Top Ten Band Names Replaced With the Word Carrot

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1 My Chemical Carrot (My Chemical Romance)

Haha this is so hilarious! Just like the band.

I don't understand this list.

2 Nine Inch Carrots (Nine Inch Nails)

Sounds yummy

LOL Clever.


3 Carrot! at the Disco (Panic! at the Disco)


4 Carrot Day (Green Day)

The list's cool! Thanks Carmen:) Love Carrots!

Should be called Green Carrot.

5 Counting Carrots (Counting Crows)
6 Bad Carrot (Bad Religion)
7 Carrot Corpse (Cannibal Corpse)
8 5 Seconds of Carrot ( 5 Seconds of Summer)
9 Carrot Factory (Fear Factory)
10 Pierce the Carrot (Pierce the Veil)
The Contenders
11 Black Veil Carrots (Black Veil Brides)
12 Carrot Park (Linkin Park)
13 Fall out Carrot (Fall out Boy)
14 The Carrot (The 1975)
15 Falling in Carrot (Falling in Reverse)
16 Skinny Carrot (Skinny Puppy)
17 All Time Carrot (All Time Low)
18 Panic! At the Carrot (Panic! At the Disco)

I prefer Carrot at the Disco.

19 Karrot (Korn)
20 Black Carrot (Black Sabbath)
21 Carrothead (Radiohead)

Could also work for Motörhead

22 Moody Carrots (Moody Blues)

Moody carrots... haha, How are we suppose to eat them then

23 CarrotKnoT (Slipknot)
24 Megacarrot (Megadeth)
25 The Carrots (The Beatles)
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