Doom
16 Into the Night

Such a catchy song!

17 Sleepwalking Past Hope

I gave up long ago
painting love with crimson flow
ran out of blood and hope
so I paint you no more
- I especially love this part of the song. And I love it when his voice is so deep.
This song is simply a masterpiece. There's nothing else I can say

HIM are the best band ever but even if you don't like them you would definitely appreciate the quality in this song.

I want To hear this song live... On the next tour... The best song from this band
10 minutes length song...10 minutes dreaming...10 minutes thinking

18 And Love Said No

This is the song. I can't comprehend these voters! Wow...

The sweetest pain ever.

19 One Last Time

Yes! This needs to be higher

The best song to listen to when you have to think about your love life that is crashing down

20 Soul on Fire

Should be a top 10 song

21 In Joy and Sorrow

Frankly, this song possesses a bit of a "cowboy" tone, but it sets a tone perfected only by the great and powerful HIM. He has yet to disappoint me or any other people I know who listen to HIM, and if he keeps making songs like these, he never will.

Amazing Song, too bad it is not I the top 10 list,
The lyrics the tone the solo everything is good in this song..
It is amazing

It's such a beautiful song.

22 Venus (In Our Blood)
23 Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)

For months I sung along to this without actually listening to the words - then when the penny dropped and the story began to unfold, I ended up bawling my eyes out. My breath still catches in my throat when I listen to it...

Finally this song is getting the acclaim it deserves, "the lullaby from hell" as Ville called it is probably his finest piece of songwriting.

Absolutely perfect!
I saved my last breath for your window to write you this song
We're dancing with tags on our toes

24 Your Sweet 666

This is one of those hidden gems songs that doesn't have an official video but you kinda wish it did!

The only way someone doesn't love this song is if they haven't heard it. Listen to this.

#14? That's insane!

25 Bleed Well

It's one of their best songs. It's amazing.

Fast, rhythmic and awesome!

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