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1 Ace Baby (Seohyun & Luhan)

SeoHan, to me, is very real. Luhan looks at Seohyun a lot, and he's always so shy around her. LuYoon may be popular in China, but let's not forget that Seohyun is the most popular member in China due to her looks - which fulfills China's beauty standard - and also because of her personality. And Luhan is from China, so we can only assume...

I've lived in China for about 5 years, now entering my 6th year, and I can assure you, Seohyun is very popular here. All of my Chinese friends absolutely love her. Before, when I was living in America, I didn't really care for SNSD in general, but when I came to China, I learned about the beauty standards and I can say that Seohyun fits it best. A lot of people in China have even considered or undergone plastic surgery to look like Seohyun.

With all the coverage she gets in China, I would highly doubt that Luhan, who probably has the same beauty standards, doesn't think Seohyun is beautiful. Plus, she fits all of his ideal types. Yoona may be his ideal type for her looks, but Seohyun's definitely his ideal type for personality. And Yoona has a boyfriend!

2 Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun)

Seohyun once admitted that she was different from ordinary people. Upon hearing this, I couldn't help but think that Kyuhyun would graciously accept that side of her, and I think that's what Seohyun would also do for Kyuhyun. Though she seems to have an uptight lifestyle, unlike the laid-back Kyuhyun, I think she would appreciate their differences. I feel that they would complement each other, not because Seohyun has an angel personality while Kyuhyun has an evil one (opposites attract), but just because I feel an unexplained chemistry between the two. Words alone are not enough to describe the cuteness whenever I see them together.

3 Fawns (Luhan & Yoona)

They both have deer eyes, and Luhan said that Yoona is the prettiest member in SNSD. They are also both always mistaken about which restroom to use: the one for the girls is for the boys, and the one for the boys is for the girls. Luhan was caught watching "Love Rain" while he was riding on an airplane. Yoona's number on her outfit in "Oh!" is 7, and Luhan's number on his outfit in "Wolf" is 7. Luhan and Yoona are always caught looking at each other. Their couple is almost included in polls.

They are a very cute couple. Aside from that, they have so many similarities, and their looks match together. You see, even though they only have a little conversation in a show, it makes people giggle, and it feels like there is a butterfly in our belly. They're perfect.

4 Pyrotechnics (Donghae & Yoona)

For me, they are real. I think their constant moments, which can be seen in variety shows, live concerts, and other programs where the two (Yoona and Donghae) are present, always leave an interaction, sweet and slick. They leave us Pyrotechnics wondering if these two are actually dating in real life. Yeah, it's the spark that made me love them. And I like their fanbase. All are united and display a good attitude.

I can't say that Pyrotechnics are the best fandom (for all I know, there might be another fandom which is nicer), but as far as I know, Pyrotechnics are always the quieter ones, or the more civilized ones. You don't see Pyrotechnics arguing with other OTP couples often. Most of us Pyrotechnics hang out on our forum, etc., and not on joint forums where there are other pairings, because most of us do not enjoy fighting or arguing with other shippers who ship other couples.

5 BAEKMI (Baekhyun & Bomi)

Bomi and Baekhyun are the dorkiest members of their groups. Both of them are the loudest. I think they have a lot of similarities, as if you watch them closely. For Baekyeon's shippers, it's up to you to ship Baekhyun and Taeyeon, but for me, I choose Baekmi instead of Baekyeon and to be honest, I'm not hating over Baekyeon.

Baekmi // BakeMyDay fighting!

Please don't let our fandom BaekMi lose to any other ship. We deserve to win this because we didn't give up shipping them and, most of all, we are loyal to them. BakeMyDay is always loyal. We never lose hope for BaekMi, so we deserve to win this! I really love BaekMi so much because they have similarities!

6 YoonWonited (Yoona & Siwon)

I can't explain my words for this couple. They are really cute and pretty. I hope there are more moments of them!

The real couple of the world... Let's go public, both of you, please!

Yoona and Siwon are the perfect couple. Forever.

