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1 Bubbly

Nothing like a true relaxing-wonderful song! First time I heard this song... Truly I became a fan of her compositions! Simply bubbly

Thanks to Colbie Caillat for making us such a beautiful song, can't hit the replay button enough.

Bubbly it's just perfect, the song says everything that I'm feeling. Bubbly was the first music that I hearded of Colbie, and I just love it, and then I became a fan of her

This song is amazing. Its one of my favorites. The first time I heard it, it blew away my mind thinking who is this. Amazing

2 Brighter Than the Sun

Amazing, I can't stop listening to it. It's truly a great song, the lyrics, the mood, everything, it's definitely her best songs, and one of my favorites.

I listen to this song like everyday! I LOVE HER! She is my favorite singer in the whole world! Did you hear that girl?

Energizing, fun, playful, uplifting, great beat!

Lively, upbeat. Love it!

3 Fallin' for You

It's sweet. There are so few wonderfully sweet simple songs with such a relatable edge of truth and young love in them. It's wonderful.

It's just so easy to relate to and flows really nicely. It's great to hear a good song that's not cheesy or poppy or anything. Beautiful

Amazing song! It's is one of the best country songs. It made me start to actually like country music.

This is the first song I heard from Colbie Caillat.. My bestfriend gave it to me.. And this song is really amazing.. I love the music so much!

4 I Never Told You

I can't stop listening to this song it is like my favourite and it is so emotional and beautiful. Whenever I hear it I just want to cry because it's so sweet

This is the most amazing song I've ever heard.. She is the most amazing singer and she really rocks best singer in the whole world I love colbie

It's my favorite song of her... It's really good... She's amazing!

Best song ever...! Love it

5 Realize

My love is holding onto another man's wife due to financial ties. This song is perfect for communicating the strength of my love for him!

It easily describes everything you want to say to someone you like/love You have to love it!

I lived this song

6 I Do

Okay. I don't really know what to say about this song other than the fact that it is SO catchy! I can literally grab my hairbrush, put on my pajamas, and dance for the rest of night. Anyway, I HIGHLY, and I mean HIGHLY suggest this song for anyone in the mood for a PARTY! :D

I think this should he number 4! Love this song! It's so catchy!

It's so cute. All I wanted to was dance around the room.

Love, love this song. The video is so cute!

7 The Little Things

I used to dance around in my pajamas listening to this song. I think it should be number 1., "Back up back up take another chance don't you mess up mess up I don't want to lose you wake up wake up this ain't just a thing that you give up give you don't you say that id be better off better off sleeping by my self and wondering if id be better off better off without you boy... "

I think she the greatest

It should be in top 5!

8 You Got Me

Loved it. The film "Letters To Juliet" started with this song and was literally outstanding

It's such a cute song! Loved it

one of the best songs I've ever heard... I first heard this in the movie letters to juliet.. and I started to loved this song... I can't help to repeat all over and over again when I'm listening in my phones mp3...

9 What If

Just listen.
It's a beautiful love song and makes me love Letters to Juliet even more. Watch the movie.. It's so cute and makes me so happy.

Cute lyrics, and I just can't help but smile every time I listen to this song. makes me daydreaming like a fool.

Love this song, the lyrics are beautiful.
One of my fave songs at the moment, worth a listen!
Her best song yet.

Suck a great love Song. Love it.

10 Oxygen
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11 Try

I think this is truly a fantastic song, it shows how you should love your self the way you are and that you don't need to impress guys or anyone else. It has such a deep meaning yet it is also a catchy song. The music video was also very touching, Try is my favorite song out of all of her songs

It's one of those songs that you don't listen in this times, no very much songs are dedicated to help others and make them to be themselves. Amazing song. Made to make conscience. Must be in top ten.

It should at least be in top 10. This song is way underrated!

Really inspirational. Needs to be in top ten.

12 Mistletoe

I love this song.. :)).. Such a melody.. My heart sank when I read the lyrics.. Colbie has so much talent... Simply adore her

13 Lucky

This song is the epitome of a perfect, true and innocent love. Her voice is a perfect match for Jason Mraz. I think I broke my replay button. So beautiful that I'm crying its only number 17. Love you Caillat!

14 Begin Again

Even though I love too many Colbie Caillat songs to choose just one favorite, I'll give my vote to a very underrated song of hers, Begin Again. It just has such a catchy melody and once again, Collbie uses her beautiful emotional voice to turn a good song into a great one!

This song is so perfect, great Melody, so emotional... Love Colbie

15 I Won't
16 Magic
17 Somethin' Special
18 Midnight Bottle
19 When the Darkness Comes

I love this song, so powerful!

20 Never Gonna Let You Down
21 Break Through

I like the song and I like you the way you smile.

22 One Fine Wire
23 Hold On

This song should be top ten it breaks my heart to see it at this position. I LOVE IT

24 Like Yesterday
25 Droplets

This song should be in the top 5 without a doubt. It's my favorite Colbie song

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