Top 10 Best Frank Ocean Songs

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1 Pyramids

One of the best songs I've listened to. The first verses sound like a dream. I recommend it to anyone.

The first Frank Ocean song I listened to all the way through. A friend put it on, and I fell in love!

Why listen to Thinkin' 'Bout You when you could listen to the greatest song of all time? Pyramids >.

2 Nights

I don't even need to say anything about this one. It is the quintessential song off of Blonde. The beat switch, the lyrical content - it is arguably his best song.

This song is split into three parts, all different but all tied into each other (literally both musically and lyrically). Probably the best song off Blonde.

The first song that got me into Blonde. So much emotion packed into one song. It's a vibe, and the beat switch is heavenly.

3 Lost

The drums, guitar, and Frank's vocals feel so warm and comforting. The song feels like soul food. I have no other way of describing it. Since Channel Orange, I've always found myself coming back to Lost.

One of my favorites off of Channel Orange.

Number 4 is too high but deserves Top 10.

4 Self Control

The only song that's ever made me want to hold someone and think about someone else at the same time.

Easily one of the most heart-wrenching and beautiful songs I've heard.

5 Swim Good

Such a good song. So easy to vibe with.

This is a masterpiece! I love it!

If I had to go to an island with only one vinyl to listen to for the rest of my days, I would choose this.

6 Thinkin' 'Bout You

Such a chill song. Always puts me in a good mood.

It's pure beauty. It should be number 1.

Makes me feel like this messed-up world could be the calmest thing ever for 3 minutes and 21 seconds.

7 Pink Matter

If you want to be able to hear Frank Ocean show off his voice, then this is your song. It didn't make the radio, but it's one of his best songs by far.

8 Bad Religion

Something about an orchestra and especially the organ under Frank singing about wanting to feel accepted, both by his lover and his religion, hurts. This is especially true for someone who grew up as a gay kid going to church.

One of my favorite songs by Frank. His vocals in this track are amazing, and he sings with so much emotion.

This song is not one of those dirty and immature songs. It's so elegant and rich.

9 White Ferrari

This whole album, to me, is exactly what love and heartbreak sound like, and this song is the epitome of that feeling.

The last few seconds of this song are why I think this song should be higher on the list. White Ferrari is, in my opinion, the best track on Blonde.

When I hear this song, I instantly get goosebumps. Even talking about it gives me goosebumps.

10 Sweet Life

This is amazing and represents pampered people extremely accurately. It's a great example of Frank's amazing songwriting.

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11 Novacane
12 Pink + White

This song made me remember my life in a blur and how everything will be okay. It took me a while to love this song, and once I did, I felt passionate about doing something great and something that everyone will remember me by.

13 Ivy

This song takes you on a surreal journey towards Frank's own heartbreak, which is synonymous with its alluring guitar riffs and classic-inspired instrumentals.

For me, it's my all-time favorite from Frank. The guitar in there is so mesmerizing, followed by his wonderful voice singing about long-lost love. I just don't see how it can get any better. Thanks, Frank.

Every time I listen to this song, I get so emotional. It's so heartfelt.

14 We All Try
15 Forrest Gump

This song is amazing. It has to make the top 10. Top 3 Channel Orange songs are Thinkin' 'Bout You and Pyramids.

16 Super Rich Kids

Great instrumental, a story that pulls you in and feels so visual that I can perfectly picture it in my head. Frank's angelic vocals and an amazing Earl verse. What more could you want?

Not enough people know about the bottles of wine we can't pronounce.

Amazing lyrics, and that verse from Earl Sweatshirt, though...

17 Nikes

Oh, come on, is this not in the Top 10?!

18 Solo
19 American Wedding

I love the lyrics. They're kind of sad, though.

20 Seigfried

This song beautifully conveys Frank's internal conflict. I love the ever-changing production, with new sounds and instruments being constantly weaved into the song while retaining the solemn atmosphere and minimalism. One of my favorite songs of all time.

The song is not for everyone, but this is one of the best songs I've ever heard from any person ever.

Literally perfect. The pivoting moment in Blonde, with perfect production and lyrics.

21 Skyline To

To me, "Skyline To" is the perfect connection between Frank's beautiful and brash vocals. The first minute builds up to a beautiful chorus with such fun adlibs, and the whole speedboat section is perfectly jarring with the soft, almost psychedelic instrumental. Also, "Peace in my hand worth twice than a friend" is possibly my favorite Frank lyric.

22 Strawberry Swing

Such an amazing song and rhythm.

23 Chanel

This is my favorite song from late 2016. It flows in and out and makes words that shouldn't rhyme rhyme somehow (Shibuya, underworld). It's an emotional ride about his sexuality and people judging him.

24 Solo (Reprise)

Andre (The GOAT) delivers the best rap verse I've ever heard over a melancholy piano that transitions into this weird, erratic synth, only to come back stronger as 3000's aggression builds.

A 1-minute freestyle - in my mind underrated as hell. It's the most rap-esque stuff Frank's done, and it's mostly great, even though it's short.

25 Crack Rock
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