Top Ten Beatles Facts

The Top Ten
1 There was a hoax that Paul McCartney died

Paul had a double named Billy Shears, who started working around Sgt. Pepper. Billy had a deep voice. This explains why Paul sang in a lower voice in songs like "Come Together" and "She Came In through the Bathroom Window". However, Billy died in 1971. So the guy performing all the concerts is the "real" Sir James Paul McCartney.

Well, if McCartney DID die in '66, I'll take the impostor who wrote "Hey Jude," "The Long and Winding Road," and "Maybe I'm Amazed" over the original.

Duh he's Not Dead

2 John Lennon hid away in 1969 and came back in 1971
3 Ringo Starr wrote 12 Beatles songs
4 The Quarrymen changed their name to The Rainbows, and Johnny and the Moondogs, then became the Beatles

You forgot "The Silver Beatles".

5 John Lennon was married in 1962 and divorced in 1968
6 Hey Jude had the f bomb after Paul McCartney says "oh."
7 Let it Be is the last album released
8 They got kicked out of Germany for lighting an anti reproduction instrument on fire
9 They almost starred in a live action version of The Lord of the Rings
10 The other Beatles watched George Harrison lose his virginity
The Contenders
11 George Harrison is called the quiet Beatle
12 They officially broke up in Disney world
13 The Beatles had 30 top charts in the UK for Please Please Me
14 John Lennon was drunk the day he met Paul McCartney
15 Michelle was inspired by Paul's techniques for picking up girls
16 Pete best is not a Beatle

What about Stuart Sutcliffe?

17 There is a giant debate on whether the "the" should be capitalized
18 The album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was the first to have all the lyrics written on the back
19 Their total sales are more than triple those of Michael Jackson
20 Bob Dylan introduced marijuana to The Beatles.
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