Guns 'N Roses Songs with the Greatest Slash Solos

The top ten greatest guitar solos from the best guitar player ever.
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1 November Rain

Even though the Sweet Child O' Mine guitar solo is my current favourite, the November Rain Solos belong in my heart. The solos are heartfelt and tell a story. The notes chosen for the solos fit into the chord progression quite perfectly - the 'outside' notes of the scale are creatively applied to create pleasing tension. The composition of the outro solo is amazing! I love the melody and sequencings created for this section. The shred legato were effectively applied, displaying both skill and creativity.

Bottom line: The entire song - not just the solo, belongs in my heart.

2 Sweet Child 'O Mine

"Even though Slash personally hates this song, I absolutely believe that his guitar solo is among the greatest guitar solos ever played. He recorded this guitar solo in one take and it couldn't have been any better had he played a thousand more times."

Sweet Child O' Mine is a masterpiece! Slash's solo in this song is arguably the greatest of all time by any guitarist, not just Slash!

This solo is amazing with its rhythm, and it's spirt. This is, in my opinion, his best solo.

3 Estranged

Best solo by any man alive. Better than Vaughan or Santana or even Ol' Bieber.

The last solo is very heavily underrated. It's beautiful.

4 Don't Cry

One of the best solos... The song makes me cry and the solo does the same... It's just driving me crazy and making me cry so bad... My favorite song... Gn'r is the

About the solo better than Estranged so it should be at 4th. November rain Sweet child omine Paradise city don't cry

Damn... This is the best solo by Slash how is it no. 5!?

5 Nightrain

The November Rain solo is extremely overrated. November Rain itself is overrated, this is Slash's best solo and Guns N' Roses best song

Its just a great song with one of the best solos of slash... But actully all solos of slash are fanastic! He is great! I love him!

One of the best riffs and solos combined to make this song.

6 Godfather Theme Solo

Not the most famous but damn this solo is so awesome! Just hear to the made in stoke version it's the best solo ever!

This is way better than sweet child o mine. He uses more techniques than any other solo

7 Knockin' On Heaven's Door

This is just perfect

Pd: I'd vote to nightrain but the solo was played by izzy stradlin, huns, if you don't konw about it don't comment it!

Awesome heart put into this sing and two great solos.

Best song ever. I get goosebumps every time I hear the song!

8 Paradise City
9 Welcome to the Jungle

Oh my god is this on number 7 this should be on 1!

10 Anastasia

One of his best songs. I'd put it up there with slither, sweet child, don't cry, fall to pieces and November rain. The live 2013 version on yt will blow your mind.

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11 Civil War

Best song I've ever heard, will always be my favorite song and slash plays like a god in this song!

12 Rocket Queen

Probably the most under appreciated solo in all of rock and roll. Not just technically proficient, but beautiful.

Love his talkbox wickedness in this one. One of the best, especially live. Also a great outtro!

13 Breakdown
14 Double TalkinĀ“ Jive

This is the best solo mayhem ever played. Strong, emotional, oustanding performance by Slash and Izzi Stradlin.

15 Patience (Live Era)

The patience live era solo is an improvised piece.
Just tells how good SLASH is to make that up.

16 You Could Be Mine
17 Coma
18 Locomotive (Complicity)
19 Don't Damn Me
20 Mr. Brownstone

Solo Makes me receptors explode. Like an cocaine overdose.

21 Out Ta Get Me

This song and solo is extremely underrated!

This song is awesome, probably my 2nd favorite song and solo by slash, behind Nightrain

22 Slither
23 Black Or White
24 The Garden
25 Speed Parade

Stick this on when you're driving in 30mph zone and I guarantee you'll be at 80mph in no time.

I cannot believe that Speed Parade hasn't made the list..!

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