Top 10 Best Dubstep Songs

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1 First of the Year (Equinox) - Skrillex

This song is complete garbage just like Skrillex and all of his music. Why is this boy Skrillex most of the top 10 when all his music is crap? Hell on this list you will not start finding good songs till you get to around 20. This list should be deleted.

I absolutely love this song. Its great, and I can't stop listening to it. I would highly recommend it to everybody else. It's a great dance party song.

Best of all! Skrillex is the one who introduces DUBSTEP to me and it rocked me out.

Awesome Artist. Awesome Dubstep. Everytinng Awesome.

This song is trash. It's a collection of random noises smashed together. If you want real dubstep, go listen to skrillex's new stuff like Jack u

2 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

Nobody, or I can say nothing can create music like skrillex and be like this awesome song. Everyone in this world like this song if they listen to this amazing and mind blowing song. That's for sure!

Skrillex is the king of Dubstep! Not only is one of his songs Number one on this list, but most of the Top Ten are his tracks! Nice Job Skrillex!

This song resonates with me, the ending lyrics "I'm a coward too, you don't need to hide my friend, for I am just like you." is basically me.

I don't have to say anything. Quit wasting your time and listen to this. What are you looking at? GO!

3 I Can't Stop - Flux Pavilion

Absolutely massive. One of my first dubstep tracks. Blew me away. Flux pavilion is undoubtedly one of the best dubstep producers. To haters, this track sounds like noise. But to true dubstep fanatics, it's a masterpiece.

This song cleverly blends bass and lyrics together to deliver one of the best bro/dubstep songs I've ever heard why isn't this higher in the list kill everybody isn't even dubstep.

There's a reason why this track is up in the top three. It truly is the ultimate dubstep track, incomparable to any other Skrillex track. Flux is definitely better you dubstep noobs listen to some real dubstep.

Flux Pavilion is so much better than the most dubstep artists.
Skrillex makes nice dubstep, but his music is overrated.

4 Kill Everybody - Skrillex

I popped my eardrum with the combo of this and skullcandies. The best ever. Let's get this to no1 guys!
I'm only writing this sentence so this website will let me comment.

I really like this one, in that it has an awesome beat, you can kind of dance AND headbang to at the same time! Also can't help liking the creepy yet catchy vocals & lyrics!

I think this song deserves 1st place in this list... Because, this one is really awesome... The best song of skrillex..!

It repeats and I but these on full boost the people around me love this song and I also think it has to be in first.

5 August Mix - UKF
6 Bass Head - Bassnectar

I am Bassnectar's biggest fan fan... Period

This song is the best song by Bassnectar.

Anything by bassnectar is the best.

Definitely not the best Bassnectar song, or best dubstep song, but it's still good, and the best on this list. I enjoy this song everyonce in a while thoug :D

7 Internet Friends - Knife Party

This song is really great and the best part about this song is that overall, the quality of the song is maintained. Unlike some dubstep tracks where I look forward to a certain part of the song, all parts are equally good in this one

I really don't think this is dubstep. Electro house is more like it. Great song nonetheless.

One of the best tracks from knife party... Although it should go on the electro house list...

How is it not even in the top ten?! It's the best Dubstep song ever! This list is messed up!

8 Ghosts N Stuff - deadmau5

Great song! I think it is better than the original by Deadmau5. Great if you are looking for something upbeat. It pumps up your energy and I've had some great time listening to this on loop.

I mean this is a good song and all but it's electro house and not dubstep. There is a clear difference between Electro house and Dubstep. In Electro house, the beats are less disjunct than Dubstep

It's the first dubstep track I heard and it's still the best one. It's just perfect. I love it. Two great DJs combined.

This song isn't dubstep. But it's a great song though.

9 Bangarang - Skrillex

I don't even enjoy dubstep but I like this song!

Why it's not on the top 5? it's a very cool song!

Great song heard it many times.

This is in a game!

10 Raise Your Weapon - deadmau5

I am a huge fan of Deadmau5, and when I first heard this song, I felt "Wow, for a Electro House Producer, he knows how to drop the bass! " Perfectly blends several emotions, from sadness to hatred. This song is a wonderful example of a dubstep track and should be higher on the list. Thoroughly enjoyable and never gets old.

How the hell does Skrillex have 5 songs in the Top 10. This list is stupid as hell, the voters are obviously 16 year old idiots. Out of the current top 10, only Raise Your Weapon and maybe I Can't Stop deserve to be here. And there isn't even any Knife Party, Nero, or Noisia song in the Top 10. Ridiculous.

How is this No. 50? This track deserves a top 15/ top ten spot, it is fantastic. The bass drop in this is the biggest transition ever, from a house beat to a dubstep track. Gerta Sbavo Bech vocals are astounding and perfectly fit every phase of this song, Number 50 is an insult!

The beginning isn't very good, but then it gradually gets better. The drop about 6 minutes in is the best.

The Contenders
11 Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Benny Benasi

This should be in the top 3 for sure... The beats are just mind blowing!

Just epic. There needs to be a third version

Top ten material

12 Bass Cannon - Flux Pavilion

The bass drop is INSANE. I used to love pop and skrillex. After listening to this I started listening to the other flux pavilion songs- didn't like them much. Now I only download songs with killer bass drops. Since I found out that there was dubstep this good, I have never listened to pop. I still like skrillex, but not nearly as much. Ps. If you turn out to like this song, try king kong by bare and datsik (It also has a funny video)

That drop let me have a heartattack

By the way why are people talking about o skrillex isn't so nice though, he is my 3th choice of dubstep dj's. I morely like Zomboy. People, try to listen to him. It's zomboy

13 Scatta - Skrillex

When I Touch Mike I see the Man Scatta - Scatta as if I had my clutch on a magnum...

14 Hey Sexy Lady - Skrillex

Skrillex was made for dubstep
One of skrillex's best tracks
Beats the original by a mile!

At last haha. Waiting for this song to break into the top ten for a long time and this!

One of the Greatest Dubstep Tracks I've Ever heard... This Should be Nr.1... Or at least Nr.2

15 Hoedown - Zomboy

The beginning is so good, it sounds different to other dubstep songs, I also like how he used part of the Angry Birds theme (it made me laugh so hard) and the drop is sick! I only heard the sample and I already love it!

This song has a very unique sound to it. Also, the slow part is just amazing.

16 Me and You - Nero
17 Killbot - Devin Martin
18 Animals - Martin Garrix

It's not Dubstep; I think it's electro house.

19 Roll With The Punches - Peverelist
20 Promises - Nero

This sounds so good.

This must be top 5

21 Revelations - DJ Babokon
22 Blood On My Hands - Shackleton
23 Fire Hive - Knife Party

It should be much higher!
Knife Party is way underrated.

How is fire hive down here... It is supposed to be on the top 5! What the hell is wrong with the guy who created this list! It is way better than most osngs in the top 10! :D

So cool. One of the best in the genre!

24 Innocence - Nero

This was the first dubstep song I ever heard. I would say this is the best emotional dubstep song... I would say Sweet Shop is the best dirty dubstep song. These are the two songs that got me into dubstep so I might be biased.

In my opinion the best dubstep track ever. Even better than Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

I like all Nero songs

25 Try It Out - Skrillex & Alvin Risk

How is it not even in the top 20?! It should be no. 2 or 3! I can't believe it wasn't even on the list before I added it!

It should be no. 2 or 3!

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