Top 10 Greatest Songs from the Band Rainbow

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1 Stargazer

This song is so very good, not just because of Dio and Blackmore's solo, but especially because of Powell's drum intro and his drumming overall. This song should be dedicated to him first, not Dio or Blackmore, because we all know that both are always the front ones in the band.

Well, it's a good song, but I've always noticed it. I wasn't sure until I found another person who thinks the same. The middle part's guitar solo in this song and the ending keyboard solo in Led Zeppelin's Kashmir sound the same.

It is just epic. Stairway to Heaven is supposed to be great. The lyrics are so complex, but so brilliant. And his voice, oh my gosh. It is a real shame that Dio left. Nothing after he left is as good.

2 The Temple of the King

Dio was the best singer of Rainbow.

Dio is one of the best singers ever!

3 Man on the Silver Mountain

Can't help but always sing along to this one.

This is the best one in my opinion! Number 1!

Personal bias, but it reminds me of times when talking to my dad was fine. We used to listen to Rainbow in the car, and this was my favorite as a kid. Brings flashbacks.

4 Catch the Rainbow

Wow, this is just another great song from Rainbow. One big mistake from Rainbow was the Down to Earth album. It just sucks.

Pure romance! Something to dream about. Shows the variety of the band.

Just the most epic song in this world! Dio stays the best forever.

5 Gates of Babylon

My personal No. 1. It makes me groove every time I listen to it. So powerful, so craftily arranged. I love the lyrics, especially the last lines.

Just love the melancholic, oriental feeling of this. An awesome track to dream yourself away to.

Easily the best song from Long Live Rock 'N' Roll. Amazing guitar and keyboard work on this track.

6 A Light in the Black

Stargazer gets all the plaudits, but A Light in the Black is the best song on Rising and by Rainbow by far. This is the track everyone wants to hear should Ritchie do any other shows with Rainbow in 2017. We can but dream.

Seriously, Rainbow Eyes or any of the songs above, for that matter, are better than A Light in the Black? If you think so, then you need your hearing tested. This song has no equal on Rising or any Rainbow album.

This needs to be number 2, right below Stargazer. What is wrong with everyone here that it's only number 6?

7 Rainbow Eyes

This melody from Ritchie is so beautiful and unique that it's almost transcendental. It's like a music message from the center of the Universe. And Dio earned the nickname Mr. Golden Voice for a reason.

The softest ballad you'll ever hear. If you hear a breeze, you'll miss it.

This is the best song I've ever heard in my life. Long live Dio, R.I.P.

8 Kill the King

Second best Rainbow song. The solo is absolutely magical, each step getting faster and faster, more technical than the last.

What? One of the best songs in the history of rock should be first, at least second. This solo rules, and the last part of the song is a masterpiece.

Dio sang his ass off. The heart and soul of Rainbow, in my opinion. The greatest singer ever with the greatest band ever.

9 Street of Dreams

As far as I'm concerned, after Ronnie left Rainbow, it ceased to be Rainbow anymore. So, anything that comes off any album released after Long Live Rock 'N Roll should be on a separate list...

Incredible song and the list itself is really good. This is the first list of top ten that is almost perfect. I would probably just change the order a bit.

Very romantic song. Impressive Dio's ability to keep the tones at the end of the lines. One of my favorites.

10 Long Live Rock 'N Roll

Love this one, especially the singing by Dio and the great riffs that are in there. Also love Starstruck and the 1977 Munich edition of Man on a Silver Mountain. Great rock band with all top-of-their-league musicians!

I LOVE this song so much (it's basically my favorite song of all time)! I love everything about this song, especially the singing by my man, Ronnie.

R.I.P. Ronnie, I miss you every day.

Very underrated rock anthem. Most catchy, in my opinion, among all the hard rock and metal anthems.

The Contenders
11 Starstruck

Such a groovy, funky song. It just makes you want to move and shake. One of the best off Rising.

12 Since You Been Gone

Great song, one of the six best by Rainbow in my opinion, especially with a good chorus and catchy guitar riff and keyboards. Definitely the best song not by the Dio-era Rainbow. I love it. It makes me sing along every time I listen!

Definitely the best song by Rainbow. Great lyrics, great vocals, great guitar, great drums, great backing vocals, great everything.

Come on! This song should be number one, not number nine. Great singing, guitar, drums, bass, really good tune. The drums and guitar before the main singing are amazing.

13 L.A. Connection

It sounds like Ronnie James' solo stuff. It has a great guitar riff. Some of it reminds me of Vivian Campbell's days.

So slow but so powerful. Their best song with Stargazer and Kill the King.

My favorite performance by Dio. So amazing and powerful.

14 Lady of the Lake
15 Stone Cold

I can't explain it, but this is my second favorite Rainbow song. The guitar solo is brief but powerful, and the song is sung in a way that strikes me. I suppose you have to have lost a relationship to know.

The beginning of the song is so powerful. I play it every time I roll my funny car out of the trailer at the drag strip! "POWER METAL."

We can't all make the "cool" choice. This was a hit for a reason.

16 Lost in Hollywood
17 Run with the Wolf

I love this song. It should be in the top 20.

18 All Night Long

The opening guitar chords and riff were hard rock in heaven. They captivated me from the very first time I heard them, and the chorus is pumping. This song from Down to Earth was a hit single, and for me, it's far better than Since You Been Gone. Classic!

Top 10 on a great album. If you aren't in the mood for warlocks and whatever else Dio sings about, this is a great song (and album).

This is the perfect song. Everything is perfect. You can't listen to this song and feel bad about anything.

19 Can't Let You Go

This has got to be in the top 10. Come on, guys, probably their best after Stargazer!

Not even in the Top 10? What? This is definitely top 3. Come on, people!

Every time I listen to this song, I miss Dio like crazy.

20 Tarot Woman

Why the hell is this at number 50? The amazing keyboard intro to one of the best albums of all time, followed by a catchy riff and awesome lyrics, and one hell of an underrated guitar solo. Surely in the top 10?!

This is the best Rainbow song, as far as I'm concerned, and possibly the greatest opening track of all time!

Epic intro, epic song. From the same album as Stargazer, which is the best album by far.

21 Jealous Lover
22 Death Alley Driver

The guitar solo is awesome. Blackmore was so inspired and diabolical. Great song!

Great metal song with one of the best solos by R. Blackmore.

23 I Surrender

Great song. This song needs to be at least No. 10. It's a beautiful song, and people should vote for it because it must be in the top ten. This song is a pure classic from a pure band, and Ritchie Blackmore rules!

24 Do You Close Your Eyes
25 Spotlight Kid

I agree, the riff is a killer. I'm not sure about Aces High because I don't hear many similarities, but here is an example of a very brutal rip-off: Dream Theater - Panic Attack (2005). The intro and many sections throughout the entire song feature Ritchie's riff. The best part of this DT song is Ritchie's riff.

This song's guitar riff was copied by Iron Maiden in the song Aces High, but they got all the praise. This song is awesome!

The solo is neoclassical at its best!

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