Best Metallica Singles

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1 Master of Puppets
2 Nothing Else Matters

Song about love in Metallica way. Love it so much. And it's my mom's fave song EVER

Year, this song is my fav from legendary Metallica. Never annoys me

I never get tired of this song, EPIC!

And James even did the solo!

3 Enter Sandman
4 One
5 Harvester of Sorrow
6 Sad but True
7 Screaming Suicide
8 Hero of the Day
9 Wherever I May Roam
10 Creeping Death

What is up with you guys?! Creeping Death is the only single off Ride the Lightning and is the greatest Metallica single ever made! And For Whom The Bell Tolls wasn't even a single (it was still a good song though)!

The Contenders
11 The Unforgiven
12 The Day that Never Comes
13 No Leaf Clover
14 Whiplash
15 Fade to Black

'Creeping Death' was the only single from Ride the Lightning.

16 Until It Sleeps
17 Fuel
18 The Unforgiven II
19 I Disappear
20 Whiskey in the Jar
21 Jump in the Fire
22 The Unforgiven III
23 All Nightmare Long
24 For Whom the Bell Tolls

Great song, but was not released as a single.

25 Don't Tread On Me

Good song but also was not a single.

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