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1 Avenged Sevenfold

It's weird but I think this is A7X's best album. It's the most eclectic in style and is the first album and the last album (other than Diamonds) to feature The Rev on vocals. Although the instrumentation isn't difficult per say, the song writing is as heartfelt and powerful as is has ever been for this band. Their Self-Titled stands as a time capsule of an album, one that brings me the listener very clearly back to my Sophomore year of High School. And although this is an album that doesn't go into rotation as often for me, when I put it on, I am almost always in love with it. Oddly enough, it's Almost Easy to say that despite the fact that my favorite A7X albums are The Stage, City of Evil, and Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, this one kind of stands on its own as the secret best one of the bunch. And the funniest thing is that it's songs like Gunslinger and Dear God that shine through this album with the best character. Who would have thought that a country song would capture A7X so ...more

This is actually my least favorite album by them, but I must say that doesn't mean it's bad. Rather, I really like the lesser known songs from it, like Critical Acclaim, as well as the more popular tracks, with Afterlife being one of the only Symphonic metal songs that I like, as well as it being my 3rd favorite A7X song (My top five are Darkness Surrounding, Beast and the Harlot, Afterlife, Bat Country, and finally Unholy Confessions).

This is one of the most experimental albums I've heard. It's quite amazing how they ended up pulling it together this great! RIP To the Rev! I hope you all enjoy this amazing album! Personal favorite, it speaks to me personally, and it's fun to play to (drums/guitar/vocals) Enjoy this album!

Great variety of song types, from VCritical Acclaims harder riffs, to Afterlifes melodic style, to Dear Gods softer sound to A Little Piece of Heavens use of other instruments you wouldn't expect in a metal bands album. Lost is a downpoint in my opinion, but CA starts it great, and Almost Easy is a nice second song. Waking the Fallen is an extremely close second, along with City Of Evil.

2 Nightmare

As terrible as the Rev's death was, it inspired a flawlesss album that proved a musical masterpiece from start to finish. The brutal and head banging songs such as Nightmare, Natural-Born Killer and God Hates Us have kick ass riffs while the longer songs such as Victim and Save Me are beautiful and intricate only getting better as they progress. There are then the emotion evoking Danger Line, So Far Away and Fiction as well as the middle ground -emotional remaining true to its metallic roots with strong chorus and solid riffs and structures- such as Welcome To The Family, Tonight The World Dies, and Buried Alive. It will always be a Top 3 for A7X.

Greatest album ever, period.
I can't see a7x ever topping this, the death of the REv drove them to make some of the most unforgettable masterpieces.
Musicianship is amazing, lyrics incredible and overall songwriting is perfect.

Save Me IS there best song after MIA maybe, God HAtes Us is heavy and epic, Buried alive is a flawless track, and fiction and victim are just beautiful.
Those are my favorites but honestly, all the songs kick so much ass.
Also the bonus track "lost it all" is awesome.

I have no idea why the self titled is number 1

AGREED! Completely, 100%, undisputed best album of all time. Should be at the top. Every song is great, I never hit skip on a Nightmare album song. I definitely find myself skipping songs on the self proclaimed album a lot. Songs like Unbound and Lost are great, don't get me wrong but the autotune T-Pain stuff gets annoying sometimes. And plus they're no match for the lesser songs on nightmare like Save Me or Natural Born Killer or god forbid Danger Line. There's literally not a single bad song on Nightmare. RIP Rev and Hail to A7X!

Personally this is my favorite album of all times. Once this album grabs you it won't let go. It's filled with so much meaning and I just can't get enough. This was also my goto album in grade 5-7 when I just laying awake in the middle of the night. This album has the most sedimental songs for me. The album is just flawless, not to mention it was the Rev's last album, although that in itself doesn't make the album the best it just makes it sentimental, this was my favorite album long before I knew it was his last album. Overall I give it 10/10, if I could I would give it 20/10.