7 Choco Honeys (EXO's Luhan & A Pink's Chorong)

Luhan is my ultimate bias in EXO, and I don't want to ship him with other girls. There was a time when I heard about ChoHan, and I immediately searched for Chorong. I didn't know about Chorong during that time and wanted to see who the girl behind the ChoHan couple was. After I saw Chorong, the very first thing that I said to myself was that she's a perfect match for Luhan. From that time, I became a ChoHan shipper. I really love them. They are both perfect for each other, and I became a Pink Panda as well. I'm hoping that they could become a couple for real.

8 MinSul (Min Ho & Sulli)

K-dramas were first introduced to me by my children. They recommended a few online websites to me. I started to like Minho acting after watching The Pianist. Even though I felt a bit upset with the ending because I am the type who loves happy endings, months later, as I watched online at random, I stumbled upon To The Beautiful You. Even though the ending felt like it was hanging in the thin air, I was so glad that I started searching for Choi Min Ho's name on my keyboard. At the same time, I loved the actress too. She is so cute, and both of them were perfectly matched. Suddenly, I realized that I had already become their fan, and I am so embarrassed because I am going to be a nanny soon, haha.

9 Fallen Angel (Seohyun & EXO)

I think all members of EXO have feelings toward Seohyun! She is so close to their ideal type!

The best! Fallen Angel forever.

10 Sweet Potato (Yongseo & Seohyun)

Cute couple with their shyness and lovable figure, no bad news and scandal. Even though their personalities are quite different, they can make it their strength. I hope all of those romantic scenes aren't only on screen but also in real life. Yonghwa loves Seohyun so much, and I think Seo kinda likes him. I hope they can be together in the future.

Although they started out awkwardly, their story on WGM made me feel that they put their real feelings and hearts into their relationship. This fandom is still going strong - still one of the most popular threads on Soompi, and there are many international Gogumas from around the world. Yong and Hyun are loved all around the world and are still supported strongly at both SNSD and CN Blue concerts. Just notice all the YongSeo light boards, etc., at their concerts. Sweet Potato fans still hope and pray they are a ninja couple for real!

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11 DaraGon (Dara & G-Dragon)

I'm waiting for the day they'll go public so all the non-believers around me stop calling me delusional. I have eyes, people! I see what I see. And there's true love between them! So many couple things, so many stolen glances. GD, don't worry about Dara. Every hateful comment that comes her way... Nothing will touch her. Applers are like a shield, so trust us, please!

Other OTPs were fine and looked good. But this couple, you can't deny the chemistry between them. Even when you can see only GD, you can't help but recognize he resembles Dara. And the same with Dara. And that defines what DESTINY and FATE are! We Applers may be the most controversial and such. But we only protect and love them.

12 Dooley Couple (YongHwa & ShinHye)

Just look at the way they smile when together, or near each other, or even just when the other's name is mentioned. Anyone who has loved and been loved will feel something isn't right with these two self-declared close friends. It is just nice to think where such a beautiful friendship can lead to. But unless proven otherwise, it will be just like that. I'm just happy that two young people in a crazy industry can value each other as true friends.

I really love this couple, and I really don't know why. I first watched them together on Heartstrings, but somehow I got curious about them. So, I searched for more information, and suddenly I found out that they're best friends. Well, the evidence is too strong, and I feel that in every glance they give each other, the laughter they've shared, and how they troll around, it's clear. They're really cute when they are together. That's why I'm so addicted to them.

13 Flaming Pearls (Yuri & Minho)

No need to say, a lot of evidence. Even just the bracelet proves it all. The tapping, being with each other almost all the time, so yeah.

Watch their videos on YouTube. I guarantee you that you will believe they are real after watching them.

Duh? There's nothing in MinYul for you not to ship them together. They're real, I tell you. There's something between them, I know.

14 Dorks (Leeteuk & Taeyeon)
15 IceFishies (Donghae & Jessica)

I've seen the interaction between these two on Young Street, where Heechul hosted as DJ. They seemed to have a very close relationship. Heechul was aware of this ship, where he teased them about being charmed by each other. Heechul also shared with other guests about how Donghae got bored playing with Heechul's hair, so he called Jessica and invited her to play with them.

