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1 Freak on a Leash

"Freak on a Leash" is one of the most innovative songs ever written by KoRn. They brought a new style with the first two albums and completely achieved it with this song and album. Absolutely killer! "Issues" also has some jewels like "Falling Away From Me" and the underrated "Dirty," the last album song.

This is obviously one of their signature songs and their most well-known. However, I feel as if other songs like Falling Away From Me, Here To Stay, and Make Me Bad aren't getting enough love here. They're as good as this one.

2 Blind

Love this song. It's a classic by them. KoRn isn't nu-metal! They spawned the imitators who were labeled new metal, as everyone wanted to sound like KoRn, hence the label Nu-Metal. As for their greatest song, I would have to say either Kill You or Good God from the Life is Peachy album.

But Blind is always right up there.

Stop listening to that new so-called Korn (after Follow the Leader). Realize it's trash. These old albums are raw, direct, natural, and sincere. There is no hypocrisy in them. Because after Follow the Leader, all the band was after was making money (hate that new sound).

I hope this helps!

3 Falling Away from Me

This is KoRn's true masterpiece. It's beautiful, saddening, and hardcore all at the same time. The message behind it adds to the beauty of this song. This song is unmatched throughout KoRn's entire collection, heck, it's even up there with some of the best metal songs of the '90s. Truly amazing.

This song is amazing! Its intro and soft verses contrast beautifully with the heavy, angry patches of the song. It's almost beyond compare to most of KoRn's other music, with one exception being Freak on a Leash.

Nothing compares to the gorgeous, dark, and slightly disturbing mood of this song. With an important meaning in the lyrics alongside an awesome mind-numbing guitar riff, this song makes for a brilliant composition by an amazing band.

4 Coming Undone

This is one of the best Nu Metal songs ever. I heard it on the radio a few months ago, and I started listening to Korn a few days later, and this was the first song. I think the best bands out there are Korn, Linkin Park, and Slipknot.

I just started listening to this album, as Google Play didn't have it before. I'm in total love with the whole album. It's very underrated, but this song is so awesome. The chorus is the best, very simple, slightly repetitive, but that's what makes it awesome. KoRn is hands down the best nu-metal group out there.

Thumbs up to all those who voted for it.

5 Here to Stay

I couldn't choose which song is the best for me, but I finally picked Here to Stay because of the amazing riffs and the energy I feel every time I hear Jonathan singing bring it down. It's a shame to say, but I haven't been a Korn fan for a long time. My boyfriend introduced me to their music, and I totally fell in love with the band. Now he's laughing about which band I'm going to steal from him next.

I just love the feeling when I hear the music and Jonathan's voice. Sometimes they make me feel incredibly good. Other times, the lyrics make me cry like a baby. This is real music - when you can feel each emotion listening to it, and you know that it can help you in any situation.

6 Twisted Transistor

This is easily Korn's best song to date, coming from an unbiased and relatively new fan of Korn. I heard this on the radio and fell in love, learned about all the good Korn songs. This still remains my favorite from them, though.

This song is just too awesome! It gets better every time you listen to it because you hear something unique and more interesting with every listen, or think about a completely different meaning every time. Good job, Korn!

Awesome. That's all I have to say. It's Jonathan with the rest of the band that makes an awesome voice and good singing the whole time. I honestly think this is their best.

7 Got the Life

I can't even put into words how much I love this song. This is definitely my favorite. It's so catchy, and I can't imagine people disliking it. It's impossible to get sick of this song. This is honestly the best KoRn song. The part after he repeats "dance with me" literally gives me an eargasm. This song is beautiful in every way possible.

Since '94, KoRn was most known for the song Blind, which put them on the map. Though I got hooked on the KoRn bandwagon with this breakthrough song from their third album, Follow the Leader. Got the Life. The video showed a different side of KoRn lots of fans never knew. Their party vibe was less serious, less dark. Still, KoRn is one of those unpredictable, kick-ass bands.

8 Make Me Bad

This is one of their most complex songs before going the electronic route later in their career. As a guitarist who plays a seven-string as well as bass, it's hard to combine effects with technique for a heavy yet otherworldly sound such as in this song. Creatively, this is their best song ever from an unbiased musician's point of view.

Though I feel Alone I Break should be on this list and Evolution taken off the list.

