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1 SM*SH - Indonesia

SMASH changed my life. Now I am more motivated because of SMASH. SMASH is my idol and they are my inspiration. They also have talent. They know how to dance and have a good voice. They can change us.

I love SMASH because they are an inspiration and a guide when dealing with people who hate us. SMASH brings new colors into my life as well as the music of Indonesia. Always support SMASH.

I like SMASH because they always set a good example for their fans. They keep their spirits high even when many people despise them. Besides, SMASH is also different from other Indonesian boy bands. Anyway, SMASH will always be in my heart forever.

2 Super Junior - South Korea Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

I can still remember my first encounter with Super Junior. I was browsing the international web when I stumbled upon their music video for "No Other" on YouTube. I didn't know what they were singing or saying, as I speak English, but I continued watching nonetheless. There was something about their voices that made my heart melt. However, I kept questioning their sincerity and talent as individual singers, not just as artists signed under S.M. Entertainment. I still don't have an answer to that. But a successful band doesn't solely rely on talent. Factors such as how they conduct themselves, how they behave towards others, and their level of perseverance and determination are also taken into consideration.

In my opinion, Super Junior is a group with a lot of experience. They have been through a great deal since their debut. One of their biggest challenges was a severe accident that nearly cost the lives of their younger members. After that incident, one of their members left the group. A year later, the father of one of their members passed away, and on the same day, another member was involved in an accident. Despite these hardships, they have managed to stay together without disbanding.

3 Arashi - Japan

The first thing I loved about Arashi is their bond. They don't just work together. They are colleagues, family, friends, and brothers all in one. Despite their incredible fame, they never let it go to their heads. They don't act cool. Instead, they let their fans see their real selves.

They slip up, make mistakes, and tease each other, often acting like dorks on national television. They make me smile and laugh, and whenever I see their smiles and hear their songs, they make my whole day the best day. The five of them are unique and different, but together, they make up ARASHI - the five-colored rainbows that we all know today.

If you were to ask what's so special about them, it's their natural bond. I don't know if it came to be out of almost 15 years of being together, but it's something that most people know them for. The members once said that they have never fought for as long as they have been together. When one of them was angry, they would eat together no matter what. They are pretty humble people, yet they love to do fancy and amazing things that have never been done before. Their concerts have amazing effects and lighting.

Sho once said that if they can become an oasis for us because of their crazy antics, then so be it. He wanted them to be our dream, and to many of us outside Japan, it's our dream to go to their concert one day.

They have gone through the same hardships as any other group out there. There was a time when they didn't sell anything at all, but that didn't stop them. Each member has their own unique personality that contributes to the group and balances them out very well. They love each other very much, and it's evident in their interviews. One said that they are so close it's disgusting (in a funny way, of course), and another said that they are between being friends and being brothers. According to Ohno himself, Arashi is something else other than being friends or brothers. It's another entity, laugh out loud.

They don't have the best vocals compared to other groups, but they can communicate well, and I think that's the very reason why they are loved so much. Being able to communicate with fans and people in a way that makes them think, "Ah, they are such nice and humble people. I want to know more about them," or "Ah, they are such idiots. They made me happy," sets them apart. Their staff have praised them greatly for being such wonderful people.

They have also saved many fans who were suffering from serious illnesses such as depression. I don't know if there are any other groups out there who can do that. To many fans, Arashi... more

4 Kat-Tun - Japan

KAT-TUN are not just your normal pop-band idols. They are artists. They deliver quality in their performances and work. They are not your usual pop music boyband. They move to rock rhythms and exhibit their signature risquéness. They don't put on the fake mask of "clean-image" idols. They are outright frank and blatant. In that sense, they are dorky, derpy, and hilarious.

They don't exactly exemplify "member-ai," also known as bromance. They practice tough love and troll each other, but when the situation calls for it, they display such a force of love and support that you will never question their bond. Aside from their good looks, these boys have a range of talents. You have members who nail the vocal range from low to high, a rapper who's dope with the rhyme, and a beatboxer who's great with sick beats.

They may not dance in sync, but that's their style. Their individualistic character shines through, making each of them stand out instead of being carbon copies of each other. Their awesomeness is also proven by how they've reached #1 on the Oricon charts 16 consecutive times with their singles, and 5 consecutive times with their albums and concert DVDs. Even when a member left to pursue his solo career, the remaining five stood strong - actually, even stronger. That's how powerful they are, both as individuals and as a group, regardless of the number of members in it. These boys deserve to be #1 and to achieve worldwide recognition.

