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1 So What

"So What" is such a great song, because it has meaning behind it and is actually catchy and fun. Who would've thought you can have both in one song? It's literally the ideal pop song, and it's very energetic and inspiring and allows me to feel like a rockstar even when I should be feeling upset and weak. It has very self-empowering themes and it's just such a great song. It's definitely going to be her signature song for the rest of her career, even though she'll probably have a zillion more #1's. Love you, P! Nk!

So what is the best song in history. I hope pink comes out with another song just like So What. So I can listen to it all day long and party to it with my friends and my boy friend. We all love you and love so what so much. Love you PINK!

"So What" is probably her catchiest song, and it's very inspirational and motivational for anyone trying to get through something, because at the end of the day you can still say "So What, I'm still... A rockstar. " or whatever else you are or wanna be. P! Nk makes great music and she has a hell of a voice. I love her, she is so talented and she makes the best music. I love this song, too. This is probably my favorite song by her, but "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" is a close second.

So What is a good song but the rest of Pink is inappropriate and untalented. I have not heard a lot of Pink songs but people say that Pink is awesome and some people say that Pink is not very good and I am not to in to Pinks kind of music expect So What.

2 F**kin' Perfect

I was so close to voting for just give me a reason, but this song is just so beautiful and inspirational. When I have a crappy day, when I go on YouTube and listen to this song, it never fails to make me feel better. This is the best Pink song ever! Just Give Me A Reason is awesome and my second favorite, but this song is perfect! Go Pink!

"Pretty pretty please if you ever ever feel that your nothing, you're perfect, to me" it has a great message that even if you feel insecure about yourself you shouldn't feel bad or depressed because you are perfect to somebody, and you should never feel sub human the song is great!

Awesome song! I normally don't listen to pink but this is over the top! I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it! I can see that anyone can love this, it reaches out to the commoners so easily.. No wonder people love her.. This song deserves to be rated first!

The song lyrics really mean something. They are really uplifting- and as well as brilliant lyrics it is also set to a brilliant beat in the background which makes you want to dance!

3 Raise Your Glass

This song makes everyone want to get up and dance. Skinny, chubby, pretty, ugly, freak. Notice I didn't say "normal" and freak. This song celebrates the fact that there is no such thing as "normal". Those who are labeled as geeks, nerds, freaks, and outcasts are lucky because we are a community and we should celebrate the fact that we are nitty gritty freaks. So what if we are to school for cool? That shouldn't stop us from anything.

This song totally describes me!
I'm not the gangster/party crasher/bad girl type but I'm very different and careless and not serious! A lot of people say I'm weird but I don't care what they say, I stand my ground just like Pink in raise your glass.

I think it is good because you could make a dance to it and I do that all the time! Such an amazing song! I love it! My high school cheer team needed a pink out song to do their dance to and it worked perfectly!

This is what I want to yell at all the people who keep annoying me with lectures about whats important in life and who don't seem to get that there's nothing more important than to feel good and be happy. Why so serious?

4 Just Give Me a Reason

This song is all over and everywhere. I think because of its popularity on the radio, I have become accustomed to listening to it all the time. And I don't regret it because its such a good song. Nate's voice makes it much better because of his rich and unique voice combined with pinks strong one makes beautiful music.

I love pink she is so cool and real unlike other artist, honest, beautiful and I just love her... this songtotally relates to e in my life right now... I wish I could hang out with her just one day, it would be so cool, even though I'm a old lady of 53, it would be a dream for sure. I would die to sing this with her... anyways its just a dream...

This song is awesome. Nate and pink's voice complemented each other so well with the high notes and all. Totally, as in totally addicting. Can't stop listening to this.

To the guys who asked to listen to it and that I won't regret it. He's wrong, I've been listening to this song in loop for the past week. Will listen to it again and again, 10/10!

5 Try

This song gives me motivation everyday. I will not be content until it's in the top ten... and by the way, the chorus is * where there is desire there is gonna be a flame, where there is a flame someone's bound to get burned, but just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die, you've gotta get up and try, try, try.

LOVE THE CHORUS! It totally tells people to live life!
This is the chorus:
"Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame!
Here there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned.
But just because their burned doesn't mean they're gonna die
Gotta get up and try and try and try"

This song is so inspirational to me! When I feel like I can't continue any more, I listen to this and feel so much better.

How is this song so low? It is perfect, should be at least in top tens! I love Pink's voice here, it awesome!

6 Who Knew

I'm not sure why, but when Steve Irwin died I connected this song with his tragic passing. This is an incredibly beautiful song lyrically and in my opinion, dear mr president and possibly Portrait are the only Pink songs which are better.

