Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Korean Idols

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1 SeoHyun

Seohyun's beauty transcends her physical beauty, which has been praised repeatedly by doctors for it's natural elegance. Her childhood photos and videos indicate she has been a beauty since birth. A sweet, doll-like face and long flowing hair coupled with a tall barbie-doll proportioned body that is close to perfect. But beyond that she is humble to a fault, wise beyond her years, talented in everything she puts her mind to, and most importantly, a gentle and giving soul. No level of hate and vitriol get at her because she's long maintained that 'the one who wins in the end is the one with a pure heart'. She's an example to anyone who wishes to be more than what they are, a true timeless beauty.

She is a living Mona Lisa. Her face, her eyes, her nose, her lips, her smile, her body, her height. EVERYTHING. Sometimes, before I go to sleep, I wished that I would wake up looking like her.

But her inner beauty is what attracts me to her the most. She is kind and respectful to everyone, not bothering on a person's status or whatsoever. She sometimes disregards herself as an idol and lets people around her to treat her as a common and normal person... Gosh! Now, I want to see her in person! This is making me want to see her in person, for once! >.<

Seohyun's beauty is indescribable. Words are not enough to express her beauty. She's very talented. She's good in singing, dancing, acting etc. She surprises us in so many ways. It's hard to find a person like her. She's kind, she helps people, she donates. I love everything about her. Especially, her eyes and the way she smiles. Her eye smile is so cute. She works hard to satisfy not only her fans, but also the fans of their group. I love her personality and she can be witty sometimes~ Her beauty is like "out-of-this-world" kind of beauty. laugh out loud. What? Anyways, everything about her is just perfect. She's like everyone's ideal type. And also she is so smart. Her parents are very lucky to have a daughter like her. Words are not enough to describe her. She's pretty on the inside and outside. She's also sexy. ;) She puts in a lot of effort to work. She inspires us all.

Besides her intelligence and beauty Seohyun is classy and she carries herself extremely well at all events. Not forgetting her moral values remain intact though she is in an industry that is not too concern about such things. It shows that she has a good head on her shoulders, not easily persuaded or influenced by the negativeness surrounding her. It sure takes a lot of guts to be in her position. That is the ultimate 'beauty' to me!

2 Park Shin-hye

Shin Hye is one actress who is able to get into her characters, making one of the greatest actress. Her natural beauty speaks for itself and she does not need make-up to enhance her features. Her bubbly personality makes all those around her feel comfortable and there is no air in her. Her good nature and sweet personality are just two of her many great qualities, besides being humble, kind and... She is one young lady any guy would love to bring home and is very much like a girl-next-door! Would love to meet her in person one day if she comes to Singapore. Will definitely volunteer to be her personal tour guide. Shin Hye, you are the best. Please take care of your health and stay cheerful and be happy. You are the sunshine and rainbow to those around you. Cheers!

She's not a typical KPOP idol. Differently incredible in every aspects. A very versatile young woman. Angelic beautiful face, body and personality. An almost perfect girl you would want next in you every morning you'll wake up; dream wife of all. Very honest and cheerful. Well reserved and conservative. Humble and helpful. Cheerful and hardworking. A good cook and comforter. An actress who loves everything she does, her work, family, friends and fans! What else? There's more if you'll know her beyond what you see. She's the most precious! I love this girl.. Park Shin Hye, an undeniably adorable.

I think her beauty is natural with her own positive attitude make her sunshine like princess. She always smile and never show her pain to her fans.
She have a lot of friends that I hope to be one of them, she is humble, modest and wonderful personality that make me admire her as a person.
Park Shin hye I hope to meet you someday and I wish you to be happy and healthy

She is a natural beauty to me. Always cheerful around friends. I respect her for not having any cosmetic surgery to look pretty compare to other idols especially the girls group.

In acting, its proven she is the best. Though she starts acting at her child days, the skill is growing better and better.

To Park Shin Hye, even though I do not know you, I wish you all the best, always success in whatever you do. And stay cheerful.

I am one of your million fans.

3 Im Yoon-ah Im Yoon-ah is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and has participated in various television dramas such as You Are My Destiny, Cinderella Man, Love Rain, Prime Minister and I, and God of War, Zhao Yun.