3 City of Evil

In my humble opinion:
1) City of Evil
2) Nightmare
3) Avenged Sevenfold
4) Waking the Fallen
5) Hail to the King
6) Diamonds in the Rough
7) Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

I really do enjoy all of their albums, and the margin of difference in the top 5 is razor thin. However, City does not have a single weak song, while every other one does. One Waking, Won't See You Tonight Part 2 drags down the album. Dear God hurts A7X's chances for the top bid, and on Nightmare there are simply too many slow songs in the second half. Had they substituted 4 AM or Lost It All for Tonight the World Dies, then that album may be number one for me. For Hail to the King, This Means War is the weak spot. On City of Evil, their weakest track (my opinion) is Trashed and Scattered; if that's your weakest track, then you have created an absolutely classic album. My top 3 tracks on City are Beast and the Harlot, The Wicked End, and MIA.

City of Evil.. Wow, honestly words cannot describe how purely great EVERY single song is on this amazing record released in 2005 that set the core standpoint for Avenged Sevenfold's future. Yes, they have evolved since then with a different, darker more personal type sound but this album alone will always remain the one that clearly has the most rocking straight forward hand banging hard rock sound that you could put on replay for hours. So addictive, City of Evil 100% deserves to be listed first. Its long, it keeps pace, its heavy.. It's true modern hard rock at it's best with the creativity all the five members put into the release. 5/5 stand down.

Avenged have many great albums, but I'm voting for City of Evil as I think this was the band's biggest turning point, going from their metalcore roots to a more hard rock sound which in my opinion suits the band much better. Waking the Fallen had great guitar work but too much screaming, M Shadow's vocals are a lot cleaner here and a lot of these songs are more enjoyable to listen to.
Beast and the Harlot is dark and brooding but a real shredder of a tune. Bat country is another such example and even when it slows down during Seize the Day we still get some epic solos with some very meaningful lyrics to their songs.
Whilst their later albums are great City of Evil just feels like their best overall.

Not sure why this isn't the highest rated masterpiece. The first half of the album has a bunch of their hits, but the second part of the album is perhaps the best collection of songs they have ever released. Sure the production quality isn't perfect, but every single song after and including "seize the day" should always be listened to in one sitting. The Wicked End? Really awesome use of an orchestra. Strength of the World? Includes my favorite guitar solo ever written. MIA? Best A7X closer to date.

This kicks album kicks ass, plain and simple. I still come back to it every month or so and have multiple eargasms. Each song reminds me of a certain point in my childhood, it's incredible how moving and powerful the music is. This is why A7X became popular. It's as simple as that. This album will probably always be their best. I look forwards to a remastered version coming out within the next decade.

4 Waking the Fallen

I used to be really into A7X, then I kind of grew out of it and grew into better metal; (no offense) example: Opeth. I mean, go listen to Still Life, Ghost Reveries, or Blackwater Park like right now. But with the re-release of this album, I though I might go for a quick listen. Now, I appreciate this album the most, because of songs like: I Won't See You Tonight, Chapter Four, Unholy Confessions, etc. The half-screaming, half-singing gives A7X more variety to their music and balances out the heavy to soft much better than just clean vocals or just screaming / growling. Nearly all new metal sounds too close to the same. The guitars weren't overdone like in City of Evil, but the band still had their classic A7X album.

1) Waking The Fallen
2) Avenged Sevenfold
3) Nightmare
4) City Of Evil
5) Hail To The King
6) Sounding The 7th Trumpet

Self-titled album was an experiment that definitely worked. Nightmare had a good variety of soft to heavy songs. City Of ...more

Have it any way you want, as long as Waking the Fallen is on top.
It is their most matured release to date.
Also, the guitar work here is far more impressive than their later releases (excluding City of Evil, of course).
The only flaw here is probably the weird screaming, but it's forgivable.

