Top Ten Phildel Songs

Her voice is just so captivating, pure, and beautiful! So seriously underrated... I will be surprised if anyone here knows of her symbolic, deep, and soulful songs. She is seriously amazing!
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1 The Disappearance of the Girl

Beautiful song, with touches of darker themes and a gorgeous video. The underwater shots are so majestic. Truly heart-filled, as I believe this song is reflective of her running away from home. Yet, it has hints of Chinese tunes that she must be familiar with, considering her upbringing.

Had no idea about Phildel, but I admired every minute of this song. It is indeed dark and chilling. It does make you think about how no life can be perfect.

Thanks, Joy, for this list. Will download this album as soon as possible.

2 Dare

Soulful and touching, her voice is at its purest. But even in her most beautiful and innocent song, there are still moments that are haunting and dark.

3 Union Stone

This one took a while for me to love, but oh, did I fall in love deeply. This song is beautiful, especially this one lyric:

"You know even stones change shape in time, willingly they compromise."

Her songs always have meaning, and this one is so pure and beautiful.

4 The Wolf

A scary song that's sure to get hearts beating. It's nightmarish and haunting. I love how she can so masterfully make a song as creepy as this beautiful at the same time.

I just scrolled through this list and listened to each sample. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks, Keys. Ditto what PW said.

5 Mistakes

A feeling I think we've all had: "Need you like I need a headache, need you like I need my mistakes." It has a quirky tune and makes you feel strange. Of course, she hits that ambiguous area in the feels, and I simply have no words.

6 Storm Song

It gets your blood flowing. I love the tune and the lyrics. I also like the visuals and the feeling of impending chaos. Haha, I hope that doesn't make me sound like a nut.

7 Beside You

A sweet, heartfelt song that just tugs at the feels. It's just so soulful and powerful, as well as featuring beautiful scenery and visuals.

8 Moonsea

I would love to know the backstory behind this song, as it would rank much higher if I knew at all what the video and lyrics mean. It is just so terrifying and haunting, but not unpleasant to listen to at the same time.

"From up so high, I can hardly decide if you're waving hello or waving goodbye." I think that's beautiful and philosophical, but I have no clue what it means.

9 Holes In Your Coffin

I love that she took fan videos to make her own. I think it's just so beautifully creepy. It would be the perfect horror movie background song.

10 Afraid of the Dark

Again, another song I wish I had some context on. It's creepy, it's fear-inducing, it's haunting, yet I love it.

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