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1 The Poison

Definitely the best of the bunch. A true testament to what made this band unique and what got so many people hooked on their. Every song on this album rocks! Scream Aim Fire is great but this is the album to put them on the map and will the album everything else in their library is compared to. Long live Bullet For My Valentine!

Scream Aim Fire is good, Fever is great, but neither are nearly as good as this one. Some of the best songs ever. The awesomeness never stops. Great songs like Tears Dint Fall, 4 Words (To Choke Upon), All These Things I Hate, Hit the Floor, Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow, 10 Years Today, The Poison, Spit You Out, and Cries In Vain.

By far their best album and much better than SAF in my opinion. Literally every song on this album is good to fantastic whereas there is a lot of filler on scream aim fire where the album just gets boring. this one never let's up and I like the sorta trendy but dark tone mixed with metalcore on this one. Easily my favorite metalcore of all time, Great stuff and way better than SAF and definitely anything after that

2 Scream Aim Fire

I absolutely LOVE The Poison, but to me, SAF will always be their masterpiece! There's more elements of thrash metal as opposed to metalcore, and I think it's really the bonus tracks from the Deluxe and Japanese editions that really help put this over the top.. Songs like Ashes of the Innocent, Watching Us Die Tonight, Road to Nowhere... and then all the covers like No Easy Way Out, Creeping Death, Crazy Train... just epic! Eye of the Storm takes it for best song overall.

I love all their albums with a passion, and after having listened to each of them dozens of times, I would have to say this one is the best musically and lyrically. Not quite as raw as the poison, not quite as catchy as fever, but an all around amazing album. Deliver us from evil and watching us die tonight are the best songs!

First Metal album ever for me
Turned me to metalcore
All of these songs are dope, and the bonus tracks are the best "bonus" songs ever made.

1. Scream Aim Fire
2. Fever
3. The poison (sorry but I prefer Fever and Scream aim fire, but this album is still amazing)
4. Gravity
5. Temper Temper
6. Venom

3 Fever

This album generated a lot of fans but, it really sucks and this is honestly where the band started going downhill in my book. Silly cheesy riffs that were more Nickleback oriented than their previous Metallica-esk hooks. Shame on Bullet For My Valentine for selling out and going down this route.

This album has Your Betrayal, Bittersweet Memories and A Place Where You Belong on it. How can this not be their best album.

4 Venom

EPIC ALBUM. Just unbelievable.

Every single song s brilliant, any could be chosen at random and is brilliant. Every song stands out, but at the same time follows the same album atmosphere and instrument use, which makes such a solid and strong album. No corners were cut here... This is music at its best. Just staggering. One of my all time favorite albums

Band's new 2015 thrash metal album. Very aggressive. Old Bullet is back!

Their two masterpieces combined into one album.

5 Gravity

One of their best works

Very fresh sound!

6 Temper Temper

It's nowhere near their best work but I don't see why it's so overlooked. It's not that bad.

Verry classic metal... New sound... Not that bad has many solid tracks on it like P.O. W, Tears don't fall pt 2, breaking habit... Better than fever but not better than SAF or the poison...

Only amazing songs on this album are Tears don't Fall Pt. 2 and Dirty Little Secrets in my opinion.

7 Hand of Blood

I would actually rather listen to the 4 songs that aren't on The Poison from this EP than the 11 new songs from Temper Temper. That's mainly due to half the songs from Temper Temper being boring, unoriginal, and completely forgetable.

First band I loved and it was because of this EP. Thanks to EA for having their songs in the respective NHL and Need for Speed series'.

Need for speed most wanted... The best

8 Bullet for My Valentine EP
9 Bullet For My Valentine
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