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1 Everybody Talks

Every time I hear this song I freak out! Once it was playing on the radio at school and my mouth dropped open and I silently screamed "Yes! " and everyone started looking at me weird. We were watching a talent show once and someone had the song in there act and I did the same thing.

Between the catchy vocals and the recognizable intro this song is sure to be a fan favorite as well as a commercial success. The chorus is an anthem of Neon Trees, great vocals and the beat carries you all the way through. Great Song.

Awesome awesome tune... Totally makes my day brighter even when it's cloudy it's really beautiful and I as thinking of coverring this song pretty often from now on... It's got an easy chord and tune and I bet my friends would love it... I think I like neon trees a lot now...

2 Animal

A great rock song that has powerful vocals and a great sing-a-long chorus to top it off. A great rock song that paid off by Neon Trees.

It's amazing. I am in love with this song. It makes me feel so much better when I'm in a hole.

It always cheers me up for some reason. Definitely one of my favourite songs of all time. Highly reccomened

3 Your Surrender

My all time favourite song, its got lyrics that don't actually make sense but still means something, and is just epic.

4 Alarm

All of their songs are the best! This one little something extra!

I love this song!

5 In the Next Room

My favorie Neon trees song here is my top 5
1. In the Next Room
2. Girls and Boys in school
3. Love in the twenty-first century
4. Love and affection
5. Unavoidable.

They are hands down my absolute favorite band and this is my new favorite song of theirs.

Definitely the best song on this list to me! I've been listening to it on repeat...

6 Sins of My Youth

It's catchy. I can't explain why, but I just love it. One of my favorite songs of all time for sure.

I love this song, it's just amazing. This "sins" of his youth", all the drama in this song. Lovin' it. a

7 1983

I just can't stop listening to this song! It's so catchy and I wish more people new about it!

This should be top 3! Being Animal as top 1 and Everybody Talks At top 2... This list is so F up...

The best song I ever heard in all my life!

8 I Am the D.J.

Best Neon Trees song ever!

9 Sleeping With a Friend

"Sleeping With A Friend" NEEDS to be higher than this. It needs to be at number 1. The beat makes me SO happy! It's one of those songs I listen to to put me in a good mood. Please give it a listen!

This song is amazing. I listen to it on repeat all the time because it always makes me feel so happy. the best part of this song is that you can listen to it forever and not get tired of it

This song says as much as any song there is! I listen to it over and over again and it makes me smile! This is easily my #1 song by Neon Trees!

10 Text Me In the Morning

Such a great song! The upbeat relatable lyrics

I love this song, it's so catchy and upbeat!

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11 Close to You

Underrated Neon Trees song. Beautiful lyrics. Hands down their best song.

Close to you for top 5! Listen to it, it's cool. Smooth. A Little dark.

12 Wish List

Too awesome! Love the jingling Christmas bells in the intro... simply captures my heart

13 Lessons in Love (All Day, All Night)
14 Mad Love

This makes my world go round!

15 Teenage Sounds
16 Moving in the Dark

This song is unbelievably underrated! Check it out!

17 Love and Affection
18 Helpless

Should be tied in that number one spot with Animal, both are equal in excellence.

19 Our War
20 Phones
21 Still Young

Its in their new album, Picture Show. And it's one of their best songs. So is the rest of the album.

22 Love In the 21st Century
23 Farther Down
24 First Things First

There deepest song. Cool guitar solo, good length, very honest lyrics

25 Trust
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