A goddess descends from above. Her beauty is known even before she debuted. You can never deny that she is indeed beautiful than a flower. Heechul once quoted that "She's even prettier without makeup. Although she's pretty, she doesn't pretend to be pretty. She's always very bold, funny and destroys her own image. So I told her: You are pretty because you don't pretend to be pretty."

Eventhough she is not the main vocalist in her group but she's still the face of the group that make me know them and became Sone and her beauty make me so addict to her and she's a good actress too. She's so sexy when she was dancing and her sweet voice make me like her more. She's the second highest of IQ in SNSD, She are " beauty with brain " and I've saw her pic without make up and she's look stunning. She are confirmed that the idol who don't do plastic surgery and she's super duper beautiful

When we YoonAddicts say she's beautiful, we don't just mean her outer appearance. We mean her character, her personality, her entire being. Many S❤NES complain that she receives undeserved attention. But I beg to differ. Yoona's natural charisma and innocence is what draws many to her. She embodies what SM wanted SNSD to be: Innocent, pretty, adorable. So she was made the face of the group. She can be sexy, she can be sweet, she can be just utterly gorgeous if she wants. She's not afraid to be herself, and that's what makes her truly beautiful.

Needless to say she is the real beauty her. Her physical appearance is so radiant that whenever you see her she'll definitely brighten up your day. She has charming personality. She's never afraid of making herself look ugly because she always turns out to be cute.

4 Song Ji Hyo

I really really like her because of Running Man, I like her and Park Shin Hye but I decided to vote for the one that is erm.. at a later position. Song Ji Hyo and Park Shin Hye are my favorite Korean actress of ALL time!

Did everyone forget about her? Running man is already shows everything about her. And I deeply in love with her.

Running man shows everything about her. And I deeply in love with her beauty and personality.

What? 15th? She's the most natural beauty Korean girl I have ever seen.. With or without make up.. She always look preety.. And the most important thing she is original.. No plastic sugery..

5 Suzy

She is the most beautiful idol in Korea. She's not just any random girl I found in the KPOP industry. She has this very stunning and innocent beauty which makes us give interest in her more. Unlike any idol girls, Suzy looks so pure that could make a person's heart melt. in any angle, she really looks gorgeous even when she's posing sidewards. When she's angry or sad, she's still beautiful. How can a girl be so alluring? With her appealing, charming, delightful, and cute face, who would not admire her? I'm sure many people wants to have her face including me... hehehe

She is the perfect definition for the word "Perfect". She is the best among the rest. Extremely adorable, talented, and a very good example as an actress. Improves more than anyone else can do. She may be the next top model someday. With her cool attitude and amazing stunts in her singing and dancing, I can say that she is more than a perfect superstar.

Despite all the hate she's always getting, the 21 year old knows whats important and is always down to earth. She is undeniably gorgeous and her attitude was always good and never arrogant. She knows she's so popular but popularity isn't the way for her to forget who she really is. Truly beautiful.

Just as perfect as suzy could be. Such a lovely and incredible star. Not just a very cool and astonishing actress, but also a magical singer and outstanding dancer! Aja!

6 Sandara Park Sandara Park, also known by her stage name Dara, is a South Korean singer, dancer, actress, model, and host.

I voted her because she is not plastic. like the others in the list. I'm biased. I like 2ne1. I want to vote for park bom but when I found out that she did something in her face I voted for dara instead. I really prefer natural beauties. if you are in my position, what do you feel when your sleeping with a plastic person. kind of crepy right?

For me, Dara is the most beautiful Korean female idol. She's beautiful inside and out. She has a kind heart and humble spirit. She is also smart and witty. She may look petite but she is a strong woman. She has been through a lot. Yes, A LOT! But she never gave up. She deserves everything she has now and where she is in.

Her beauty, her brains, her wit, her heart, her humility, her perseverance and determination, her womanly strength, and many many many many more characteristics make her the most beautiful.

She's so pretty with her face. She doesn't look like a girl turning 30 I guess. She's so cute and she's so friendly.
In her group 2ne1 she's the most stunning, because of her beauty. That's why I like her, not because of her face, but because of her personality, but also one of my reason is her face.

Sandara Park is the prettiest idol. Just give her any clothes and she can rock it out effortless. She have that anime face which is a priceless gift for her, with that face she could pull off any hairstyles, just like anime girl!