I've met so many people that I thought were gonna stay with me til the end and I didn't listen to what other said. This song is my favorite and if I ply it enough times I cry. Great song and the video is great

I've had this song in my iPod for three years now, and I still haven't gotten sick of it every time it comes up on shuffle.

One of the best songs ever! Pink is actually the best singer right now she know how to transfer her emotions to her fans

7 Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Blow Me is her best song for a lot of reasons. First of all, it has very good lyrics about relationships and when she sings it you feel like "oh, I've never felt like this before". With the catchy fun tune, it makes the song better and I never become tired of it. It's Pink's greatest song ever!

This is one of the very few songs that you can NEVER get tired of listening to. Definitely her best song. It has a great meaning about how difficult relationships can be and it has a great catchy tune and lyrics, the fact that pink sings it makes it all the more better

This is a new song so everyone must not have heard it... If you didn't hear it listen to this today! Its one of the best songs she has ever sung! It is awesome - wonderful lyrics, wonderful tune... You will never get tired listening 2 it!

This song is just amazing I heard it lot of time if someone want rock song for rock pink's perfect blow me one last kiss...

8 Sober

Oh my god this song is amazing! It's so real but still has a darker edgy vibe. You absolutely have to replay this song after hearing it once. I love this song with all my heart.

This is one of the most briliant songs in pop ever. It describes battling with addiction, and with the different sides of yourself. Its dark and very raw, even for pink I'd say this is her Dark horse, because the result is a song of disturbjng beauty.

Extraordinary and extraordinarily honest. You've got to love Pink haven't you?

It is like my favorite song! I might even do it for the talent show.

9 Just Like a Pill

This song has so much passion. She shows her feelings which I love! It is so powerful and the music video is so unique and cool!

Perfect song! So very powerful! Sing this song as your ass drive down 94 heading nowhere but just too listen over & over.

Most overlooked song of her career. Never get sick of listening to it.

Glad it is in the top ten. It deserves to be here

10 Please Don't Leave Me

Beautiful song! She rocks and the humor in the video is amazing! Great job pink. You're the best.

So heartfelt I couldn't leave you.

My favorite for sure

I like it so much

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11 Funhouse

This used to be a fun.. House...
But now its full of evil clowns!
I like it. Sounds awesomely creepy!

Awesome song. Best 1 I've heard except Stupid Girls!

Funhouse is one of my favorite songs by Pink!

I love this song my favourite! It's so unique and it's got a great beat. I also love the drums in it. P! Nk forever!

12 U + Ur Hand

In my world this song is number 1, makes me feel like I can do anything when I listen to it. I'm not complaining. At least it was on the list! Pink rocks! Go Pink!

Who needs guys to have fun? This song makes me feel so good and to just go out and have fun with my girlfriends without any boy drama.

This is what got me listening to Pink in the first place. Been a fan every since. Move me to impowerment. She has more balls than most men I know, though, in this daay and time, that wouldn't be too hard to do.

So amazing! It makes me feel stronger and more independent! It should be easy higher!

13 Don't Let Me Get Me

A powerful yet perfectly relatable autobiographical song about a person that refuses to fit in... its melody and instrumental is catchy as hell and the words are just the perfect example of P! nks great lyricism. I especially love the part about the production of her first album (LA told me you'll be a popstar / all you have to change is everything you are).

This is one of the best song that has ever made in the history of music. Thanks pink for existing and this comment is now one of the best in this category yeah.

I love this song. I feel like it's the best out of all of P! Nks songs and she is such a good singer. I can relate to this song is so many ways, the emotion is so strong and powerful that if you've felt anything similar to the message then you know exactly how P! Nk feels and instantly gets a connection with her.

I relate so much to this song. The music is gorgeous as always and the lyrics are some of the thoughts that every person has had at at least one time in their life. Feeling like you are your own worst enemy, like you wish to be anyone else but yourself. Never being good enough for #ThePeopleThatThinkTheyOwnEarth. I love this song so much and no matter what its rating on this list, it will always be #1 in my heart

14 Get the Party Started

This was the song that got her started off. I remember when it first came out I was like this chick's got it going on. It's a fun and upbeat song that'll get you in a great mood.

This upbeat song is great to put on on a Friday Night!

This should at least be in the top 5, not number 14!

What! This is not number 15 next time I look at this it better be in the top 5

15 True Love

This song relates to so many of my friendships and just makes me smile. I feel like if more people knew about it would be higher up.