I like this couple because I think this couple is very natural. Don't bash my opinion.

Love this couple so much...
Just feel the chemistry between them. It's real...
So sweet...

16 Knight (Kyuhyun & Sooyoung)

These two are seriously meant to be with each other. And they can have witty, beautiful, and evil babies together and live happily ever after!

They're just too cute, natural, and look so real. So, I hope they will be a real couple who's naturally together.

They are just so cute and evil together. Fighting knights!

17 Milky Maknae (Seohyun & Sehun)

Both of them are maknae.

They're innocent but still sexy.

They have milky skin.

18 SpartAce Couple (Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo)

Spartace shares their love through actions and not words. The Monday Couple, on the other hand, feels forced out by the PDs. In the upcoming episode 215, Gary is probably getting a new ship on the show, and then finally Ji Hyo can be with Jong Kook.

They share all types of moments. If you're willing to see their moments, watch them. In fan meets too.

I'm Spartace's army. I ship them like crazy!

Ahhh... I really, really love this couple. But I love Monday couple too.

19 MyungZy (Myungsoo & Suzy)

I really ship them because they're just so perfect for each other! I love them to bits. They really fit for each other. I can't ship Myungsoo with other girls, only Suzy. As well as Suzy, I can't ship her with other boys because I only want Myungsoo for her. Myungzy jjang!

I ship them because I love them (they're both my UB). I ship them because they're so perfect for each other, I ship them because of the chemistry that they have that other people don't see. I ship MyungZy so hard even though they don't have a lot of interactions, but they do have a lot of parallelism. What else more? Oh well! MyungZy forever!

20 EXOPink (EXO & APink)

I love EXOPink, especially the main ships. I was sad when they were set aside and changed into a new one, but for me, I'll never change. I love the main ships, but I accept reality...

BaekMi is not real. I will ship them forever and ever. But, if BaekMi were real, Baekhyun couldn't date Bomi because of the BaekYeon incident.

I mean that I will ship EXOPink forever and ever, not BaekMi because BaekMi are not real.

21 ChoHan (Luhan & Chorong)
22 Musketeers (Kyuhyun & Yoona)

Close Friends + Friendly and supportive shippers equal Perfection. We didn't believe in illusions, but we know that Kyuhyun and Yoona are friends, same with us. Friendship bonds us all together. And the way Kyuhyun and Yoona saw a KyuNa banner in SMTown Indonesia made us fans already happy. Musketeers jjang!

KyuNa is super real! They exist, and Musketeers know that. There's not really many moments of them, but there are actually a lot of moments that people don't know. They are a couple that is not detected by the radar. And they have kids! Watch KBS Love request, and you can see their small lovely family at the end of the show, keke~

23 Baekyeon (Baekhyun & Taeyeon)

They're such a cute couple. No doubt. Well, at first, when I saw those articles, it shocked me, but deep in my heart, I was very happy, like the happiest girl in the world, because of the BaekYeon couple. When I was watching BaekYeon moments videos, I saw Baekhyun's stares at Taeyeon were very different. He always follows Taeyeon, and I found it so cute! Please, BaekMi? Sorry, but I didn't see anything about them. Baekhyun is a lucky fanboy.

My friend, who is a Baekhyun fangirl, was shocked and couldn't accept the fact. But who cares? Once, she said BaekYeon broke up. It made me upset, but when I searched it, NOPE! The news about BaekYeon breaking up is fake. I'm very happy and just ignore her when she talks about that fake news. I ship them. I'm in love with the Baekyeon couple!

24 Eunhae (Donghae & Eunhyuk)

These two could just look in each other's direction and Eunhae shippers would be all over it. I mean, it's the fish and the monkey, need I say more?

Eunhae... Best couple ever! Better than the official ones, so real...

EunHae is the most beautiful couple in the world! I love Eunhae!

25 Royal Subjects (Sungmin & Sunny)

Anyway, the reason I watch Chunji Radio is for SunSun, not for MinYoung. Sungmin is my bias, and I hope Sungmin lives well with Sunny in the future. SunSun jjang!

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