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1 Central

This is right up there with the likes of Stairway To Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody. It's just that we live in a period dominated by the ever so crappy pop music. This is pure art, pure class, pure music.

It's a haunting buildup and has one is one of the most atmospheric and guitar and drum heavy masterpiece of all his work.

So incredibly powerful in the way it builds up and it's like you're floating through the clouds.

Great drums along with awesome guitar. Extraordinary song! Better than unreachable...

2 The Will to Death

One of the most beautiful and meaningful songs ever... Thumbs up for this one... Really deserves it!

This song is so peaceful, the lyrics are deep. John's voice is also beautiful.

No words can describe the impact John has had on my soul. This song resonates with me so much.


Really good song

3 Heaven

This song just captures my soul but the whole album is awesome

4 Unreachable

This particular song really takes to the point where you feel yourself in heaven.

Beautiful vocals, great lyrics, and I particularly love the mellow, silky outro.

Beautiful song. Epic instrumental at the end.

Best song by him
There are so many but this has to come out on top, closely followed by Dying though

5 A Corner
6 The Past Recedes

This is some quality music. The way John makes me feel is only imaginable and can be not expressed by words. He puts so much feeling into what he does, he really sends a message. And did I mention the solo? Unforgetable.

The chords are so simple and so powerful makes you wonder how beautiful music can be in its purest form.

Sounds like a bob Dylan song, and that is a compliment. An excellent, beautiful song.

7 Wishing

I relate to the lyrics in this song along with most of his lyrics, I always find a meaning in his lyrics that take me to some part of my life. We had a lot of similar experiences

8 Here, Air

Emotional, listen to lyrics.

9 Scratches

Apart from the fact that this is a great song from a musically, it finally dropped for me lyrically. At first, I thought: "What the hell is this guy singing about? ", but after having it on repeat for an hour or two a darker episode of my life popped up and it fit perfectly. Hits me like a brick every time I hear it, yet somehow I keep coming back for more.

Perfect. I love this song, it makes me feel so easily the pain John felt years ago. Is so pure, so clear. Can't stop listening to it.

Melts my soul. Helps me to keep fighting another dark day. Perfection.

Y'all this song can make me smile, make my cry, put me to sleep, wake me up, and make me question my entire existence in one go that is something special I tell you god damn

10 The Slaughter

The raw version of this is great.
Love his voice.
It's not his most emotional song, but it's close.
Definitely worth a listen.

Great, perfect... What else

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11 Omission

Josh Klinghoffer perfectly compliments John Style making a euphoric sound. This song supports Frusciante's qoute "Playing guitar is like being in touch with the universe" which is what this song shouts out to me.

The best Frusciante song. No one quite perfects the beautiful atmosphere that is created by John and Josh. It's even more delicate and atmospheric acoustic.

John seems to be most in touch with his pop sensibilities here. Two Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarists on the same song? How could it not be great!

Deep song with great female vocal companion. It's so calm but later on, it changes its rhythm with awesome chorus!

12 Murderers

This song is absolutely fabulously catchy and awesome. I could listen to murderers forever. It is a terrific song by John and deserves to be Number 1 by far.

Simply amazing. The chord changes are fantastic and really blend well together, I've recut this song and looped it for like ten minutes. That was an awesome jam session

Combination of Simple-yet-sick bass drum song with awesome guitar riffs makes this his best song!

Any complimentary comment I make would be an understatement to this song.

13 Song to Sing When I'm Lonely

The title says it all. Play this, and you'll feel good. Very nice song.

Everything about this song is great! But I feel it doesn't beat the will to death

14 Carvel

Awesome guitar playing and deep lyrics, emotionally beautiful, much respect for his work.

Great buildup and extremely strong guitar playing.

Trippiest song you'll hear by john frusciante. just listen to the guitar

Everything about it is amazing the music, vocals and lyrics tie together so well

15 Look On

This is the kind of song you listen to as you rest on your folded arms that lay upon a windowsill as you watch the rain begin to fade from a cities streets, and the sun peeking through the clouds, warming everything it touches with its golden rays.

Smoke Pot and listen to this song.. If you love guitar solos just listen carefully and you'll feel like as if the veins in your body are the strings of guitar.. You'll know what heavenly feeling actually is.

19TH? WHAT? Inside of Emptiness as a whole is absolutely fantastic- it manages to convey so much emotion while still rocking out. This and Scratches are easily some of John's best songs, at least to me.

I am struggling to find words that do this song justice. Heartbreakingly beautiful in its purity and ability to invoke all kinds of emotions simultaneously.

16 Anne

Can't stop to listen to it constantly! Strong expression and deeply melody mixed with a fantastic solo which is so nicely fit into a whole song. Great vocal and lyrics both. One of the best for sure!

Just unbelievable that this beautiful song wasn't in the 10 best...
The solo is wonderful, the lyrics are perfect, john is just a god. Thank you so much for that mister frusciante.

This music... Is just amazing! Can't get tired of it! And it's not just the song itself, also the pause in the beginning... It's just incredible!

Awesome, just awesome. The guitar solo is so intense, the lyrics are so deep, it's so beautiful, what a wonderful song!

17 The First Season

It's not the best recording quality and neither was John's voice so clear and harmonious, but it shows us all he would do.

Simply an amazing song and outstanding lyrics.

Just some georgious peace of art! John is genius! Hi from Ukraine)

18 Going Inside

Why has no one commented this one yet? Great song love the beginning

So underrated. Definitely must be higher

A gem of a song

19 Time Runs Out
20 Away & Anywhere
21 Outside Space

Something that you will never get bored to listening.

Listen to high. Puts you in another place.

22 with no one

It touches me in a way that words can't really do any good to describe. The most beautiful sounds and vibrations I've felt in my life.

Unbelievably beautiful song. This should be in the top five.

How this isn't higher up I don't know. It's beautiful!

23 Wednesday's Song
24 So Would've I

Simply a masterpiece

25 Big Takeover
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