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1 Ace Baby (Seohyun & Luhan)

SeoHan, to me, is very real. Luhan looks at Seohyun a lot, and he's always so shy around her. LuYoon may be popular in China, but let's not forget that Seohyun is the most popular member in China due to her looks--which fulfills China's beauty standard--and also because of her personality. And Luhan is from China so we can only assume... I've lived in China for about 5 years, now entering my 6th year, and I can assure you, Seohyun is very popular here. All of my Chinese friends absolutely love her. Before, when I was living in America, I didn't really care for SNSD in general but when I came to China, I learned about the beauty standards and I can say that Seohyun fits it best. A lot of people in China have even considered or undergone plastic surgery to look like Seohyun. With all the coverage she gets in China, I would highly doubt that Luhan, who probably has the same beauty standards, doesn't think Seohyun as beautiful. Plus, she fits all of his ideal types. Yoona may be his ideal ...more

I think lulu really has something for seohyun. If he doesn't have something for her then whats with all the stares?! I meant why would we ever waste our time to staring (so many time) at someone, so unnecessary isn't it?! Unless we do have feeling for them and lulu is way to obvious with all of his stares.

Most people don't like this ship b/c they think they don't match by the looks but love is not about the looks it is about the heart... Ok off topic but what I'm trying to say is that.. Even if they don't match by the look... They show each other the liking... Especially Luhan ( hint: video) the way they describe their ideal type really matches each other plus the video.

It has many fancans that prove Luhan's looks at Seohyun. And many that Seohyun also looked at Luhan. Their ideal types fit each other. They already has been caught using the same accessories, clothes, shoes and even the same ring. They have done many collaborations where the two were always together as a couple (photoshoots, special stages and etc) and Luhan was always very shy to be around her. Being overtaken by Baekyeon shipper, Ace Babies is the largest fandom between Exoshidae ships. Their photos are usually very similar on instagram and Luhan always post selcas sooo similar to Seohyun's selcas on weibo or instagram. Seohan already has been the most popular news on Naver, Daum and other sites (If I'm not mistaken) and the couple was supported by most fans when a Acebaby made a joke on April 1 "confirming" their relationship. If you search for Luhan name in Naver, will appear the name of Seohyun instantly. By the way... Has MAAANY evidences that Seohan can be real, they are ...more

2 Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun)

Seohyun once admitted that she was different from ordinary people. Upon hearing this, I can't help thinking that Kyuhyun would graciously accept that side of her and I think that's what Seohyun would also do to Kyuhyun. Though she seems to have an uptight lifestyle unlike the laidback Kyuhyun, I think she would appreciate their differences. I feel that they would complement each other, not because Seohyun has an angel personality while Kyuhyun has an evil one (opposite attracts), but just because I feel an unexplained chemistry between the two. Words alone are not enough to describe the cuteness whenever I see them together

Even I don't think they both perfectly match in personalities but they are such a lovely couple based on their look. Super-Generation couple that can suffer through this hard time (there is a lot of new BB and Seo was paired with lots of boy). I love them, I love how Kyu being so aggressive when it came to Seo. Please be real SeoKyu and date on public!

I don't know why, every single time I saw this couple I do always feel that this couple have something different that unique as well as taeteuk couple. But the couple that I ship the most is this couple

I think seohyun and kyuhyun are dating because kyu and seo still awkward until now. I'm so sure they're dating. Kyu spotted went to seo's home. Seo always follow kyu at the stage.

3 Fawns (Luhan & Yoona)

Luhan and yoona are good together. Although now yoona is couple with seunggi, but I still ship luyoon! They have many similirities.

Their position in their group= lead dancer and visual
Their nickname= deer
Their born year=1990
And many of them. sorry I forget the other. I think luhan likes yoona coast many of luhan answer of the love questions is like the answer is yoona. I hope yoona break up with seunggi and couple with luhan. LUYOON FIGHTING!

Just wanna say that they are so adorable couple. They have similarities in 'deer' stuffs. Yoona is often called deer and Luhan's name mean deer in the dawn. They are so perfect and fit each other, Yoona is very pretty and Luhan is so cute and handsome. They are also such a kind person. Luhan also have said that he likes Yoona in SNSD. I don't care in what the others who don't like LuYoon are saying, but I do really love this couple and really hope that they gonna be a real couple in the future. Love LuYoon! LuYoon jjang!

