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1 I Miss the Misery

Just heard this track.. Amazing
I am addicted to this song
It's just like I discovered cocaine for my ears

This is a great song! Loved it the moment I heard it!

You'll Love the starting itself... Amazing Song...

This is th best song from hailstorm yet!

2 Love Bites (So Do I)

So many good songs to choose from. Mz. Hyde, Freak Like Me, Familiar Taste of Poison, It's not You, I Miss the Misery, Mayhem, Break In, Tell me Where it Hurts, Love/Hate Heartbreak, Black Vultures, I am the Fire, Innocence, Amen, Dear Daughter, Apocolyptic, I Like it Heavy, Jump the Gun, but I think I'm gonna have to go with this one because it's a great introduction to their music.

This song is killer. It rocks from the beginning to end. I'm a huge fan of Halestorm, so this was a difficult decision; I do know it was the right one, though.

Simple and catchy "stadium anthem" with badass big drums and stunning vocals. Perfect live opener.

Misery is probably better, but this is catchier in my opinion because it gets stuck in my head more.

3 Mz. Hyde

Super catchy. The lyrics are a bit questionable but I guess it kinda just adds to the feel of it. Definitely my favorite.

This song just really rocks, and has that creepy feel that I love.

Heard it the first time and it instantly be one of my favorites!

This song is my personal favorite. It's so catchy too!

4 Familiar Taste of Poison

You guys had me from note one, and believe me I spread the word. I am going to see you live soon I get resettled in my new location.

Awesome song. Really gives goose bumps

This song is pure perfection.

5 I Am the Fire

Being a huge fan of Evanescence and Within Temptation, I always knew of this band but never really got into them. I was aware of them for years but never bothered to listen to them, until I briefly met a man with very similar music taste to my own and he said "you need to Listen to Halestorm, honestly.. you'll really like them". So I thought "whatever", and committed myself to listening to a few songs. The only way I knew to do that was by coming to this list and working my way down, so obviously I started with "I Miss the Misery", which quite frankly blew me away. And so commenced a night of falling in love, which I can honestly say only took about 30 minutes because every song was just pure gold. I then spent £30 on all the band's albums, but what absolutely solidified my interest in Halestorm was "I Am the Fire".

I think this song is absolutely perfect, and despite now loving a lot of their songs, this song just blew me a way at first listen; it gave me butterflies, her ...more

Absolutely amazing. The vocal work in this song is pure gold, it's got a ton of energy, and I think the lyrics strike a chord with just about anyway. Hands down the best work Halestorm has ever done. And my god can Lzzy hale scream!

The most amazing female rock voice performance I've ever heard! Blows away Pat Benatar, Amy Lee, Ann Wilson... this song is by far their best work

This song is incredible. Love Bites & I Am The Fire are possibly their two best.

6 Here's to Us

Seriously one of the greatest songs of all time!

Great Rock feel good ballad / party sing along!

Favoritie song for me reminds me of a person I knew that passed away so HERE S TO YOU! A.K

7 Freak Like Me

If you're a freak like me, Wave your flag!
If you're a freak like me, Get off your ass!
If you're a freak like me, vote this song!

In love with this song! Reminds me that I shouldn't apologize for being me.

Why this song at last number? It should be number 1!

8 I Get Off

Undoubtedly the best one.

9 Apocalyptic

This song is great.

10 It's Not You

Opens with a very Anthemic chorus. It just pulls you in from there.

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11 Rock Show

This should at least be in the top ten. An emotional journey from being a fan, to playing TO fans. Clever, catchy and insightful. All you need in a good song!

Best 2nd half to just about any song I listen to... and the first half is good too. But the guitar riffing in the back half is just jammin'...

Great song. Saw them in concert and this song was amazing live as is all their music.

12 Break In

Such a lovely song, amazing when sing with Amy Lee!

I love this song

13 Get Lucky
14 Daughters of Darkness
15 Innocence
16 I Like It Heavy

Do yourself a favor and listen to this masterpiece!

Can't believe this epic song isn't in the top ten!

I love this song

17 Private Parts

Seemingly strange title. But it really good beyond what appears to the eyes and delivers on quality lyrical content. One of my favourites.

Best song ever

18 Bad Romance

I randomly came across their cover for this on youtube, and so glad I did

The guitar riff in this song is AMAZING, especially in the beginning

19 Amen
20 What Were You Expecting

When I hear the beginning of this song I get this overwhelming urge to kick some ass

21 What Sober Couldn't Say
22 Love/Hate Heartbreak
23 Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
24 I'm Not An Angel

"I'm Not An Angel" and "Privite Parts" should both be in the top ten. They are very emotional songs.

25 Hate It When You See Me Cry
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