This song has the BEST VIDEO ever and such an awesome chorus! The guitar riffs go so well with the bass and vocals. This song is so underrated. It's legendary and should be top 3 at least! VOTE!

9 Narcissistic Cannibal

Fantastic chord progressions and great lyrics. The chorus is quite good, besides being obviously catchy. It displays their amazing songwriting talent for music that is both catchy and well-written. Interesting elements include the organ.

I love how they keep reinventing things. That's what they're known for, after all. I love Jonathan Davis's voice! Utterly beautiful. Such a fun, great song. Great job, you guys! This one should get higher on the list, for sure!

Best Korn song ever! Narcissistic Cannibal has a great chorus along with great music to go along with it. Skrillex also did a really good job mixing this song. By far and away, this is my favorite Korn song. The whole album, Path of Totality, has some of Korn's best tracks ever.

10 Right Now

The only reason I believe this should be lower on the list is because of the official music video. Otherwise, the overall sound of the song is amazing. I love the heavy bass, intense and almost creepy riff, the angry chorus, and the signature Korn breakdown.

This song is leaps and bounds above all the other Korn songs. This was the first song I heard from them, and talk about being disappointed when I found out that the rest of their songs were not like this at all. Great riff, awesome drums, and great vocals.

When it comes to KoRn, it's hard to pick a favorite. It's such a good band. But in the end, I'll have to say that this one takes the cake. Chelsea Grin also covered it, which makes things cooler.

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11 Thoughtless

I was really close to picking Twisted Transistor, but the amazing lyrics and overall epicness of this song made me reconsider. I know the reason it's not number one is that Korn has too many styles to be herded into one group.

This song is incredibly soft for KoRn, and it works in a way that no other KoRn song does. Is it the best KoRn song? No, but it definitely should be higher than 8!

Incredible song. I'm not going to argue against any of the songs above it because they're all great, but Thoughtless is an awesome, meaningful song.

12 Somebody Someone

Awesome song that truly deserves at least the top 20. I need somebody, someone to vote for this song with me. The intro alone should place it in the top 20, one of the greatest intros ever!

Needs to be higher! I listen to this at least twice a day!

13 Clown

Dun, dun, dun. EHHH! The guitar riffs at the beginning and breakdown are just so heavy I want to headbang my head off. KoRn did great in this song, and the best part of this song is mostly the intro of the band talking and yelling at each other. Whenever I listen to the intro to the song, I laugh so hard. I just love it!

Don't get me wrong, but when I listen closely to the guitar riffs, I think of clowns getting stung by bees for no reason. However, the rest of this song is so badass, I will listen to it for the rest of my life! Thumbs up for this song and this amazingly awesome kick-ass band!

14 A.D.I.D.A.S.

New KoRn is the same two songs played with different chords. Classic KoRn experimented with rhythms and textures and thought outside the box. Now, it's just the Queen of the Damned soundtrack 12, 13, 14.

This song is so catchy. The first time I heard it, I couldn't stop listening to it! I just love the rhythm and beat of the song. This song deserves a better spot on the list.

Just a catchy song in general. I really like the trashy sounds of the guitar, drums, and Fieldy's bass too. I'm surprised that this is 16th.

15 Did My Time

This is my new favorite Korn song. You can really hear the bass in this track, and Fieldy did an amazing job on that (this may be my new favorite bass track). Head and Munky outdid themselves on this, especially in the solo, and I can't stop listening to the chorus. This song deserves to be in the top ten at least.

Right Now isn't even the best song from Take a Look in the Mirror, let alone one of the best Korn songs. Did My Time has some of the greatest lyrics I've heard in Korn songs, and there are plenty of amazing Korn lyrics.

16 Shoots and Ladders

17 with 1% of the votes? Guys, this is hands down in KoRn's top 5. It's scary, freaky, heavy, melodic, and just all-around epic. It really defines what '90s KoRn was all about - telling the truth about the world in an original, creative way (bagpipes, anyone?).

Just watch the video, and you'll realize that this is WAY better than Coming Undone or Evolution!

How is this so low? This is an amazing song! The bagpipes at the beginning sound amazing! (Go Jonathan Davis!) Plus, the song altogether is one I just can't stop listening to. It's different compared to some other songs from their first two albums and deserves a higher rating.