Who doesn't in love with this deer couple! It's not all about their similarities that the have but.. It's all about Luhan! He has something that he hide for YoonA. He act like he is friendly with her but it's not if your look carefully by the way he look at her. It's love. And as we know fawns is a big fandom. LuYoon has so many followers out there. LUYOON JJANG!

There was a video uploaded on YouTube about LuYoon. In the said video, Luhan was asked who is his Ideal Girl. Instead of Luhan. Chen answered it. "Luhan likes Yoona a lot" The fans we're like WOH! And the MC replied, "It's okay Luhan, Yoona is Koreas Ideal Girl Type". Luhan also said that he likes to married girls whose name started with Y or X. The MC stated, "Y For Yoona"?. There are also FANCAMS showing Luhan glancing at Yoona every time. Luhan and Kai is always together. Kai also likes Yoona. There was a FANCAM of Hope by SMTOWN Artists, when it is already Yoona's part, Kai and Luhan walked together with her.

4 Pyrotechnics (Donghae & Yoona)

I can't say that Pyrotechnics are the best fandom ( For all I know there might be another fandom which is nicer ), but as far as I know, Pyrotechnics are always the more quieter ones, or the more civilised ones. You don't see Pyrotechnics arguing with other OTP couples often, and most of us pyrotechnics hang out on our forum etc, and not on joined forums where there are other pairings, because most of us do not enjoy fighting/arguing with other shippers who ship other couples

For me, they are real. I think their constant moments which can be seen in variety shows, live concerts and other programs where the two (Yoona and Donghae) are present, they always left an interaction, sweet and slick, leaving us Pyrotechnics some wonders if these two are actually dating in real life. Yeah, it's the spark that made me love them. And I like their fanbase. All are together united and contains good attitude.

Not only is the YoonHae couple different from most other kpop couples (they are so subtle, yet even the little moments they share are as loud as fireworks), but the Pyrotechnics are very different as well. The founders of our fandom wanted us to be respectful, always caring, and always faithful. We Pyros have strayed away from that path every once in a while, but ultimately, we really do try to return. Our forum is Pyrotechnics paradise, and we are so thankful for our lovely admins there! We have one of the most extensive communities: livejournal, forum, twitter, tumblr, YouTube, etc. And all of it is held together by our dear couple, Mr. And Mrs. Fishy! :D Pyrotechnics for the win~

I ship this couple along with LUYOON. But I have to admit, this couple seems very real, all the glances, sneaky interactions made me wonder if they're actually dating in real life. Besides donghae and yoona really look good together, yoona is beautiful and donghae is handsome. They're like an ideal couple, imagine what their children would look like CUTENESS OVERLOAD

5 BAEKMI (Baekhyun & Bomi)

Out of all the kpop-couples videos I have watched made by fans, Baekmi videos stand out the most to me for some reason. When I watch Baekmi videos, I feel baekhyun give out most sincerely feeling especially during Dream Concert he was searching for her, bomi.
I think this couple will made a great pair, sadly he is taken.

Bomi and Baekhyun is the dorkiest member in their group. Both of them are the loudest. I think they have a lot of similarities, as if you watch them closely. For Baekyeon's shipper, it's up to you for shipping Baekhyun and Taeyeon but for me I choose Baekmi instead of Baekyeon and to be honest I'm not hating over Baekyeon.

Baekmi // BakeMyDay fighting!

Watch fancams about Baekmi and you will fell from they're cuteness!
You cannot resist the mood maker couple, they're just too cute to handle!
Baekhyun is so obvious towards his actions. If you watch the video where apink throws confetti to beast (but I forgot the award) you can say in the action of Baek that he's completely jealous! Duh, he even got caught by his bestfriend of sighing because of it! :D come on, you will totally love them!

Please don't let our fandom BaekMi lose in any other ship. We deserve to win this, because we didn't give up shipping them and most of all we are loyal to them.. BakeMyDay is always loyal we never lose hope for BaekMi so we deserve to win this! I really love BaekMi so much because they have similarities!

6 Choco Honeys (EXO's Luhan & A Pink's Chorong)

Luhan is my ultimate bias in exo and I don't want to ship him with other girls. There was a time when I heard about ChoHan and I immediately searched Chorong. I don't know about chorong during that time and I want to see if whose that girl behind that CHOHAN couple. After I saw Chorong, the very first thing that I said to myself was that She's really a perfect match for Luhan. Starting that time I became a Chohan shipper. I really love them. They are both perfect with each other and I became a pink panda as well. I'm hoping that they could be a couple for real.