5 TVXQ - South Korea

Please go check Wikipedia, and you will see that the Hallyu Artist is TVXQ! They bring us amazing songs and work in South Korea and Japan. They're well-known in Japan. Their talent is just perfect! Junsu with his perfect voice, Jaejoong with his handsome look, and of course, his excellent voice. Yoochun is talented as a singer, composer, and actor. Yunho has amazing dance skills, and Changmin has a great voice. All of them can sing R&B, Pop, Rock, and A cappella - you should hear them!

They are simply the best out of all boy bands, not just in Asia but all over the world! Every member is distinct and unique. Everyone can sing and dance really well. All five members are great actors and models. They are one of the rare groups who compose or write their own songs. Not to mention their sexy bodies. TVXQ! Fighting!

They are the best group, not only in Asia but in the entire world. All of them are very talented in more than one area, be it singing, dancing, composing, or acting. They are just a well-rounded group that can tackle any genre of music. Their harmonization is incomparable.

6 Big Bang - South Korea

I honestly don't get why BIGBANG is not #1. They are not the stereotypical boys you see in K-pop. Each member has their own style and flavor, and they could all be solo artists if put to the test. They are the only Asian group to be nominated for best album, or something similar. As for the members, TOP and G-Dragon are two of the best rappers in K-pop. Daesung is an incredible singer, Taeyang is a phenomenal dancer, and Seungri is the cutest maknae. TOP can captivate anyone with just one word and a gaze. They are also incredibly versatile. They don't have just one sound. They are one of the most diverse groups in the industry today. Moreover, they write their own music, dress themselves, and direct their own videos. They are known in almost every country. Need I say more?

I think Big Bang's members are very talented. They are experienced and have been working together since 2006. I love Big Bang because they have excellent voices and can dance very well. Each member can also release their own singles and still remain united as a group. That's why I really love Big Bang.

7 SHINee - South Korea Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

They are flawless! When they debuted, they were once so innocent. I'm not saying they're not now. It's just different from before. Now that they've grown up, they display various types of images that will make you say Wow. Yeah, I love them so much now and will forever. The term forever may seem impossible, right? But once you love these guys too much, it's also impossible to forget.

They are amazingly talented. The group consists of five handsome boys: Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin. Please vote for SHINee, as they have also helped a lot of people by improving their business. SHINee has assisted the people at Mexicana Chicken by advertising their products. SHINee rocks!

I love SHINee! Each one of them has a personality and talent that draw people to them. They're also funny, and they're one of the best groups with powerful vocals and awesome dance moves that I know. I have never once regretted being a Shawol, and I will love them for life!

8 Kis-My-Ft2 - Japan

I love them! They deserve so much more attention than they have now. They are cute and funny, and I love their shows.

9 XLR8 - Philippines

XLR8 excels because they have amazing voices and incomparable attitudes. They're friendly, they don't imitate other personalities, and they have exceptional talents. They treat their fans not just as fans, but as friends, and give their all whenever they perform on stage. What else could I ask for? They have all the characteristics most people desire. I'm voting for XLR8 because they deserve to be in the top ten boy bands in Asia.

They are the best. It doesn't matter what people say, whether they're posers or not. XLR8 has what it takes to be idolized and to shine. They know how to use their talents, how to share them, and how to make people happy - specifically, the girls - by showcasing their abilities. I love XLR8. I love each and every one of them. I love them all!

I love XLR8 not just because they're good at dancing or singing, but also because they have good personalities and characteristics. They love their fans and everyone who supports them. Perhaps that's the reason they have so many fans.

Even when there's criticism about them, they handle it well without hurting others. Go XLR8!

10 Shinhwa - South Korea

The longest-lasting group in Korea, and they have never changed their members. In the past 14 years, they've experienced a lot. But they still did their best for the group and also for the fans. Like one of the members, Dongwan, said: Shinhwa, for me, is not a choice, but destiny. They are Shinhwa, and we are Shinhwachangjo.

They are really awesome.

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11 Hey! Say! Jump! - Japan

Hey! Say! JUMP is the best boy band I've ever known. Their friendship and teamwork are incomparable. Also, their songs are really motivating. The songs tell different stories about friendship, achieving one's dreams, and never giving up. Just by listening to their songs, even without fully understanding the lyrics, you already feel hyped up. Their songs are very cheerful and encouraging. The message that the songs want to convey to the listeners is effectively communicated because of their singing techniques and passion for their work.

Hey! Say! JUMP has really changed my life and made me realize that if I really want something, I better go get it. At times, like when Ryutaro left, I was so sad. But overall, they've brought so much happiness into my life. I know I'll never meet them, and sadly, they'll never know my face. I'll just be stuck in the crowd of faces that adore them, but I love them regardless. Every day, I can see in full color because they are in my life. I thank God they're here with me. Without them, I don't know where I'd be. To me, they are so much more than a band.

