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Known for their raw energy, political lyricism, and groundbreaking sound, The Clash's songs are a testament to their revolutionary spirit and musical innovation. From their explosive debut in the late 1970s through their dynamic evolution in the 1980s, Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Topper Headon created anthems that continue to resonate with fans old and new.
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1 London Calling

When I first heard this song, I was floored. The line London is drowning and I, (I) live by the river has more meaning behind it than just something to keep itself knocking around your head.

As for the comment about it being highly rated because of having London in the name: you miss the point entirely. The song isn't up here because it has London in the name, it's up here because it holds meaning and gives us a glimpse into the feeling of the time. Something that you'll be hard-pressed to find in many songs.

2 Train In Vain

This should be #1 in my opinion. Sure, London Calling is more popular, but this song is better.

Gotta love this song! Catchy beat, unique voice. Please boost this to number one!

It's a classic! It made London Calling a classic album.

3 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

This is the best song of this band... I think... Well, the song should stay at the top of the list... And it should go to first place... It is more deserving than "any city" calling or whatever...

People should not vote just because they have their country or city name... Bad voting... Not good democracy.

I listened to it for the first time watching Stranger Things, and today I still fall in love with this song. The Clash are one of my favorite bands.

I first heard this from the TV show "Stranger Things" back when I used to watch Netflix, and I liked it. This song is really catchy and fun.

4 Rock the Casbah

I love this song so much I listened to it around 150 times already. I think it really should be number 1. It's catchy, has a great melody, and is awesome overall!

Amazing song which deserves a high spot on this list. Too bad the production isn't as good as on London Calling.

Try listening to this song, making an effort to feel what Strummer felt when recording. The Clash made history with this song.

5 The Guns of Brixton

This song rarely makes top 10 lists. It's so great! The bass is as good as "London Calling." Its lyrics are amazing and predate (inspired?) the 1980s Brixton riots.

Seriously, the lyrics are punk as hell! The harmony they do during the chorus is also phenomenal. The Clash have some terrific songs, but this is by far their best.

So good. It's shameful that it was sampled by Beats International, but then they did copy everyone.

How is this song fifth! This is by far the best song here.

6 I Fought the Law
7 (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais

Well, this song being 6th with "Should I Stay" at number 3 and "Rock the Casbah" at number 4, what can be said of the reviewers?

This was one of Joe's favorites, for a start. A complex song that starts off about a disappointing all-night reggae "showcase" night at the Hammersmith Palais in London. The show, headlined by Dillinger, Leroy Smart, and Delroy Wilson, was disappointingly more "pop," "formulaic," and "lightweight" versus the "roots rock rebel" they had been looking for that night (maybe he got too much on his trip to Jamaica as reflected in "Safe European Home").

It goes into the commercialization of punk at that time in '78, Black and White relations, and more.

8 Death or Glory

I really liked the lyrics - not just because it's a song about selling out, but because it leaves the listener with jurisdiction to draw a lot of conclusions about its meaning.

It also has a great melody, and the part in the middle in which the music seems to stop for a time before picking itself back up is amazing.

9 Clampdown

This is the best Clash song ever! It speaks of the working class and how hard it is to survive in a world of political conspiracies, unfairness, inequality, hypocrisy, and corruption.

This is how a real punk rock band should sound.

A powerful song about how we should avoid what society wants us to be and do whatever we want.

10 Lost in the Super Market

I can't believe that this isn't on the list! Granted, it isn't their best song (not even in the top ten), but to not include it at all is unforgivable.

Mick's vocals have never been better on this song. Plus, it's a great critique of consumerism.

Do you guys know what this song is about? It's about life and the sensations it gives you. This song is so deep.

About feeling lost in life. Brilliant song.

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11 Career Opportunities

This is my favorite song because it's great old punk whacking with a great melody. Songs from London Calling are maybe advanced and all, but this is old punk, which I like.

My personal favorite. It's the perfect punk song: fast and furious.

12 Police & Thieves

The first song where you can tell where The Clash was heading. The best pre-London Calling song by far.

Great song! Right up there with London Calling and Should I Stay or Should I Go.

I love this song, which was also sung by other groups in reggae versions.

13 White Riot
14 Complete Control

I like about 97% of Clash songs released before Cut the Crap (they are my favorite band), but this has to be my all-time favorite because it just defines them so much.

Plus, it is really fun.

This song is the last great punk song by the band before they went in other directions. It has a much fuller production than songs from the first album.

A fantastic single.

I just love this song. Janie Jones, Safe European Home, and English Civil War are extremely close seconds, though.

15 Straight to Hell

12th? This is so messed up. It's the best Clash song, period. I understand why London Calling will always rank number 1 on these lists, so I'm not so bothered by that.

But not even 2nd, 3rd, not even top 10? Who votes on these things?

This is one of their best. Maybe not as popular as London Calling and Should I Stay or Should I Go, but it deserves to be in the top ten.

Every hardcore Clash fan knows this song.

I like a lot of Clash songs more than this one, but to see it this far down on the list is surprising. M.I.A. would be very sad, to say the least.

16 Spanish Bombs

Spanish Bombs has a great beat and is vastly underrated. Also, it is in the best album ever. Listen to this song, then rethink your previous review.

As a Spaniard, I love how The Clash remind us of the terrible civil war my country suffered and how fascism destroyed all liberties.

Beautiful lyrics and great bass.

Something about the Spanish makes it my favorite. It is also fun to play on acoustic guitar.

17 The Magnificent Seven

Love it. My favorite song by The Clash. I love the bass riff and the whole idea of the song. It's got a mixture of punk, reggae, and rap.

It shouldn't work, but it works brilliantly.

Primal punkabilly. The bassline went on to be sampled to great success by Basement Jaxx on Romeo, I think. Number one simply for What've we got? Magnificence.

18 Rudie Can't Fail

I love this song like Complete Control. This song has so many layers, and I can talk about that for many years. It's comedy and tragedy.

Very underrated. Amazing arrangement, production, and melodies.

19 Cheat
20 Bankrobber

How this song doesn't crack the top 10 is beyond me.

21 Safe European Home
22 Hitsville U.K.
23 London's Burning
24 Garageland
25 Tommy Gun
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