They are the cutest and adorable couple that you will ever love! Luhan's glance/stare at chorong will say everything! When it was K. Will's love blossom, you can say in his eyes that he totally fell from chorong's cuteness! It's like he's saying "She's too beautiful to look at" I don't know if this quote is familiar to you but they say "Sometimes, the eyes can say more than the mouth" Yep, Luhan's eyes says everything, explains it everything...

I ship Luhan and Apink a lot, they looks perfect together. I love so much this couple<3.
Luhan is an Apink fanboy, he said he likes Apink songs and also in Weekly idol he showed it dancing Nonono. When he had to choose among Girl's Day and Apink he choose Apink.
In the 23rd Seoul Music Awards while Exo was doing their performance with Growl I saw in a fancam that Apink was dancing. In this video you can see that in the moment when Luhan sings, Namjoo looks at Chorong and she smile finally when the presentation finish all the artists clap, but Chorong raises her hands and claps happy. So, I think Chorong likes Luhan o something like this, I don't know is only a guess.
Please give them much love and sorry but my English is bad, I tried to do my best explaining that, I hope you can understand.

Judging from the Seoul Music Awards, I'm pretty sure Luhan admires Chorong. They are both afraid of heights, even if their old they still look young, and both wear leopard prints. Also Chorong posted a picture on Luhan's birthday, and then later deleted it. Lots of moments, lots of similarities which equals them liking each other, and be the couple made in heaven!

7 YoonWonited (Yoona and Siwon)

Can't explain my words to this couple. They are really cute and pretty.. I hope there are more moment of them!

YoonWonited love YoonWon
Yoona love siwon
Siwon love yoona
Simba love deer
Deer love simba
! &!

. Don't bashing YoonWon again
Keep believe YoonWon is real
YoonWon figting
I pray for you ( yoona and siwon ) I hope this couple win
Happy YoonWon

This is a reall couple... My fave couple so much.. I hope someday, their will marriage and have a cute baby...

8 Fallen Angel (Seohyun & EXO)

I think all of member of exo have feeling toward seohyun! She is soooclose to their ideal type!

The best! Fallen Angel forever

9 MinSul (Min Ho & Sulli)

K dramas was first introduced to me by my children. They recommended me to a few on line webs. I started to like Minho s acting after watching the pianist even though I felt upset a bit with the ending because I am the type who love happy ending.. Then months later since I watched on line at random, I stumbled upon to the beautiful you, even though the ending like hanging in the thin air I was so glad that I started pressing my key board with his name Choi Min Ho and at the same time I love the actress too, she is so cute and both of them were perfectly match.. suddenly I just realize that I already become their fans and I am so embarrassed because I am going to be a nanny soon haha.

Minho and sulli on screen is like a feast for ants because it's so sweet BUT miho and SUlli off cam is like wonka's chocolate factory! Kidding aside, the fancams of these while they think nobody's looking is just full of sweetness watching it was getting me a toothache! I especially love the RUnning man part where Minho was removing SUlli's gear... What I love about that is that there was no outward reaction from the two and even from the people around them.. It was like it is expected that Minho did that! May be because they've seen it happen before that's why it was a given... I also love the part where they were sitting back to back while the show was on a break... And of course who can forget that call from Minho in fx's show! If you noticed at the end of that show, it was never clear why Minho actually called... In short, there is something going on between this two! I doubt Minho called for the show because at the beginning of that conversation even SUlli was telling Mminho that ...more

They are the Best Couple I've ever set my eyes on. I don't really care when it comes to OTP's but after watching 'To The Beautiful You'... I don't know anymore. Their chemistry both on or off screen is just so ridiculously awesome! You can't even deny their powerful chemistry. And whenever they look at each other's eyes, they have this connection that no words can ever describe. You got what I mean? And even thought I've watched the Drama for 5 times already, I still can't get enough! It's like I'm having a MINSUL Syndrome that I just can't help but watch some videos of them interacting in SMTOWN Concerts, and in Music Shows. This is just so crazy! I was never into such love teams in dramas but MINSUL is just so hard to ignore. Describing them in words are the hardest thing to do. Words are not enough. And I believe that Minho and Sulli has a thing for each other. Delusional or not, For me, MINSUL is Real

