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1 Worldwide Choppers

Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, YelaWolf, Twista, U$O, Ceza, D-Loc, JL, and Twisted Insane are all amazing in this song. It is just a great song all around.

No doubt numero uno! He straight up murders and shines even in a super-all-star cast! What more does he have to do?

Amazing speed, great flow, and amazing performances from all nine (there were nine, right?) of these rappers.

2 Am I a Psycho?

Probably one of the only songs where Hopsin kills it. Tech and B.O.B are fine, but Hop is by far the best on the song.

Tech is great. I love this song. It was the first song I heard from him and it's still my favorite.

Could do without B.O.B, but it's still a solid song. Tech and Hop kill it.

3 Dysfunctional

By far one of the most relatable songs by Tech. He spits how he feels, and the delivery is tight as always with Tech. Nobody can touch him lyrically, in my opinion, except for maybe Rakim or Eminem. Tech is the GOAT to me, and he has been at the top of my list for a long time now.

Don't understand how Tech N9ne as a rapper isn't rated as much. People just need to listen to a song like this or any other of his top ones, and they would be hooked instantly. This song, like so many others, is one that you can listen to over and over again and not get bored of it!

4 Speedom

Tech finally got his collab with the very famous rapper Eminem. They all end the Chopper series with a bang. Great sample, great hook, and great chopping ability. Krizz absolutely murders it, Eminem does great, and Tech shows great appreciation to the fans for supporting him and to Eminem for everything from his mother's devastating death to his popularity.

This is BY FAR the best rap collaboration I have ever heard.

What do you get if you combine Tech N9ne and Eminem? That's right, you get pure lyrical carnage.

This is the best Tech N9ne song by far. The hook is good and all of them kill their own respective verses, especially Eminem.

Please vote for this song. It is what we need this whole time.

5 So Dope

This is one of the best rap songs ever. Please, guys, listen to it. It's better than Eminem's Rap God.

6 Demons

Ever listen to a song for about a week before it gets old? Well, this is the one song you can listen to over and over again, and it never gets old. Amazing song.

This song is one of Tech's classics, come on now. Speedom wasn't even that good, literally just a stunt with Eminem. Yeah, they rapped fast, but it wasn't anything special by any means.

7 He's a Mental Giant

Kills the beat and the lyrics in this song. A remix of a recording saying "He's a mental giant" with an old-school effect on it sets the song perfectly. The first verse is one only Tech could spit. Although the narcissistic subject matter is annoying, it gets a guy hyped, so whatever.

8 Straight Out the Gate

Not enough love here for John 5. The guitar work took this song to a new level and made it one of the best examples of rap metal I can think of.

Just so rap heads understand, this is the guy that worked with Marilyn Manson. And the boy can play as fast as Twisted Insane can rap.

Would definitely love to hear a collab with Tech and Marilyn Manson all the same.

This song is just perfect. Tech N9ne raps in a way that you can't help but bob your head to, and Serj Tankian's vocals are angelic and soothing. Such a great mix.

9 Uralya

Why is this not up more? This song is sick and great if you want to work out or need to get pumped up before the big game!

10 Einstein

This song is boss. It really gets me in the mood to go push someone for no reason. I love it.

This song got the beat alright, and Teca Nina played it just the way I like it. Love you, baby, and love this song!

Why did I have to add this song to the list?

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11 Unfair
12 Fragile

It's hard to believe he made this only because a critic said negative stuff about his music. I love this song so much and thought it was about bullying because of the music video. Even if the meaning isn't that deep for me, I'm sure it's really deep for him.

This song is just so dope. Tech N9ne and Kendrick kill their verses. Along with Mayday's calm and soft touch, it makes this song one of my favorites.

Tech and Kendrick sound great together. This track is tight.

13 Wither

How is this not higher on the list?!?!? It's amazing, a great mix of heavy metal from Corey Taylor and hip hop from Tech N9ne! It should be at least in the top 10. Very underrated in my opinion.

This song is very good and different from all others. Doesn't deserve no. 1 but should be close in my opinion.

One of the best songs I have ever heard.

14 Strangeulation Cypher

Both Cyphers I and II are off the chain. Of course, I like anything by Strange.

15 Caribou Lou

Way back when, over a decade ago, I fell for Tech N9ne because of this song. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to teenage parties. A much-needed escape from my current life as a stay-at-home parent.

Best song. Couldn't stop listening to it.

At first, I didn't like this song, but the more I listen, the more I like it.

16 Riot Maker

One of the best blends of metal and rap. Highly recommend.

Best one out of all for sure. Just listen to it.

Probably the best workout song out there!

17 E.B.A.H.

I love how this song represents the inner battle we as humans fight. The battle of mind and heart. Granted, he's talking about being torn by the sins of consumption of the flesh, but to me, it goes deeper.

The opening line gives me chills.
"I'm really mixed up, yes, I know
A lot of good and bad stuff as I grow."

Goes up like a train. Definitely top 10!

Straight fire. How is this not top 10?

18 Over It
19 The Beast

Madden 06. First Tech song for me. Couldn't understand it at such a young age, but the way the song builds up, you can tell he is the beast. This song makes you feel scary.

Love this song! Tech N9ne is sick. Such a great beat and cool lyrics. Just pumps me up!

Nothing gets me in the mood to break somebody's skull with one punch like this song. Masterpiece.

20 K.O.D.

For a while, I didn't like it, but then all of a sudden, it became one of my favorites. I don't know why.

21 Devil Boy
22 Red Nose

In this song, Tech explains how people look at him differently and don't treat him the same because of his appearance or style of music. I can relate to the message, and this song is just great.

I play this song whenever I feel lonely. It works like an Em song, but I've overplayed all my Em, so it's a nice variety.

23 The Noose

This is certainly Tech N9ne's best song. With Wrekonize and Bernz providing two verses talking about the cruelty of this world and Tech N9ne's verse talking about the soldiers who sacrifice their lives for their country, it makes this Tech N9ne's best song. Plus, the beat and the hook are amazing.

Mayday is a great group, and the chorus is theirs. The first verse shows you how religion holds us back from thinking outside the box and from questioning certain things that don't make much sense.

24 Show Me a God

This video is a must-see. This man is crying out to God for answers. Simply amazing.

This will always be in my top ten favorite Tech songs.

25 Come Gangsta
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