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1 Pompeii

Sure, some song being an artist's most popular doesn't necessarily mean that it's their best. However, in Bastille's case - and I say this as a massive Bastille fan - their one big hit is absolutely their best song. Pompeii is one of the only songs that it is impossible to overplay: for most songs, you'll get bored after listening on repeat for a week or so (we all know how it works). Pompeii by Bastille is literally immune. It is a certified banger time and time again.

I love Bastille so much! This song is so catchy. I am Bastille's biggest fan and I love Woody the drummer he has long hair I love guys with long hair. They are literally perfect their logo is a pyramid which is my favourite shape and I literally share a birthday with the bass player. They are meant to be.

2 Of the Night

This is #7?!?! It should be #1! Don't get me wrong, I love Pompeii, but Of the Night is a much better song and video! The buildup is perfect and Dan Smith's voice sounds so emotional and real! The video is gritty and dark and fits the theme of the song perfectly! Get this to #1 ASAP!

Honestly, I like this song almost as much as I like Pompeii. However, this is way better. Every time I think of Bastille, I think of Of the Night

The mashup of "Of the night" and "Rhythm is a dancer" will send chills through your body. My personal favorite Bastille.

3 Laughter Lines

This song is everything that make Bastille amazing. The tune, the vocals, the lyrics. You can't find music like this anywhere else. The line just before the chorus where Dan's sings "as you he-uh-uh-uh-eld me duh-uh-uh-uh-own, you said..." literally makes your eyes widen with awe. Unbelievable good.

It has the classical elements, techno elements, amazing vocals, and extremely artful lyrics! It could be played for almost any mood, or activity. It is a song fans of almost every genre can enjoy! I hate picking favourites and at times I would much rather listen to other songs but this is still a great song!

4 Icarus

This was the song that introduced me to Bastille and it will always have a special place in my heart. Despite the fact its about a boy who died it's always made me feel so happy, because I know that great music like the stuff Bastille makes is out there.

I love Greek Myths and Bastille, so when listening to the album, this song came up I was out. It's so blah (good blah) and indescribable I just can't even.

The best Bastille song in my opinion! It tells a solid story and gets stuck in your head, but in the most wonderful way!

5 The Driver

My all time favourite from Bastille. They have to be one of the best live bands ever ... and the live renditions of The Driver are breath takingly brilliant.

This song is one of the best songs ever! Why isn't it in the top 10?

Underrated. One of my fave Bastille songs

6 Haunt

If laughter lines is number three how can haunt be no:23?
It should be no:2 then,
It's so down here maybe because you all havnt lent your ears to this nostalgic masterpiece... please vote it higher!
Because it desreves that spot!

This song gives me shivers every time I listen to it. It has stunning lyrics and a chilling message and is extremely underrated.

Definitely one of the most beautiful songs by Bastille, it should at least be in the top 5!

7 Glory

All the words sounded empty before this song came out. I can't believe someone hasn't voted yet for these amazing lyrics, melody and voice. HAVE YOU LISTENED TO 3:06? IS HEAVEN! I get very apprehensive and emotional because I think Glory and The Anchor are the best from the album.

I discovered Bastille with this song and I never stopped listing ever since. This song deserve to be in the top 10 at least

Probably my favorite out of all of Bastille's songs!

8 Sleepsong

I LOVE this song! The first song I heard by Bastille was Pompeii, but this is the one that got me hooked. The words and tune are so emotive and soulful, very meaningful and catchy.

Sleepsong is seemingly deep in lyrics and beautifully artful in sound. It is an amazing song that I think is very under appreciated!

I love this song! It's amazing and deep.

9 Oblivion

Why isn't thins song number one? This is by far my favorite. As it the draw, durban skies, overjoyed, get home, am I taking this too far? Sorry. There can only be ONE number one... So...

It's so beautiful, I'm almost speechless. I'm listening to it at the time I'm typing this out! It's an amazing song about coming of age that I find as my personal fair ute of their songs.

First song I heard by Bastille, and has always remained my favourite because it means so much to me, even though I love every song of theirs. Any other Stormers out there?

10 Poet

Such an awesome song. I had to write a poem for school and was so uninspired, but listened to this song and felt motivated and excited! This should be more popular!

I don't understand how any song is better than this.

It's so good I love it so much I sang it to my college and they love it

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11 Weight of Living, Pt.I

Weight of Living pt.1 is the part with less of an electric sound to it. I like it. I like how the themes fit and I love the albatross metaphor, I love how it sounds, and how it keeps the line, "Can you stand the person you've become? "
Let it go, let your albatross go; the regret-- the burden-- the weight of living. These lyrics are so amazing! I know I sound repetitive but it's so grand, "There's a light" is another one of my favorites.