Minho and Sulli are so unique as a couple in such a way. They are capable of being so sneaky in giving out some moments, but good thing Minsullians are very attentive in every single details. Pats on the shoulders, small thumbs up, and eye-contact with smiles have been small things that makes MinSul such an amazing ship! Minho attends to Sulli's workplaces for several times already just to pay her a visit, and attends premieres and events that involve with Sulli and give the extreme butterflies of saying beautiful words of encouragement and finishing of with saying words to our precious Sulli. Sulli has admired Minho and has even said it in interviews where she thinks back about him, it's just almost irresistible for us to hold in our fangirling. MinSul is so unique in showing moments of each other, and their way of being so close to each other just gets us fans dellusional and desperate for more. MinSul is a ship we believe will become real, and a ship that we love for our both ...more

10 DaraGon (Dara & G-dragon)

I'm waiting for the day they'll go public so all the non-believers around me stop calling me delusional. I have eyes people! I see what I see.. And there's true love between them! So many couple thigs, so many stolen glances.. GD, don't worry about Dara.. Every hateful comment that comes her way.. Nothing will touch her. Applers are like a shield, so trust us, please!

Other OTPs were fine and look good. But this couple, you can't deny the chemistry of them, even you can see only GD you can't help but to recognize he resemble Dara. And same as Dara., And that is define what is DESTINY and FATE is! :) We applers maybe the most controversial and such. But we only protect and loved them.

This couple is really match made in heaven. They really perfect for each other. They don't need to talk to say that they are inlove just look in their eyes and you will see that they are inlove for each other.

Less interactions in public but come to think of it kpop couple? Hm kinda elusive but YG is notorious for secret love affairs so...

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11 Sweet Potato (Yongseo and Seohyun)

Although they started out awkwardly, their story on WGM made me feel that they put their real feelings and their hearts inot their relationship. This fandom is still going strong - still one of the most popular threads on soompi and there are many, many international gogumas from around the world. Yong and Hyun are loved all around the world and are still supported strongly at both SNSD and CN Blue concerts. Just notice all the YongSeo light boards, etc. At their concerts. Sweet Potato fans still hope and pray they are a ninja couple for real!

Cute couple with their shyness and lovable figure, no bad news and scandal. Even they personalities is quite different but they can make it as their strength. I hope all of those romantic scene isn't only on screen but also on the true life. Yonghwa loving Seohyun so much, and I think Seo kinda like him. I hope they can be together in the future

They are really the best! I don't know what is YongSeo relationship right now, but at least I am happy that they once really happened and what will happen in the future, I will be happy for the both of them.

YongSeo is the reason I fell for K-Pop... Before Yongseo I always thought K-Pop just so-so... Now, I'm totally addicted with K-Pop. Need I say more?
YongSeo for the win!

12 Dooley Couple (YongHwa & ShinHye)

People, please read this out. I'm a Seohyun fan and a Yonghwa fan, I just DON'T ship them, and yes I'm a hardcore YONGSHIN shipper. So here's the thing, what was on WE GOT MARRIED, remains on WE GOT MARRIED. For Pete's sake, Yongseo ended for like, 2 years ago. Gogumas out there always say "Yongseo is REAL", "Yonghwa and Shinhye are just close friends" and stuffs like that, so let's analyse this one by one. We Got Married is a variety show that is SCRIPTED, whether 20% or how many percents it is but I'm pretty sure that it's SCRIPTED. Of course in WGM you have to make the audience feel the love for the high ratings. Yonghwa said, that "It was only for the show" even Seohyun herself said in an interview when asked if she had true feelings for Yonghwa, she said "NO". Okay, so for YONGSHIN couple, HEARTSTRINGS/YOU'VE FALLEN FOR ME is a SCRIPTED show also, of course, but have you seen all their behind the scenes? Their OFF-CAM moments? Even in You're beautiful Days, they already had this ...more

Just look at the way they smile when together or near each other or even just when the other's name is mentioned. Anyone who has loved and have been loved will feel something ain't right with these two self-declared close friends... It is just nice to think where such a beautiful friendship can lead to. But unless proven otherwise, it will be just like that. I'm just happy that two young people in a crazy industry can value each other as true friends.

I really love this couple and I really don't know why. I first watch them together on Heartstrings but somehow I get curious about them so I search them, then suddenly I found out that the're best friends so I search more about them if that is true.. well the evidences are too strong and I feel that in every glance they gave for each other, the laughter they've shared, how they troll around. They're really cute when they are together. That's why I'm so addicted on them.