12 F.T. Island - South Korea

Everything I say about F.T. Island won't be enough! These boys are so talented. They work extremely hard and give everything they have to their fans - be it their music, personal lives, or inspiration. I adore my treasures because they are just being who they are - perfect in every way! I love their songs. They make me want to fight for everything I want. They keep me calm, and I am happy just listening to them.

Is there any reason to dislike FT Island? I think there must be none. There are a lot of people who say that FT Island songs make them bored, but you guys really have to hear all of their songs. See how talented they are. There's no reason to dislike them.

When I think about FT Island, I always remember five cute boys who really know how to rock the stage. Although they're still young, they can make brilliant music. They are a band that is really productive in making albums.

13 NEWS - Japan

Despite all the scandals they went through as a nine-member group, NEWS successfully resurfaced, closer than ever, with six remaining members. These six are not your stereotypical boy band that only sings catchy love songs about heartbreak. They sing songs about a range of topics such as love, relationships, friendship, and even just having fun. Individually, each is extremely talented, and as a group, they are just as impressive. They work hard to connect with their fans and to show their unique qualities. Together, their individual traits create a beautiful tapestry.

This group of six is more than just a boy band. They are a family. Although they aren't as active as other groups, each member consistently gives 100% and never fails to reassure their fans that they will resurface with something new. As someone else previously said, I hope they continue their group activities and shine brighter than ever. Ganbare, NEWS!

14 SS501 - South Korea

SS501 is great and is the only K-pop boy band that I love. The boys are all very beautiful and very talented. Their music and songs are excellent and classic. Even now, I still love their songs a lot. They have worked very hard to improve themselves, and I bet more than 80% of their songs are very popular. Although their contract ended in June 2010, Triple S and fans still love them a lot and are still waiting for their comeback. They are great. Their solos are even better. They will become bigger if and when they come back. I love SS501.

I am a proud Triple S! SS501 songs are the best. They never fail to put a smile on my face. Even their solo albums are must-haves for any green pea out there. They may be busy with their individual activities, and one member is currently serving in the army, but the Triple S community will continue to believe in them. This is because they are five men, forever as one.

SS501 has forever been an inspiration for me. The whole presence of SS501 together on one stage makes me think they're back again. It's kind of sad that we'll have to wait longer now that Kyu Jong has enlisted in the military. However, Triple S will always be behind SS501 and cheer them on. I personally think only real Triple S's will vote for SS501 on this site, considering how many other bands there are. Triple S, please do your best to find a company that's willing to take you back. We all miss you!

15 Sexy Zone - Japan

I really love them so much! Even though they just debuted last year, they've already gained so much attention, not only in Japan but also internationally. I love the way they sing and dance! They can also act! They're young and so energetic! All of them are so cute!

I found out about them half a year ago, and I love them! They're energetic, cute, and sexy all in one. My favorite song of theirs is "New Day". It's so great!

16 2PM - South Korea

The first time I knew them, I just looked at one member, but then I realized I couldn't do that. I love them all and love to see them all. Every member has their own talent and charisma, and their brotherhood is awesome. They're beasts on stage, but hey, look at them backstage! Sometimes they're dorky, funny, cute, and unconcerned about their image (but in a good way, of course). There's no boredom when watching 2PM. They're lovable. It's not just girls who love them, but everyone. My brother is really fascinated by their bodies and wants to be like them. Even my little brother loves them so much. He knows every member's name and he's just 4 years old. Don't Stop, Can't Stop, 2PM Go! 2PM Mansae!

They have their originality and impressive choreographic acrobatics. They may not be the best singers, but they have the power to wow the crowd through powerful dance, charisma, and swag. They wouldn't be in a top Korean group for nothing. The Hottest will always be there for them. They are the ones who attract the crowd through their stage presence. 2PM fighting!

17 S4 - Indonesia

They're very amazing, set to be Asian stars and even global stars. They are a talented, charismatic, and qualified idol group in Indonesia. They have different character voices, which really give them charisma. Indonesia should be proud of S4. Love S4 so much.

They are different from any other boy bands in Indonesia. Their quality surpasses all of these boy bands, and their skill is almost perfect! Just watch them, and you will love them without any doubt. I can't love any other boy band in Indonesia except them. They are extremely handsome, and their skill is just amazing! No plastic surgery and no lip-syncing in their performances. LOVE THEM A LOT!

Very talented, each of them has their own charisma and character. They are hard workers with great discipline. They also have good attitudes and are polite. And they are good-looking as well. Love them. Proud to be Indonesian.

18 MBLAQ - South Korea

MBLAQ will always be #1. The group is so talented, and they work hard to produce the best quality music. Each comeback concept is different, and they are not afraid to try new things. They have truly evolved into artists, not just another typical group.

