Top 10 Best Tom Delonge Songs

Genius lead singer of Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, and Box Car Racer.
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1 The Adventure - Angels & Airwaves

I love how this list as Ava's music higher than his blink music. AVA had a more creative and soulful music while blink 182 had more angst and most relatable.

That song is absolutely EPIC. It's an emotional masterpiece that makes me feel powerful in my darkest moments. It sometimes even makes me weep.

This came from the guy who was from blink-182. It was way better than all of the classic metal songs because they are SO old!

2 I Miss You - Blink 182

Both Tom and Mark sang really well, the lyrics are like poetry, it reminds me a bit of Edgar Allan Poe. And the instrumental, especially the piano is incredible. 10/10

Great Song!

This is one of my favorite blink-182 songs, but I like Mark's part better in this song. He still plays an excellent part.

I've never me one person who dislikes this song. Definitely one of they're best

3 All the Small Things - Blink 182

His most popular and most successful song, this is a pretty fun and catchy song to listen to. This song is what got me into this band and Tom DeLonge in general.

I love this song! This brings me back good times!

4 Pretty Little Girl - Blink-182

I thought that the rapping was decent in this song, this song reminds me a lot of a Linkin Park song. Tom wrote magnificent lyrics in this song, they are very meaningful, one of Tom's best written songs.

5 Always - Blink 182

This is a meaningful love song that doesn't have to be extremely sexual in order to be good. And the instrumental is just beautiful and uplifting. Mark and Tom both sang good. 10/10

6 Anthem Part 2 - Blink 182

This should be number 1, this is easily his best song. Meaningful lyrics, outstanding vocals, but the best part was his guitar playing, I love the intro so much, I can just break the replay button. This is one of my favorite songs from Tom DeLonge, or Blink-182 in general.

7 Call to Arms - Angels & Airwaves
8 Stay Together for the Kids - Blink-182

He wrote this, and his chorus is amazing, so powerful. I don't know why this isn't already on here, besides the fact that maybe mark sings everything but the chorus, but this is my favorite tom part ever

This song is sad and depressing, Tom shows so much emotion in the chorus. I like his live performance of this.

9 Surrender - Angels & Airwaves

Very powerful song with great lyrics. It has an inspiring message on not giving up on dreams. Music in mainstream should have messages like these instead of just stupid songs about drugs and partying. The instrumental is uplifting and the vocals are just as powerful as the lyrics. 10/10

10 Asthenia - Blink-182

That riff in the chorus is rad, it sounds like a superhero theme song despite it not being about heroes, I have weird thoughts. This is about having difficult thoughts and depression.

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11 Carousel - Blink-182

The Buddha version is good, but the Cheshire Cat version sounds too polished, I like the original better, the dirty production fits the song perfectly.

12 There Is - Box Car Racer

This is one of his best pieces of work for sure. It's very simple musically which really let's the lyrics shine. Great song Tom!

Tom sung this amazing live, one of his best performances.

13 Adam's Song - Blink 182

This was written by Mark Hoppus though, even the description on top says that, so this should not be on the list.

14 Cat Like Thief - Box Car Racer

Good song, but the only thing I did not like about this was Tim featuring in the song, his voice sounds kinda weird, it would have been better if Tom just sang the whole thing. I like the chorus with Tom singing it and the guitar riff. It could have been better though. 8/10

15 Josie - Blink-182

This song is fun and catchy, and always makes me run for some reason, I like listening to this if I feel energetic.

16 Down - Blink-182

I love his verse in this song, it shows so much power and emotion.

17 Feeling This - Blink 182
18 Untitled - Blink-182

Probably one of the most meaningful, relatable songs ever, at the same time, the punky beat of the song makes it fun as well. It is cool how meaningful and fun this song is. Tom DeLonge also has awesome vocals in this one.

19 Not Now - Blink-182

How is this not on in the top 3? This is his greatest song next to: Asthenia, Letters To God and There Is. If you watch the recording studio videos for the self titled you see how much work he put into this song and how much the lyrics changed over the time he was writing. Best Blink song in my opinion.

This is probably the song where Tom shows the most emotion in his vocals, it made me get chills how much emotion he had in his voice. Especially I love how he says "waiting" in the chorus.

Oh my Grod! It is the epitome of perfection and beauty. Come on. I sing this in the shower everyday!

20 First Date - Blink-182
21 Aliens Exist - Blink-182
22 When I Was Young - Blink-182
23 Tunnels - Angels & Airwaves

This song has literally changed my life! One of my favorites from AvA!

24 I'm Lost Without You - Blink-182
25 Degenerate - Blink-182

This song is catchy and funny, and I always like to listen to this. This song makes me happy and cheers me up.

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