Well, every time I hear this song I get this feeling that this is what my girl must think about me and our relationship. I may be an ass, but madly in love with her. True Love! #Anivrsa

This should be top 10, frankly. It's one of her best and most raw songs! If you haven't listened, I definitely recommend it.

! This song is amazing! It defiantly should NOT be under top 20!
Listen to the some it is just amazing the lyrics is well written!

16 Beautiful Trauma

This song should defiantly be in the top ten. It never fails to get my blood pumping

This song has always been meh for me because of the melodically repetitive chorus, but man the instrumental in the verses is nice. 3/5

Why is this song not getting very popular?

Man, the pre-chorus is insane. definitely my favorite song from her!

17 Stupid Girls

Easily her best song, what the heck is it doing down here in 12th!? Get this up there!

We had to do the video in English as we saw how women are like being represented.

Love it so much! Like totally! It should be like, up there at 1st! Why why why is it here at 11th?!

Love this song! It describes how I feel about other girls these days perfectly! My favorite P! Nk song for sure.

18 Glitter in the Air

This song touches me so deeply, her voice, the fragility in it, the piano... Everything, creates such a strong feeling, even more when she shouts "Calling me sugar, you called me sugar..." Wow... Makes me cry...

The lyrics the music the vocals the feel and the emotion just perfect! Absolutely love this... One of my favorite romantic song!

I love this song a lot. It makes me realize how beautiful everything is. It's a song I can relate to.

Such a beautiful beautiful song that brought me to my love of P! Nk. Gosh I love this song so much it's a beautiful love song, with sad qualities yet strangely soothing

19 Family Portrait

This is probably her deepest song message wise and its incredibly beautiful, I'm not even a fan of pink but I absolutely love this song discussing family dysfunction and separation or abandonment.

I used to have this on repeat every afternoon full ball when I found out my parents where getting divorced.

I cried first time I heard this song. I love it. Its just a childhood portrait of many people.

This song should be at the top of this list..

20 Trouble

This song is also catchy in a good way and a fun listen, and sounds a little different to her other songs in a good way. The best part of this song in my opinion is the chorus, but the verses sound pretty good too. 9/10

This song has such a good vibe, and is a little different to most pink songs. It's always great too be a little different, after all there is nothing wrong with it.

Oh! My favourite song ever is trouble (p! Nk) I thought lets see how the top tenns ratted it then I found out it was at no 23 I was very angry please vote more for this song so its number 1. Thank you

I love this song!

21 I Don't Believe You

This song made me cry! It is so beautiful and touching I just love it!

You shouldn't miss this song. Just will love it,I swear.

I was at work today and this song came on and I listened to the lyrics and I wanted to cry

22 Dear Mr. President

This is song lyrically bold and true. We are living in a corrupt world and not a lot of artists seem to address this issue although we desperately need it. It applies to nearly all leaders of the world and it's sad to hear the truth about how things work under the table but it is also necessary. Thank you p! Nk for this perfect emotional song. I hope songs like that are playing in the radio instead of those about cute butts :/

I love perfect too but I had to vote for this. how many times do we hear 21st century pop stars speaking so honestly and bluntly to the president. I think this song must be a national anthem for all people who got sick and tired of being lied to by the politicians, not only the president of the USA, but all presidents and politicians worldwide.

Can't believe this isn't top ten... But I guess that's what happens when you're classified as "pop", there's a lot of people just looking for upbeat and fun songs. This song really showcases the whole 1960s folk style of criticizing politics and the world in general that made music what it is today.

How is this not top 10? This song has amazing lyrics... I guess people don't really care for these things nowadays.

23 Bad Influence

Some people think that this is about being a badass who doesn't regret partying, but that's just the people who don't listen to the lyrics. Really, the song is about the kind of partying that ends up with people hurt - the stupid kind of partying that wastes or takes your life. It's a pretty amazing and meaningful song disguised (or just seen) as something more chill...

Great stuff. This kind of offbeat commentary (like Dear Mr. President, Stupid Girls, and others) is what makes P!nk so great.

I became addicted to this song lately.

24 Perfect

I don't like the song f

# perfect. I love this version because it's not explicit.

25 What About Us

It's not the message that's the problem with this song, it's the way it was presented. The thing I've always hated about this song is how it combines the adjectives "depressing" and "annoying" into one. As for the vocals, the verses are fine, but the chorus makes me want to leave the car. What a whiny chorus. What a depressing melody. Yeah, get this out of here. 3/10

Even though this song is overplayed, it's still a good song in my opinion.

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