Leader Seungho is incredibly versatile. What can't he do? He is an excellent dancer with the sexiest body waves ever. He plays multiple instruments, but his specialty is the piano. Additionally, he can tumble, knit, sing, beatbox, and perform magic, among other things. The list goes on and on.

G.O, the main vocal of the group, has the voice of a god. He also writes and produces a significant amount of music. Lee Joon is not only gorgeous but has proven himself as a great actor and artist. Thunder is incredibly handsome and has worked hard to improve, contributing by producing and writing much of their music. Lastly, Mir's rap is phenomenal, and he puts an immense amount of care and effort into everything.

They have grown so much as artists over the last five years, and I can't wait to see what the next five bring. This group of talented, funny, yet humble guys will always be #1.

19 EXO - South Korea Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

They've lived up to expectations. Tell me what rookie group has their mini album ranked in the top 10 best-selling albums of the year? MAMA sold better than TVXQ's Catch Me repackaged album. Their fanbase is in the top 3 biggest fanbases in China. They are incredibly famous in Japan even though they haven't debuted there. They've received 23 awards without any single comeback. They'll be big for sure.

I love this band. To put it simply, it is amazing. Their voices blend so beautifully. I like their softer songs, like Angel and Baby Don't Cry. Even though Exo has had members who quit, they pulled through and still stayed at the top. Keep fighting. Remember, Exo-M + Exo-K + Exo-L = Exo-One.

EXO members are very talented people. I love EXO so much. EXO is the best. I don't know how to express my feelings. Hmm. EXO has given me so much strength and confidence. They even started my new life. They are the most important people to me. I am going to be an EXO-L forever. EXO, fighting! Saranghaeyo. We EXO-Ls are always there for you. Be strong.

20 ABC-Z - Japan

Their acrobatic performances are the best in the world!

21 Kanjani Eight - Japan

They're not perfect, but I wouldn't trade them in my life for anything. The number of times they've made me laugh and feel good is too many to count. These guys have taught me so much. In their dorky, light-hearted ways, they've won my heart and support in everything they do. I've never seen a group work so hard! They strive to survive with a hunger to move forward.

Nobody ever talks about this within the agency, but they were once the underdogs, pushed aside and left on their own. Yet, they've managed to catch up. They did it somehow. Of course, among the most successful, they're still often counted as low-ranking, but the fact that they're there and continue to grow - both individually and together, both personally and artistically - truly makes me happy and encourages me to cheer them on. They've silenced the many people who doubted them, and they continue to do so.

22 B2ST - South Korea

Beast was the best. Despite the idea that they are called a Recycled Group by the haters, we B2utys don't care. They've already proved themselves. Hyunseung's cool and pretty dance moves, Gikwang's chocolate abs, the perfect raps of Junhyung, the sweet concern of leader Doojoon for the members, the coolest and maknae power of Dongwoon - most of all, my one and only bias, Yang Yoseob's beautiful voice, cute face, and his sweetness to the members. I love everything about him! I love everything about Beast! Beast is amazing!

They are original. They have real talent. They can sing, not just mediocrely, but much better than other boy bands. Not only can they sing, but they can also dance well. They have different personalities that blend perfectly together. When you watch their reality shows, their personalities just flourish.

Just great music and great people. Since I heard them, I've loved their music. Good music travels all over the world. Yoseob's voice is just amazing, and Junhyung is the best rapper ever. Each of the guys has a great voice and talent, and they really know how to dance. I love them and can't live without their music.

23 NU'EST - South Korea NU'EST is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment consisting of JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren, and Minhyun.

Nu'est fighting! Always love Nu'est! <L.O. /. E>

One of the best bands out there!

24 Voyz Avenue - Philippines

Go Voyz Avenue!

They perform really well, singing some of their original compositions as well as dancing. They are not just talented in dancing and singing, but they are also good-looking. Most importantly, they treat their fans not just as fans but as friends.

These guys are really amazing! They started, I think, almost six years ago. They have truly worked hard to earn the spotlight they're currently enjoying. I was astounded when I first saw them.

They sing splendidly, with very good blending and superb voices. They're also very good-looking guys! They dance. They act. What else could you ask for? :)

They are modest and attentive to the people around them. They treat their fans like friends and family. I love the group's sense of brotherhood. I've witnessed how they help each other improve and how much they love singing. I see their passion.

With their exceptional talents, they really deserve to have more TV and radio exposure. Stations should give them more projects!

25 CN Blue - South Korea

Although I'm not really a huge fan of rock music, I have to admit that a couple of CNBlue's songs were able to catch my interest.

A unique boy group, CN Blue is a band whose talent exceeds expectations. One has to listen to them to fully appreciate their music.

They're so cool and natural. I like all their songs very much! They're a multi-talented band! FIGHTING!

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