Top 10 Best Ratt Songs

Ratt was one of the biggest bands in the world in the 80s. They had several multi-platinum albums and headlined some huge concert tours. To this day, they are still great live and producing excellent new music.
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1 Round and Round - Out of the Cellar

I love Ratt. They are awesome. However, my favorite song from them has to be Round and Round. It's just awesome and makes you want to get up and sing along. Great singing, great solo, and by the way, great band.

Just a great song that you can't get out of your head, and it still sounds fresh after all these years. Excellent vocals, and Warren's solo is an all-time classic. The groove is just incredible.

Their biggest hit and a top-ten Hall of Fame song.

2 Lay It Down - Invasion of Your Privacy

I still remember the first time I heard that opening riff. Everything but my ears shut down. It's definitely one of the coolest licks ever recorded. Oh, and that fast palm-muted diminishing lick near the beginning of the solo is hot! Really, the whole song is.

Lay It Down was off the first Ratt album I ever bought. There's just something too cool about it. Never understood why it never got much airplay. I still listen to the song today.

One of the all-time classic riffs by the great Warren DeMartini on lead guitar. Great solo as well. Strong backup vocals. This song has it all.

3 Body Talk - Dancing Undercover
4 You're in Love - Invasion of Your Privacy

Starts off with a smoking riff, a great solo, and the rhythm section of Juan, King, and Bobby is just tight as hell in this song.

Great intro, great lyrics, tight song - amazingly well put together. Their finest for sure.

I wish I was in love. The most powerful thing in the world, it gives you so much energy.

5 Dance - Dancing Undercover

My favorite Ratt song! Just a great combo of vocals, guitar, melody, beat, and rhythm!

One of Ratt's best songs. Should be in the top 10.

6 Back for More - Out of the Cellar

This song is unquestionably and absolutely superior to "Round and Round." It's a very underestimated song. It has a better rhythm and is so much better.

Cool acoustic 12-string intro, heavy and interesting dual guitar riffing, killer hooks, and even better solos. What more could one ask for?

Robbin "King" Crosby really shines on this song with the acoustic intro. Awesome rhythm guitar in this song, and it's great live too.

7 Givin' Yourself Away - Detonator

The most meaningful Ratt song, especially since it's their later work. Also, check out You're in Love, Round and Round, and Body Talk, all-time greats!

The first Ratt song I ever heard, still my favorite song by them.

Incredible power ballad! And one of my favorite Ratt songs!

8 Slip of the Lip
9 Lack of Communication - Out of the Cellar

This song was ahead of its time when you listen to the thrashing guitars at the beginning. Excellent lyrics, strong rhythm, and lead guitars.

10 I'm Insane - Out of the Cellar

Just a flat-out rocker, great chorus, great vocals, great groove to this song.

One of Ratt's fastest songs. Its driving guitar and drums are motivating. It was in "The Wrestler."

This one deserves to be higher, a classic!

The Contenders
11 Way Cool Jr. - Reach for the Sky

No other song in their music catalog sounds like this one. The use of horns was clever. I wish they could have done more of that.

Name says it all - just way cool! Great merger of '80s metal and slower bluesy sound. Gotta be in the top 5, if not #2 or 3.

12 I Want a Woman - Reach for the Sky

I think that, after Round and Round, this is probably Ratt's second-best song. Lay It Down could be second, but I feel that I Want a Woman is their second-best. Great chorus and vocals, great guitar and bass part - all around, a great hard-rock song.

Catchy as hell, great chorus. Pearcy delivers on this one like no other!

Great song, catchy chorus. Not some little girl.

13 Never Use Love - Invasion of Your Privacy

Ratt delivers another incredibly catchy song with a great hook. One of their most underrated songs.

Brilliant intro, and the song stands up against all the rest.

14 One Step Away
15 Lovin' You's a Dirty Job - Detonator

Very hard to pick just one. Lots of great songs.

16 Wanted Man - Out of the Cellar

Awesome song with very cool tempo changes. Excellent rhythm and lead guitar. Pearcy delivers strong vocals on this one.

A classic from the hair band days! One of their best!

17 Nobody Rides for Free

Nobody Rides for Free - only found on the Point Break soundtrack. Great song, tons of attitude, as usual. The video could've been way better. Perhaps the most overlooked and neglected song they ever did. I like it! If you've got the time, give it a revisit and turn it up loud.

This song is awesome! It's been overlooked, maybe because it was on a movie soundtrack. I don't really know?

One of the best intros. Has a solid groove throughout.

18 Shame Shame Shame - Detonator

The intro solo and rhythm and main solo are the best.

19 Best of Me - Infestation

It always amazes me how these bands, who were around 20-30 years ago, still put out music as good as this. I always have my doubts when bands like this come around again and put out a new album after years, but these guys put my doubts to rest the moment I heard this. Nice to know Stephen still has it.

20 Eat Me Up Alive - Infestation

This was an amazing, hard-hitting song that took me back to that feeling I had when I first heard Round and Round on the radio all those years ago.

Killer song, blazing fast, awesome guitars. What an incredible comeback album for these guys. Pick it up if you haven't already. The entire CD is excellent, but this one shines the most.

21 What You Give Is What You Get - Invasion of Your Privacy

Probably second only to Round and Round. Great riff. Intelligent rhyming lyrics. Great message. Melodic.

Very underrated and underappreciated song. Should be in the top 10.

22 You Think You’re Tough - Ratt Ep
23 What's It Gonna Be - Reach for the Sky

Beautiful rhythm and lead guitar. Great vocals.

24 Closer to My Heart - Invasion of Your Privacy
25 No Surprise - Reach for the Sky

Top 5 easily. This song gets overlooked because it wasn't a single.

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