What really makes this stand out, though, is the lyrical content. It's just... Inspiring, maybe? I can't describe it.
Anyway, put this on the top, people. Please.
And City of Evil at 2.
Nightmare at 3.
STST at 4.
The rest of their releases anyway you like it.
And finally, their self-titled at the last spot. God, I hated that album and the only decent song on it was "Critical Acclaim".

I am really late to this, but Waking The Fallen is Avenged Sevenfold's sound defining album. This is what set them off to be the band we know and love today. STST was great and I adore the album, but what was more matured in lyricism and instrumental work. Not only that, but great songs like Second Heartbeat, Chapter Four, Unholy Confessions, Desecrate Through Reverence, and Radiant Eclipse were all created and this was metalcore at its finest. Matt had a diverse vocal style and had some of the -if not- the clearest screams I have ever listened to up to this day. The lyrics always have a deeper meaning in every song and I'm always finding them every time I listen back to their songs. Yes their Self Titled and Nightmare albums are when they matured but even in their what: Ressurected documentary, Zacky states that what is Avenged Sevenfold. You cannot dispute against Waking The Fallen. Intense Riffs. Rise of Fast Solos. Smooth and Heavy vocals. Need I go on?

Easily the best album. The full band was together for the first time, M Shadows found the perfect balance of screaming and singing, while Zacky, Syn, and the Rev do their thing. Unholy Confessions, Second Heartbeat, and Chapter four are top 10 Avenged Sevenfold songs. Should be higher.

5 Hail to the King

Hail to the King is a masterpiece. It is incredibly underrated. Once Shepherd of Fire kicks in, you know that the album is going to be amazing. Hail to the King is my favorite song of all time. Gates has always been great at guitar solos, and this album features a lot of their best solos. Arin Illejay's drumming is spot on. M. Shadows's vocals are flawless. I love that Avenged Sevenfold took inspiration from other bands when making this album. This Means War is a very good tribute to Sad But True. Crimson Day reminds me of Enter Sandman. The solo in Coming Home is incredible.

The first 5 songs are just straight ass kicking head banging songs, the rev would be proud. The next 5 are still bad ass songs, crimson day reminds me of a better seize the day, heretic is an amazing song, coming home is their top 5 songs ever made and planets is just a masterpiece... May not have songs you fall in love with. But this album is their best quality of work throughout an album that they have ever made. Even st james is a 9/10

This album gets such a bad rap just because it is so different stylistically from anything else they've put out - but it shows the band's versatility. It was supposed to be a stripped back, groove-driven hard rock record, and they've definitely achieved that! This album is so powerful because it is simple. The songs are so catchy, and so emotive in places, it's just a damn solid record. Good work boys!

Like the sound of the album, and it made me so happy that they evolved their sound in this direction. They sound raw and even though I think the songs are too much... similar sounding to other famous metal songs (Sad But True, Symphony of Destruction... ), if they keep this kind of sound but add their own twists and creativity to it, it'll be amazing.

6 The Stage

By far my favorite album by them. I'm already a sucker for concept albums, and the fact that my favorite band released one about something I'm so interest in already (space and tech) is what makes this such an amazing album. From The Stage to Exist it's an amazing, technical, progressive album, and I feel like it's their first album I can call straight metal as opposed to hard rock. There's not one song on here I don't like (including the deluxe version)! Every original track is killer. I also think Dose could have fit nice between Roman Sky and Fermi Paradox. Please, give this album another chance if you don't like it. Explore the lyrics and just let Exist take you on its journey. I can't get enough of this amazing album, it really stands out next to their other great albums

I remember that when I first heard the album, It didn't really click with me right away, but the more I listened to it, ans the more I drowned in the sea that is "The stage", the more I learnes to appreciate it. Brooks did a phenomenal work on this album and without him I'd probably like the album less, Matt's vocals are amazing and syn solos are amazing.
I remember when I first listened to "Exist" I started to cry, thinking to myself that I am so proud of them, they feel to me as their music has matured now, and I just can't help myself but feel a great sense of pride and content when I listen to this album.
I can say wholeheartedly that this is their best album period.