7 Kim Tae-yeon

Taeyeon has unique charms that can capture anyone. Her button nose, and her misplaced dimple just makes her look cuter. Taeyeon also has sexy charms; one simple movement can make fanboys' noses bleed.

For me, TaeYeon has a natural korean beauty. It made her look more natural. She looks perfect in every makeup she uses as well.

How come no one vote for our SNSD leader who is beautiful, cute and with a very good voice!

She has the most beautiful voice in the world. What I like the most is her charming eyes.

8 IU Lee Ji-eun, also known by her stage name IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer and actress.

Definitely by her talent because I believe that beauty relies on kindness and warm-hearted woman like her...she's indeed the best Kpop solo artists!

She's already an incredibly talented actress and singer and so young.

She's just so cute and innocent! I just love her!

I love iu. She's really pretty

9 Go Ara

Those hazel eyes, they terrorize!

She has a pair of beautiful eyes, bright skin and slimm body. She's also good in acting.

10 Yuri Kwon

I do think she is pretty, even though I prefer Yoona. Yuri just has that in-your-face sex appeal, which makes her impossible to ignore. Her stage presence and fluidity is no joke either. She's tanned, and that's what makes her stand out. I think her tanned skin isn't a flaw, rather, it's a good point. Yuri is hot, definitely, but she can be the dorkiest at times. She has this great sense of humour I really appreciate. I believe she deserves to be higher up on this list.

Just to see her in this list. Me, as her #0 fan, I'm flattered as well. I mean, Hello? She got on the top 10, even though she's a bit tanned or dark. Moreover, she's really natural. I mean, look at her photos when she was young. She's my ultimate bias. She's a goddess. She's so sexy and fabulous. She, being on top 10.. I'm proud of her.

Even though she has darker skin than the other members of Girls' Generation but still she is beautiful and sexy. She is my bias. She is the sexiest of all for me.

I think she's prettier than taeyeon because she's has a more mature beauty about her and she's tall and has a gorgeous body and is very talented.

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11 Krystal Jung Chrystal Soo Jung, professionally known as Krystal, is an American singer and actress based in South Korea.

She is good in singing, dancing, sport, acting and even modeling! There is nothing that she can't do well in. She also looks good with myungsoo, minhyuk and shinee. She has a beautiful voice and face! Her body is so sexy and she has 11 abs!

I do love Krystal. She is just too irresistable. So cute and adorable. A perfect bae for everyone. Good at any kind of genre and such a hopeful actress. Very sweet an kind-hearted. In short, everyone's dream girl!

She's such a perfect lady who has a good hearth I think?!
But every time I watch her movies I fell in love with her goddess look face and her sexy body. Also she's so good in acting.

She's prettier than Suzy and other celebrities. She could be gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful.

12 Sulli

Sulli is the most beautiful thing among idols! She has all good features and charms needed to be pretty. her sexy-cute big lips, big innocent eyes, perfect face shape, and totally cute nose.. she has also wonderful hair, pale skin, besides sexy-fit body. She is tall enough, as well. she has totally NATURAL BEAUTY! She is completely the same without makeup. and shouldn't be forgotten she has the most fascinating laugh. if you don't know her I think you should check because she has her unique and perfect beauty. she is what beauty is

Sulli noona is so perfect! I love that her body is more on the curvy side and her personality and distinct features make her even more beautiful! She's definitely my ideal type and I'm not even straight laugh out loud, but I appreciate the beauty that Choi Jin Ri/Sulli

For mw, Sulli is the cutest among idol..with her beautiful smiles, pale and white skin..
Although she lack a bit of singing a little bit, but she is so beautiful and pretty..I think it's acknowledged by other people too..I can see how excited Running Man member when Sulli is coming to their show..
Plus Sulli is chosen as to the beautiful you drama with Minho Shinee..who is the top sm handsame idol too..

She has everything... So beautiful and kind hearted girl or lady..

All her facial features are rank number 1 for her face is natural for she didn't undergo plastic surgery like kpop girls..

13 Victoria

She is so good at acting she. Smiles always and she is pretty and so flexible...

Victoria is totally a true beauty..

14 Kim Hyuna

Hyuna is most beautiful for me because she had a good voice and so pretty and cute face she also sexy...