17 Trash

I was listening to the full Issues album, and this definitely caught my attention the most. It's got a catchy chorus that you can headbang to. It's just generally really high-quality.

No way. This is the best Korn song. It is the perfect mix of chilling, then hardcore, and this song should have been in the top 10 for sure. I have listened to many of Korn's other songs, and believe me, this is the best one.

Really a brilliant song. It's so quiet and chilling, and Jonathan's vocals are really something else.

18 Good God

It's quite sad to see how little recognition songs from Life Is Peachy are getting. It is their best album. This song is epic. Listen to the bass, the passion in Jonathan's voice, etc. Top 10.

This song is underrated. Good God brings out Jonathan Davis's rage and anger into this masterpiece of a song. His scream is the loudest of all KoRn songs.

Should be much higher on this list. In my opinion, it's one of the heaviest songs KoRn has made and has a lot of heart put into it, with amazing riffs and vocals.

19 Evolution

Are you kidding me? Lyrically, their most profound song. It talks about the de-evolution of mankind with a haunting intro. The verse and pre-chorus are insane.

The chorus is the most memorable by far, and wow, the bridge is their most intense. This is my favorite song and easily deserving of a top 5 at least.

Easily #1, it feels different than most of Korn's songs. It feels more compact, as if not a bunch of ideas were glued together but one huge idea. That's just how I feel about this song, and no other Korn song feels that way, so it's an easy choice for me.

20 Rotting in Vain

This song is so awesome it's ridiculous. It's heavy and aggressive, and the vocals absolutely blew me away. Great instrumentals too. It's a huge throwback to their old work and, in my opinion, even better. Yes, it's new, but it kicks ass.

The new album is awesome. Not sure if it's not the best ever. And Rotting In Vain is probably the best song on it, so...

Epic guitars, dark lyrics, dissonances in Jonathan's voice, those screams... And of course, that part after the second loop... Just love it.

21 Alone I Break

Seriously, great song! It is somewhat different from other KoRn songs, but it is just truly amazing. This is definitely a favorite in my top 5. Give it another listen!

I can't stop listening to this one. It may not be as iconic as Freak On A Leash or Blind, but it should still be just as much considered.

This is just an awesome song. I'm surprised to find it so low on the list. This song has pain and emotions all over it. "I have lived the best I can, does this make me not a man?" That says it all.

22 Ball Tongue

Ball Tongue is a song that fully personifies the feelings of rage and sorrow that Korn is associated with. Jonathan Davis was, at the time, struggling with a meth addiction. In my opinion, the high-paced, anger-induced chorus proves it.

I love this song. It is one of Korn's heaviest songs. The song starts soft then distorts into some heavy grunts and growls, truly amazing.

I especially like the part when he sings, "Doesn't give you the right to expect your life revolves around me!"

Really intense song. It's a real shame Jonathan Davis recorded this song while high on meth, which kind of makes me lose respect that I had for this one particular song.

23 Love & Meth

"Feeling complacent, I cannot be contained.
I'm so lost and lonely now."

This song has everything: powerful guitar riffs, amazing drumming, and incredible melodies. The chorus has quite possibly the best vocal performance in Jonathan Davis' career. There is so much power in the bridge... unbelievable.

I can't get enough of that song! My favorite!

Great song, and a very relatable meaning too. I never thought that love could ruin your life as much as drugs can before I heard this song!

Best ever on The Paradigm Shift. Korn just came to my country, Australia, since 2013.

24 Daddy

I won't make very many friends after sharing this statement, but I voted for this song. A lot of people dislike this song because of how disturbing it is. However, I have always liked disturbing stuff.

Not that I am happy about Jonathan Davis being molested by his father - I feel pity for that part of his childhood. What I appreciate about this song is that it's just so disgusting and horrible, yet it's so entertaining.

This song is incredibly sad and depressing. It's about how Jonathan was molested as a child, and how his parents wouldn't believe him.

I can only imagine how difficult this song must have been for Jonathan to write. In an interview, he claimed he couldn't bring himself to perform this song live. That has changed over time, and he is now comfortable singing it.

25 Kill You

Dark song. Awesome vocals and instrumentals, it is amazing! Listen to it. It truly is KoRn's best!

This song is my favorite from Life Is Peachy and one of my favorites from KoRn. Very underrated song.

The chorus is amazing. This song should at least be in the top ten.

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