Watched the drama "Heartstrings" just because of their wonderful chemistry and of course the music and the beautiful setting. They are perfect together...maybe because their friendship filters through into their roles. They have that rare friendship that many real couples don't. Always wish them the best as friends or a couple. Whatever makes them happy.

13 Dorks (Leeteuk & Taeyeon)
14 Milky Maknae (Seohyun and Sehun)

Omo.. I'm really a seohan shipper! And Whats witg kuhan's stares in seohyun?... Omo! I remeber when My friend heard about seohyun and luhan in a relationship, She's cryinv that time even if she's a sehun biased and she said she is hurt for me, while me I'm laughing out loud! I'm happy!...

Both of them are maknae.

They're innocent but still sexy.

They have milky skin.

15 SpartAce Couple (Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo)

Spartace shares their love through actions and not words.
Monday Couple on the other hand feels forced out by the PDs. In upcoming episode 215, Gary is getting a new ship on the show probably, and then finally Ji Hyo and be with Jong Kook <3
They share all types of moments, if you're willing to see their moments, watch them. In fanmeets too

I'm Spartace's army. I ship them like crazy!

Ahhh... I'm really really love this couple. But I love monday couple too..

I hope they are a real couple.

16 Knight (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung)

Go kyuyoung go kyuyoung go...
Kyuyoung is real couple forever, they have some moment now, and I think ideal girl kyu like sooyoung.. KNIGHT is so much... KYUYOUNG saranghaeyo...
KNIGHT always support you...

These two are seriously meant to be with each other. And they can have witty, beautiful and evil babies together and live happily ever after!

Kyuyoung is best ever couple. I believe sooyoung and kyuhyun always together, because their moment is so many. Kyuhyun sj ideal girl is sooyouns snsd. He say in strong heart. Kyuyoung Jjang!

They're just too cute, naturally and look so real. So, I hope they will be a real couple who's naturally together

17 MyungZy (Myungsoo and Suzy)

I really ship them because they're just so perfect for each other! :)) I love them to bits. They really fit for each other. I can't ship myungsoo to other girls. Only to suzy.. as well as suzy, I can't ship him to other boys because I only want myungsoo for him. Myungzy jjang!

I ship them because I love them (they're both my UB), I ship them because they're so perfect for each other, I ship them because of the chemistry that they have that other people don't see, I ship MyungZy so hard even though they don't have a lot of interactions but they do have a lot of parallelism. What else more? Oh well! MyungZy forever! ^_^

They're the best couple!

Really, fans will be happy if they can together as couple or dating, I hope it's real!

I think they're really match for each other! They're also my favorite actor and singer... so let's MyungZy

18 EXOPink (EXO & APink)

I Love EXOpink especially the main ships I was sad when they were set aside and changed into a new one but for me I'll never change I love the main ships but I accept the reality...

BaekMi is not real.. I will ship them forever and ever... But, if BaekMi real, Baekhyun can't date with Bomi because of BaekYeon incident..

Exopink fighting! Baekmi Chanji Surong/Chohan Seyoung Kaieun are all my favorite couple! They look cute together, and seems like they were real! Especially baekmi, chanji, surong and seyoung

I mean that I will ship EXOPink forever and ever not BaekMi because BaekMi are not real..

19 ChoHan (Luhan & Chorong)

One of my favorite couples here in the KPOP world.

Chohan and choco honeys!

They are always real

This duo is better

20 Musketeers (Kyuhyun and Yoona)

Close Friends + Friendly and supportive shippers is equal to Perfection. We didn't believe in illusions but we know that Kyuhyun and Yoona are friends. Same with US. Friendship bonds us all together. And the way Kyuhyun and Yoona saw a KyuNa banner in SMTown Indonesia made us fans already happy. Musketeers jjang!

KyuNa is super real! They exist and musketeers know that. There's not really many moment of them but there are actually lot of moment of them that people don't know. They are couple that not detected by the radar. And they have kids! Watch KBS Love request and you can see their small lovely family at the end of the show keke~

Yes, KYUNA is real
I'm really love this couple &
Though, they're friend, but I think their body language say that their relationship is just more than friendship
KYUNA jjang!

Only SuGen couple I approve
Our prince and princess already notice us -the musketeers- as their supporters. Can't feel more blessed. They notice us, guys.
Swords up, MUSKETEERS!