She's really pretty even she's not wearing make up. I lover her fierce look.

Do I even have to say this!?
Her facial features are really nice & she's extremely pretty!

She is the prettiest I ever saw in KPOP Idols others are just cute but she is Pretty!

15 Im Nana

The most beautiful, wide smile and perfectly shaped nose, very elegant face shape and always looks good no matter what: I've never seen a bad piture of her! definitely a natural beauty

She should have been a model instead of an idol.

She's so pretty

16 Jessica Jung Jessica Sooyoun Jung was born on April 18, 1989. Known professionally as Jessica, she is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman currently based in South Korea. She is a former member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. In 2014, she established her apparel fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare. more.

The unfair act that had been taken by snsd and sm to this talented idol is a wasteful one.. Jessica's kicked out from snsd will be the starter of snsd loss.. Jessica the starter of snsd.. #staystrongjessica... The prettiest idol.. She deserves the title Korean barbie..

Our ice princess is always be herself and that make me adore her. I really love her and keep supporting her. She have a good voice and miss to hear her scream!

Breathtaking beauty! Doesn't try to be fake just to please others! Always herself! She's soft and sweet on the inside!

An unfair act that has been taken by snsd and sm to the starter of snsd will be the starter of snsd loss.. #staystrongjessica.. She deserves the title Korean barbie..

17 Bora

I think she's the most sexy and beauty idol..
she's charming and I fell for her..
the most I love about her is when I hear she's laughing..

18 Yoon Eun-hye

She's the most beautiful celebrity in Korea inside and out.

Most adorable, beautiful, very good in acting and also modeling

19 Kim So-eun

She is very beautiful and cute. Loved her boys over flowers and in music and idol

Kim So eun is the most beautiful actress forever and ever! I love everything foor her

20 Yura

Shes so pretty, most flawless skin I saw in person + her legs are to die for. She got it insured

21 G.N.A
22 Tiffany Stephanie Young Hwang, known professionally as Tiffany, Tiffany Hwang or Tiffany Young, is an American singer.

Wow! She should really be the top! Her eyesmile is the bomb! Her face is just so innocent, cute, and beautiful at the same time! She really shines like the star in the sky at night! She's the prettiest!

She has the brightest smile. She has positive energy and spread the love to everyone around her. She is a hardworker idol who always do the best in every chance she had. I love her.

One of a kind. She is beyond everyone's expectations. She's more than a Jewelry, she shines like the brightest star she could be. #Tiffany

She have the most beautiful eyes smile in KPOP. If you look at her eyes, your anger will disappear. I love her very much. She is my favourite idol in Korea.

23 Sooyoung Choi Soo-young (born February 10, 1990), better known by the mononym Sooyoung, is a South Korean singer and actress. She was a part of the short-lived Korean-Japanese singing duo, Route θ, during 2002 in Japan. After returning to South Korea in 2004, Sooyoung eventually became a member of girl group Girls' Generation in 2007. The group went on to be one of the best-selling artists in South Korea and one of South Korea's most popular girl groups worldwide. Apart from her group's activities, Sooyoung has also starred in various television dramas such as The 3rd Hospital (2012), Dating Agency: Cyrano (2013), My Spring Days (2014) and 38 Revenue Collection Unit (2016).

She has a different and fresh face that we need to see more often in the Korean entertainment industry.

She's beautiful inside and she has a shining personality and a cheerful smile out. My fave idol

She is my most favourite among the whole world... I love you sooyoung!

She is a real goddess

24 Park Jiyeon

I actually think that most of the time she hide her pretty visual self but still can see trough her sometimes gestures. Because, if she give it all omygad! Our mind can't sink in like how the hell like her can exist. So really stunning in every aspect the way she is. I once saw a comment about her that her in real life she was a real goddess. And now in 2018 going up to 2019 you can see trough her social media acc in instagram pic post shes becoming more and more sexily pretty stunning. Her body skin is no joke and of course her seductively pretty face.

Jiyeon is so pretty! She's tough when she acts but she's cute off cam. I just love the drawn lines in her eyes. Not natural but it's fitting her.

Jiyeon is the prettiest idol ever. There's even no one can compare her!

She's definitely beautiful. She should be at the top spot.

25 Kim Tae Hee

She is so pretty and talented with beautiful smile I love her so much

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