Top 10 Best Afrojack Songs

Afrojack, the Dutch DJ superstar, has been dropping dancefloor bombs for years. With his signature blend of electro house, big room, and infectious melodies, he's created a massive catalog of party anthems and fist-pumping beats.
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1 The Spark

This is a masterpiece by Afrojack. Afrojack rules!

There's not one particular thing I love about this song. It's just amazing.

I listen to this song when I work out! Nice song.

2 Ten Feet Tall

Afrojack is cool, and Wrabel is great. This is really the best, and I can't stop playing this wherever I go. I feel like I am inside a party whenever I hear this.

It brings you to places because, during the slow part, you will feel the soul. During the upbeat part, you feel like raising your hand and jumping 10 feet tall!

The best song! It has an awesome feel to it. Very catchy lyrics, and the drop is just mind-blowing!

Awesome. Great lyrics, great beat. I can't stop playing this best Afrojack song!

3 Take Over Control

My first Afrojack song (after GME, of course). This is nothing short of his anthem, from where I'm standing. The beat is too catchy to let go, and Eva Simons is simply astounding. One of the best electronic music songs I have ever heard.

I want you to take over control! This song is so good and catchy as hell! Afrojack thought of a great beat, and Eva Simons was great in the song.

DJ Afrojack has the talent needed for the music industry. His vision and appetite for fresh sounds are the bomb. He takes over control.

4 Titanium

Great remix. Glad it's in the top.

5 Keep Our Love Alive
6 Do or Die (Afrojack Remix)

This could be the best remix song ever. The original song by 30 Seconds to Mars and the remix by Afrojack are both amazing.

This song must go to the top ten. Afrojack has done it again.

This song has such an energetic feel. I can listen to it all day.

7 Rock the House

This song must be on top. The most listened-to song of Afrojack is Rock the House. It must be on top.

One of the best songs by Afrojack. Afrojack rocks.

It is because of this song I got into trance music. This should be number one.

8 Born to Run

The song has a strong message. Hear it.

9 Can't Stop Me Now

I never feel tired of listening to this song. It's great! Way too awesome!

I can't stop myself from listening to this song!

Epic song. The beat matches the beat in Take Over Control, if you ask me.

10 We'll Be Ok
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11 No Beef

I like this song too much! It is certainly one of his best songs. It must be at least number two.

Take Over Control is his anthem, his best. But No Beef (with Steve Aoki) is his second hit single. Please, guys, vote for it. You will like it if you listen to it two times in ten minutes.

This is a very, very, very good song. An electro house and progressive house song in collaboration with Steve Aoki and featuring Miss Palmer. I don't like the vocal mix with Miss Palmer. She hasn't got a good voice, but the beat and the music are awesome!

Amazing song. Can't stop listening to it. Electro house progressive. Remove the vocals, and ah! It's as good as sex itself.

12 Turn Up the Speakers
13 Illuminate

Extremely underrated. It's unbelievably stranded at number 33 as a lot of people these days never go for good music but instead choose dumb popular ones.

This song is so damn good! Very underrated song.

14 Give Me Everything

What the hell? This is supposed to be Afrojack's number one production. This is definitely greater than Take Over Control.

This is the song that made Pitbull and Ne-Yo internationally famous. It deserves to be number one! Excellent stuff from Afrojack.

Awesome song by Pitbull, Ne-Yo, and Afrojack. Supposed to be number one!

Afrojack reached new peaks with this song. It should be in the top three!

15 Amsterdamn
16 Lionheart

Lionheart is the greatest Afrojack song ever. Take Over Control is nothing compared to this masterpiece. It's so good that I am listening to it right now!

17 Louder Than Words
18 The Way We See the World

Best of Afrojack. I love this song too much. The lyrics, dubstep, and the overall feel are really good.

19 Bangduck

The first time I heard it, it was like heaven in a song. Rated 10/10. I could dance to this all day long. No joke.

The funky side of Afrojack. I totally love the two different drops.

20 As Your Friend

This song should be featured in the top five!

21 Replica

One of his earlier songs. Not only is the song so perfect (especially the drop), but it also established a new style in the scene and his own productions. This song means so much to his career, his fans, and the electro scene. It must be number one.

This is easily the best Afrojack song. Seriously, this song needs to be way higher up. One of his best songs is languishing in ninth place. Bring it up quickly because it deserves a better place.

22 Party Ain't Over

Awesome music by Afrojack. Superb Pitbull and Usher combo. The tone of the song is too good! Will surely electrify.

23 Drop Down (Do My Dance)
24 Afroki
25 Toyfriend
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