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1 Angel - Jackie Evancho

A wonderful song where Sarah McLachlan's carefully-crafted lyrics let the subject change. Still a song of loss, but also one of honor and remembrance. Jackie performed this on September 10th, 2009, at the "Hearts of Steel Campaign luncheon honoring the fallen heros of flight 93. Honored guests include General Tommy Franks, family of those on board flight 93. "Angel" was also included in Jackie's first PBS Great Performances special "Dream With Me - In Concert", and on her gold-certified studio album "Dream With Me", produced by David Foster.

The girl takes a haunting song about drug OD / suicide, and turns it into a sculpted masterpiece about a tormented heart and a remembrance of those whom we have lost.

As the WSJ said about Jackie, "when she speaks, she talks about little girl things, like doing chores, & kittens. But when she sings, it's like she's channeling a past life, a future self, or possibly an actual angel."

Angel sung by an Angel. Most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Jackie has an unlimited future ahead of her.

2 Send Me an Angel - Scorpions

"Send Me an Angel" is a power ballad by German heavy metal band Scorpions, released on their 1990 album Crazy World. I adore this wonderful track

My dream: This song in a Scorpions concert unexpeced sung by Jackie Evancho... the hardest metal fans would stop breathing.

My personal favorite on this list. It's magical.

3 Angel - Sarah McLachlan

I like it she bases it on a lot of truth about life's complications in which we all endure.

Love this song. Too bad about the subject matter though.

The best one ever write

A classic 10 out of 10

4 Angel - Jimi Hendrix
5 Angel - Aerosmith

Aerosmith might have been looked upon as devils in the 1970s, with their sleaze-rock sound, but this song, co-written with mega-pop songwriter Desmond Child and part of a long line of more pop-oriented singles, helped establish them as a mainstream juggernaut. 'Angel' is one of my all time favorite songs. This track is real rock wonder

Love this song. Forget the fact that my name us Angel, this song means a lot to me.

6 I'm No Angel - The Gregg Allman Band
7 Teaching Angels How to Fly - Jackie Evancho

This song is about the tragic end of a real, live girl...sung by a real, live girl! Jackie's exclusive recording for songwriter James Breedwell is from her first album, "Prelude to a Dream."

From her self-released CD & iTunes album "Prelude To A Dream".

8 Angel of Death - Slayer
9 Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel - Tavares
10 Concrete Angel - Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho did this cover of Martina McBride's song on her self-produced "Prelude to a Dream" album when she was only 9 years old.
Hearing such a young child sing this already heart-tugging number took it to another level.

Jackie has had the most beautiful singing voice in the world for the past 5-1/2 years. And she's still 2 weeks away from her 16th birthday!

There is a YouTube video of this from 2009.

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11 The Seven Angels - Avantasia
12 Angel of Death - Gamma Ray
13 Guardian Angels - Placido Domingo & Jackie Evancho
14 Angel - Madonna

Unlike the King of Rock & Roll's love, the Queen of Pop's is an "angel in disguise. ". Anyway, this song is very beautiful. Madonna always was my favorite sunger and always will be. She is new in every song

15 Angel - Amanda Perez
16 Angel of Death - Thin Lizzy
17 Angels - Robbie Williams
18 Sweet Black Angel - Rolling Stones
19 Sleeping Angel - Stevie Nicks
20 (You're The) Devil in Disguise - Elvis Presley

The girl in this Elvis Presley song looks, talks and walks like an ANGEL, but like most is hiding something below that innocent veneer. Good thing Elvis noticed or he�d be crying in the Heartbreak Hotel.

21 Wish I Had an Angel - Nightwish
22 Angel - Fleetwood Mac
23 Earth Angel - The Penguins

"Earth Angel" 1950s doo-wop songs have a dreamy, heaven-like quality to them, and the Penguins� 1954 hit "Earth Angel" embodies this notion. It provided the perfect background music for George McFly and Lorraine Baines to kiss in "Back to the Future" and save Marty's existence!

24 Like an Angel Passing Through My Room - ABBA

This song is so amazing and sung so beautifilly by ABBA's Frida that Madonna, Sissel Kyrljebo, and many others have done cover versions of this song. Nothing is as well done as Frida's version though.

25 Mountain Angel - Dolly Parton

"Mountain Angel" is another in a long line of amazing Dolly Parton songs. Dolly showed impressive vocal as always. What a Woman!

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