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1 Themata

Killer bass, annihilating drums, screaming freakingly great vocals and awesome consistency throughout the song. This Aussie band deserves more attention, appreciation, fame and respect. Request this world to limit foolish hip-hop and turn to better musical collaboration which exists in every atom of rock (any subtype).

Even though C.O.T.E. is my personal favorite, Themata is the signature Karnivool song in my opinion. It just has all the dynamics that make it a perfect song. Perfect listen for anyone wanting to get into Karnivool.

2 All I Know

No words to describe the feeling I get while listening to this song! Brilliant.

Hands down one of their best songs... still like deadman better though

3 Deadman

I usually listen to this back to back with Change, and quite frankly it's a tough call which one's better. Both have so much emotion and passion. Change has the bonus of sounding like Tool. Yet Deadman takes the cake because in the end it's not only brilliant musically, but incredibly well structured as well, repeating motifs carefully and beautifully like a true progressive metal epic.

Epic artwork. So many different rhythms and melodies flowing and converging. This is music. Easily their best song.

4 New Day

Its hard to choose a favourite karnivool song. All their albums are awesome. They deserve much attention. All I know and themata is also awesome.

Hard to find a long song that you like every moment of it. Well, this is the one!

Very long but such an awesome some the whole way through.

5 Cote

I cried the first time I listened to the "Sing alone, sing aloud to be alive" part. The music is simply beautiful, and the feel in Kenny's singing is stunning. Their best track by far followed by Deadman and New Day

Beautiful song.. Epically structured with highs and lows..

Such a beauty, definitely should be on the first.

6 Goliath

Amazing amazing amazing composition, musicianship and vocals... did I say amazing? It's amazing!

Superb riffs and drums!
Deserves a top 3 spot!

7 Change

Stunning piece of music - possible the best Australian song ever written in this genre

8 We Are

Great song with amazing lyrics. The music video is great too.

9 Umbra

This song is perfect. From start to finish every single element of the song is executed superbly, killer bass line and brilliant vocals by Kenny. Favourite Karnivool song hands down and one of the best songs ever

10 Shutterspeed

Man! The feel of this song. Sweeps you off the ground and drops you of a cliff!

Karnivool are an amazing band and this is definitely one of their best!

This song stands out in Karnivool's impressive armada.

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11 Roquefort
12 Simple Boy

This song is easy, simple and so much close to the heart. This song Sounds Awake!

13 Lifelike

It's time smn starts voting for this song and see it reach the top.

14 Sky Machine
15 Fear of the Sky

God, those lyrics with that climax! It's amazing... It's so catchy and the lyrics " Stare blind at the sun feel the warmth in your eyes " has something special to it

16 Set Fire to the Hive

Simply amazing vocals, guitar, bass, drums, everything. The bass entry at the second bar of the song is epic, and the drum fills with off-time endings going into the chorus are awesome. Their best, in my opinion, and Cote comes close behind.

17 Mauseum
18 Aeons

One of the best songs ever. From the ethereal intro to the dramatic crescendo, everything in this piece is perfect. Non to mention the touching existensialist lyrics. Killer bass sound throughout the whole song.

19 Eidolon
20 The Caudal Lure
21 Illumine

No idea why this isn't higher on the list. This is prog rock meets metal at it's finest.

This whole album is awesome, but this song is epic.

22 Fade
23 Synops

Not a very "metal" song, but still excellent.

24 Nachash
25 Headcase

Awesome music. Brilliant lyrics! The complete music! This song should really be in the top 3, haven't heard a lot of better songs than this one!

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