AMAZING song! Great meaning in life! We all have trials/challenges/albatross that hang around our neck making life heavy. We must overcome! Amazing song! I can't believe this is ranked so low!

12 Flaws

Absolutely amazing song, the tune and the words-Enough said my absolute favourite song, should be number 1!

Absolutely Brilliant Song. Everyone has their Flaws and that's what it tell us.

Best song ever. It's such an emotional song and it has a great melody and harmony.

13 Things We Lost In the Fire

Brilliant song. I believe it should be in the top three, along with Pompeii and Icarus. Just my opinion though. These are all really great songs.

Amazing song! The vocals are simply amazing and it is soulful and catchy at the same time! It's definitely barely behind Pompeii for me

This song is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite songs, by Bastille. Should be top 3, without a doubt.

14 Get Home

Almost all of Bastille's songs cause this sort of melancholic and bittersweet feeling in you. They inspire so much emotions. Get home is another one of their beautiful and bittersweet songs.

I always have one particular playlist I only listen to; sometimes I remove a song, sometimes I add a song, but 'Get Home' is the only one I have never removed.

15 Bad Blood

It has all the amazing elements needed for a good song, plus it has seamless transitions; the beginning sounded like EDM, Bastille turned it into rock. Plus it just sounds great. Can't stop listening to it!

I find this song better than any other Bastille song. Can't figure out why it isn't at a higher spot.

An abstract song with an even more abstract music video. If you haven't seen it, watch it NOW!

16 Daniel in the Den

This is so heart touching, amazing this song takes away all of your sadness and fill your hearts with nothing less than unlimited joy!
Should be First though.

Not many artists can turn a well known bible story into a song so hats off to the boys for that. This song is so heart warming and should not be eighth

I'm not Christian but I LOVE this song. It tells a bible story so personally.

"For every king that died, oh they would crown another."

17 Laura Palmer

Such a good song especially since it's about the character Laura Palmer from the show Twin Peaks. Brilliant show and song to go with it. watch the show!

I love the way this song's feel, it feels mysterious and puts me into a trance whenever I hear it!

This needs to win. Icarus and Flaws were my favorite and then I heard this and I don't even listen to anything else

18 The Draw

The buildup is so intense in this- watch it live and when the actual drums come in, Daniel goes crazy. His dance moves make my life. It's so underrated; I swear everyone just knows Pompeii and that's it. Pompeii is great, of course, I love it too, but Bastille has some insane tunes that few people pay attention to, The Draw included

This song is the best. I really really love it, cause I hear in them a bass guitar. It's amazing!

This song has a huge buildup, it's very dramatic. The lyrics are great, too.

19 I Know You
20 The Currents

It's better than people say it is it should be top ten!

An amazing song with a great message.

21 Durban Skies

Wow! It's so beautiful... I felt like I am in heaven! <3 love it so much!
When you hear this song you will feel like you are visiting a beautiful city where clouds came down and rain makes the city beautiful...
I think this song is about dan's native place where he lived his younger life

My favorite Bastille song. Tons of nostalgia. Great song. Great lyrics.

Good song. Good chorus. All-around good band.

22 What Would You Do?

Wow, this song is very underrated. It makes me want to cry every time, and it disappoints me such a beautiful song is only at 14. Deserves to be somewhere in the Top 5 at LEAST.

Hopefully people know that it is a remake of the original song "What would you do" by City High. But I believe the parody was way better than the original.

This song tells such a great story that really asks the question, "What would you be willing to do to protect the people you love and yourself? "

23 The Silence

This should at least be in top 10

Amazing tune and lyrics

Can't get bored of it.

Have you? Heard? This song? Flaws is good too and daniel in the den but this song? Cry

Best song by them... Should be on the album.

24 Good Grief

First time you listen you'll probably think it's alright, worth another listen to, then after the 2nd time you start to like it more and by the 3rd or 4th time it's great.

Good Grief is pomp and grandeur juxtaposed perfectly with Dan Smith's dark-tinged tale of coping with life after death.

25 Overjoyed

This song really speaks to me. It's a very emotional song for me and makes me think of the relationship between me and my mother. It's a wonderful song and it really speaks to me.

The bittersweet melody is amazing. This song is awesome, the melody is out of this world.

Has a very powerful meaning and a amazing beat, and mealody. Amazing song with a special meaning behind it.

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