Top 10 Best Korean Songs

Korean music is an eclectic, multilayered mix, spanning a diverse range of genres from hip hop and R&B to rock, indie, and traditional Korean music. This breadth and diversity contribute to its richness, providing something for every kind of music enthusiast. You'll find tracks that make your heart flutter with their tender melodies, songs that inspire with their powerful messages, and anthems that make you want to get up and dance.

And it's not just about the music - it's about the lyrics, too. Often, Korean songs are like poetic narratives, telling stories that resonate on a deep, emotional level. They offer a glimpse into Korean culture and society, adding another layer of context that enhances the listening experience.
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1 Break Down (Kim Hyun Joong)

A good feeling song sung by a handsome man with a golden voice.

Kim hyun joong is the best and always will be the best...

Both members of SS501 are the first 2... best band ever and best song from the best man ever

2 Not Alone (Park Jung Min)

I love you so much. Wish I could see you

He is the good for me...

3 Give Me Your Heart (Park Jung Min)

I really love this song..

4 Trap (No Min Woo)

This song is also famous in one of the Hollywood movie especially in club scene

5 Tonight the Night (Park Jung Min)
6 Lucky (EXO)

This is really the best song. And Kai is good at dancing then Suho is cute. PP from Myanmar.

I like this song

7 The Chaser (Infinite)

It's AMAZING, got me hooked right away.
The song is cathy and have a nice meaning.

Its just driving me like coupling between black hole and supernova

8 Because I'm Stupid (SS501)

Love this song including the instrumental version. I love the sound and lyrics and the beautiful voices in such harmony.

Its give beautiful meaning. SS501 members have beautiful voices. I love this song very much

I like this song so much

9 Starlight Tears (Kim Yoo Kyung)

I love it very much

10 Going Crazy (X-5)
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11 Gangnam Style (Psy)

It's okay, I guess. It should be at the top 10 at least. The only reason people like it more because it's commercialized by the U. S thus makes it automatically 'popular'. Super Junior's Mr Simple is still the best because the lyrics, dance, and beat makes it better not because it's commercialized.

It should be the BEST because it so sooo fun for me to hear and It even makes me want to dance along! the crazy horse dance is so funky is the other reason why I adore it.

When it beat Baby, it showed the world that Bieber is vincible!

12 Dangrous (X-5)
13 Never Say Good Bye (SPEED)
14 Mr. Simple (Super Junior)

The Korean is the most best ever song that I wanted when I was a kid.

A hit song. Everyone looks handsome in this song.

I love this song so much!

15 I Love You (2NE1)

They'd be friends with PSY. They have the best dance, best songs, best personality and best looking. They are the best. They are BEAUTIFUL. They are perfect! They are nice peoples. They are just WONDERFUL~ They must be on the top~

No offense on my opinion but for me, 2NE1 is the best Korean group ever! Despite for 4 groups, diffrent personalities and diffrent hairstyles! GO 2NE1!

One of their best single

16 Ring Ding Dong (Shinee)

Minho is so cute!

17 Day By Day (T-ara)

I love this song very... Much. Tara fighting. I love Tara forever.

I love this song and love this group.

One of their best for sure.

18 Alone (CN Blue)

CN Blue is the best forever..

19 Fantastic Baby (Big Bang)
20 Replay (Shinee)

The best debut track. I'm waiting to see someone beat it to be honest

21 Gee (Girls' Generation)
22 Love (CN Blue)
23 Growl (Exo)

This song is never simple. Exo (forever boy band for me) PP from Myanmar.

24 My Shiny Boy (Girl's Day)
25 How Gee (Bigbang)
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