21 Baekyeon (Baekhyun and Taeyeon)

They're such a cute couple. No doubt. Well, at first I saw those articles, it is very shocked me but deep in my heart, I am very happy, like the happiest girl in the world because BaekYeon couple. When I was watching BaekYeon moments video, I saw Baekhyun's stares for Taeyeon were very different. He always follow Taeyeon and I found it so cute! Please, BaekMi? Sorry but I'm didn't saw anything about them. Baekhyun is lucky fanboy.. My friend, Baekhyun's fangirl was shocked and can't accept the fact. But who's cares? Once, she said BaekYeon broke up. It made me upset but when I searched it, NOPE! The news about BaekYeon broke up is fake. I'm very happy and just ignore when she said about that fake news. I shipped them. I'm Fall In Love with Baekyeon Couple!

The fact that we, baekyeon shippers, witnessed their progress is just so <5. I respect the other ships with Baekhyun and Taeyeon but we've all got to admit to ourselves that this couple is real. Bashers, mostly Baekmi shippers (through my observations, but please do correct me if I'm wrong), who are saying/spreading rumors about how fake they are, sorry but have you followed them and their moments tgt since 2012? No, and so you won't even know how their friendship/sunbae-hoobae relationship progressed into something more. I think only Baekyeon shippers can understand how true and real they are.

I attended the Dream Concert. I was near the stage and I saw everything. Fancams could really trick because of different angles. I don't get it why baekmi shippers think that Baek was looking at/for bomi. He was trying to look at Taeyeon, I witnessed everything. It's just that he couldn't see Taeyeon that's why he kept on searching for someone, and that someone is Taeyeon. People thought he was looking at bomi. Haha. No. It just so happens that bomi was there where he was looking at, although he doesn't even know that bomi was there. He thought that maybe Taeyeon was somewhere there and that he couldn't just see her because she's small. :D

Okay, I am not a Baekyeon shipper, but honestly speaking, they are DATING, which means they are REAL. I just can't with Baekmi shippers, I read something which says Baekmi has lots of supporters than Baekyeon, I don't get it, why compare a real one to something that doesn't even exist? Baekyeon shippers/supporters aren't just that vocal because they know that Baekyeon is really a couple, but if you really wish to differ these two, the one being real and the one being delulu, then so be it. Just by looking at the tags of Baekyeon and baekmi on instagram, you can already see the VERY BIG difference. Baekyeon-26k+ while for Baekmi-I dunno, 750(? ). Even before the news of Baekyeon dating broke out, the tags was still astounding, I think it was like 9k+.

22 Flaming Pearls (Yuri & Minho)

No need to say, a lot of evidences. Even just the bracelet proves it all. The tapping, being with each other for almost every time, so yeah.

Duh? There's nothing in MinYul for you not to ship them together. They're real I tell you. There's something between them I know.

They are really true. Their closeness and I'm sure that they like each other. MinYul-Flaming Pearls love you and we support you. MinYul jjang!

Watch their videos on YouTube. I guarantee you that you will believe that they are real after watching them..

23 Eunhae (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

These two could just look in each other's direction and eunhae shippers would be all over it. I mean it's the fish and the monkey, need I say more?

EunHae is a living & walking fanfic~! You can't even tell what's FF and what's reality anymore when they talk about their story. They've been friends for so long. I believe that there's at least one moment where they feel something (more than just friends) for each other.

Refer to D&E concert if you're curious~ you'll see there how REAL they are.

Eunhae... Best couple ever! Better than the official ones, so real...

EunHae is the most beautiful couple in the world! I love Eunhae!

24 Royal Subjects (Sungmin & Sunny)

Anyway, the reason I watch chunji radio is for SunSun, not for MinYoung and Sungmin is my bias, and I hope Sungmin live well with Sunny in the future. SunSun jjang!

Queen of Aegyo and King of Aegyo... The Couple of Aegyo... Please vote for them :'( I very love this couple!

25 IceFishies (Donghae & Jessica)

I've seen the interaction between these two in young street where Heechul hosted as dj. They seemed to have a very close relationship. Heechul was like aware of this ship where he teased them being charmed to each other. Heechul also shared with other guess abt Donghae got bored playing with Heechul hair so he called Jessica and invited her to play them.

I Like this couple, because I think this couple it's very natural. Don't bash my opinion.

O god? Haesica in position 18? Is it true?
I hope Haesica is positioned on the first
But it's okkay, to me Haesica is the winner!

Love this couple so much...
Just feel the chemistry of them it's real...
So sweet...

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