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1 Orion - Master of Puppets

Nostalgia is key. My first Metallica album, so it's of course my favorite instrumental song from them. The Call Of Ktulu is also very good, though I think some parts are a bit too long. There's a part in that one where I just feel like hitting "Next". Don't get me wrong, They are both Great and I always think of them when I have Metallica on the mind. Orion is just a tad bit better in my opinion...
R.I.P Cliff and keep on Headbangging!

Orion is my fifth favorite Metallica song (first is Enter Sandman, then Nothing Else Matters, then Am I Evil, then Blitzkrieg.) Good job, Lars, Dave, James, and especially Cliff! Pity he died during the album tour.

Just by far the best in terms of feel and musicianship. You can hear the feel in everyone's tone, and the licks are all just so good.

2 The Call of Ktulu - Ride the Lightning

An epic ending to Ride the Lightning. Of course Orion and Suicide are good, but they let a fast-paced song at the end of the album end it. That's not bad, but it just ruins the feeling from the instrumental. Ktulu starts off nice and slow, then brings out very well and is paced perfectly. It then ends with some galactic drumming and ends after 9 minutes, which ends the album perfectly.

Literally a H.P Lovecraft book read aloud using guitars, drums, and bass. A build up that screams insanity, a core that vocalizes the terror and peril of the world about you, and a finale that spells out the end. And the magic is in the lack of lyrics being able to pull this off, and I just can't get the same vibe from Orion. So my vote goes to Ktulu.

Not only is Ride the Lightning my favourite Metallica album, but this is also my favourite instrumental. Everything works so well in this song, I like to imagine how Cthulu rises from the depths of the ocean, destroys the surface of the earth goes back to hunt for the next world to destroy.

3 To Live Is to Die -...And Justice For All

So, as a 40 year old male...that's now considered old and falling apart. I still rock my ass off to old school metallica! In my opinion, "And justice for all" is Metallica's greatest album of all! Yes, I do agree "Master of Puppets" deserves everything it received. However, if you do your research, you'll learn that "to live is to die" is Metallica's way of showing aggression towards their lost band mate! Which makes "to live is to die" their hardest emotionally song ever. Close your eyes, and listen to this masterpiece, while imagining your best friend dying! "To live is to die" deserves the #1 spot!

Really? Orion 1st? At least Call of Kthulhu has an awesome buildup and a booming finale. But To Live Is To Die takes the cake. It has everything (except bass) medieval acoustic riffs, heavy riffs, beautiful melodies, perfect harmonies and possibly the 2 best Metallica solos. More importantly it shows true emotion. That's what makes it a winner.

4 Suicide & Redemption - Death Magnetic

Such an underrated gem, every solo is magnificent and all of the riffs just are gut busting good. Even lars has a fantastic performance on this track. I will never understand why this gets a bad rep.

In my opinion, it is better than "To Live Is To Die" and "Call of Ktulu", but I can't decide "Suicide & Redemption" or "Orion", so I picked "S & R", because, it is not so high in this Ranking.

Going for nearly 10 minutes, this is an epic instrumental from their new album, Death Magnetic. This is evidence of their return to their classic metal in the 80s.

5 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth - Kill 'Em All

The first track from Metallica that gripped my soul when I first discovered their music. While Master of Puppets is one of the best albums, Orion isn't the best. The Kill Em All album is still underrated by many metal heads as a whole. The nearly forgotten track (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth may be an acquired taste but is, in my opinion, a demonstration of the complexity in Metallica's sound throughout the band's evolution.

Second favorite song on any album ever and other is Orion and 3rd is Call of Ktulu. Rip Cliff keep shredding heaven, happy cliff day.

Cliff is amazing.R.I.P. Cliff Burton. The world loved you and we still do and we forever love you for what you've done for the music world.

6 The Ecstasy of Gold - S&M
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