I feel like lots of people just weren't ready for the direction that A7X went with this album. M. Shadows said in an interview (or maybe a YouTube comment reply) that he felt that this was his favorite album of theirs, and that fans needed to put time into it to truly experience it. This album is a strong 2nd place for me -- behind Nightmare. It leans way closer to the prog side of metal than any of their previous work, and I think that really threw people off. Those that hate on it, in my opinion, haven't given it enough of a chance.

Their best (and heaviest) album yet. By far their most creative work, and they've really opened up and shown how great of musicians they really are. A7X stepped outside of the box for this one, and really went in a different more progressive direction, but still maintained their signature Sevenfold sound. It took me a few listens to really understand the album, and each listen it grew on me more and more, until I appreciated what a masterpiece this album is. Well done Sevenfold, Well done.

7 Diamonds In the Rough

Great Album! Amazing Pantera and Iron Maiden Covers with Walk and Flash of the Blade. If you have not listened to this whole album in its entirety, I highly suggest you do! Possibly the best songs on this album are Demons and Crossroads. Very good rhythm kick as drums. Best solo on this album is most likely on the last track, Dancing Dead. A7X for Life!

Demons, Girl I Know, Crossroads, Flash of the Blade, Until the End, Tension, Walk, Dancing Dead, Afterlife (Alternative Version)? All very very good songs that got cut from their debut album. If anything the album should've been a double disc because most of these songs are better than the ones from the actual album!

This album easily beats STST and HTTK. Maybe because this is a lesser known "b-sides" album, and counter part to a dvd that makes it less voted. However, there is nothing "B-sided" about Dancing Dead, Demons, Tension, Until the End, and The Fight. They are great songs that haven't been discovered by enough people to warrant them playing live.

Really 7? Its one of the the best albums I ever heard!

8 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

This album is an absolute masterpiece and has great variety. It includes mostly hardcore songs, with ballads (Warmness of the Soul and Shattered by Broken Dreams) and also some punk (in Streets and Thick and Thin) My favorite tracks are Forgotten Faces, Shattered by Broken Dreams, Thick and Thin, and Warmness of the Soul. This, The Stage and Waking the Fallen are my favourite A7X albums. Definitely give this album a listen.

Woah can't believe people are putting this album last...I'd say it's 2nd best, honestly they really disappointed with self titled and haven't quite been the same since. Nightmare has some good stuff, hail and the stage are better than that self titled crap but hardly close to waking the fallen.

1. Waking the fallen
2. Sounding the 7th Trumpet
3. City of Evil
4. Nightmare
5. The stage
6. Hail to the king
7. Self titled

This was the first A7X album I've ever owned. After hearing An Epic of Time Wasted and Darkness Surrounding, I was sold and bought the album. It is heavy and raw, and the drumming is just out of this world. It is worth your time and money. SO BUY IT!

Easily the heaviest an easily the best A7X album. in my opinion, hiring Synyster Gates as a guitarist was the worst thing A7X have ever done for themselves. Gates does a great job here with a focus on rhythmic, actually interesting riffs.

9 Black Reign (Ep)

Mad Hatter was a really cool song that I heard on the radio. Even though there's only 3 tracks on it, I'd say it deserves to be a little higher.

This is way better than (warmness on the soul) guys!

10 Warmness on the Soul
The Contenders
11 All Excess
12 Waking the Fallen: Resurrected

Wow it's hard to believe that they had unholy confessions live on this album. And that's not a good thing at all, I love the studio version of unholy confessions but the live version is really really bad and the same goes for most the live songs on this album.

It was as great as Waking the Fallen. It also included demos, live footage, alternate versions, two music videos, and a 30 minute documentary.

What is by far their best album. I love the screaming vocals. Eternal Rest live was also a great bonus track.

13 Live at the Grammy Museum
14 1999 Demo

1999 is the year that my nan got beat up by two walruses. That's why I like this demo.

This is truly the start of their career!

Should be higher up

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