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Songs from the great alternative hip-hop & rap singer Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park.
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1 Remember the Name

This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name.

Amazing lyrics and amazing beats, surely one of the best rap songs ever made.

This is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% beat, 50% pleasure, and a 100% reason to hear this song. This song rocks. Must hear. I don't know why it didn't enter good ranks on the charts.

Every time I listen to this song, my earphones give some odd sounds after every bass. The best bass effect ever occurred in any song that will blow up your speakers!

2 Believe Me

The chorus is amazing! This song reinvented the band, and other than Remember the Name, it's the best ever! If you want to hear a good alternative song, this is the one.

This one is undoubtedly the best! The beat is awesome, and the lyrics give you a badass feeling! This is hip-hop at its finest!

Awesome chorus. The synchronization between the words and music is incredible. I really like the background music.

3 Where 'D You Go

Damn good. Deserves to be #1 actually. Shinoda rocked my heart with his amazing rap and Holly Brook with her exceptionally sweet voice.

This song makes me sad, angry, grief-stricken, hopeful, and inspired all at once. This is the very emotion and genuineness lacking in our music industry today.

This one right here is a standout. It has overshadowed many other rap songs because, for me, this is the best track to come out of the industry.

4 Kenji

This is by far one of the best songs I've ever heard and is truly the highlight of The Rising Tied. Not only does Mike's rapping excel here along with a sick beat and overall beastly song, but the way Mike is able to narrate the entire story in just a few verses is just flawless and ultimately gives you goosebumps by the time the song is over. This is the song that killed all of Mike Shinoda's doubters and proved just how good of a rapper he really is. 10/10

This song should be heard at least once by everyone. Meaningful lyrics. It should be higher on the list.

5 Welcome

Only top 5? This is one of the best songs.

6 Petrified

Must be at the top. Love this song. Lyrically brilliant. Overall, the song is empowering. Best for sure. Love this song. Lyrically brilliant. Overall, the song is empowering. Best for sure.

Includes one of the best lyrics in the history of rap!

7 High Road

1. Remember the Name
2. Where'd You Go
3. Believe Me
4. High Road
5. Petrified

I voted for this because it deserves to be at number 4, but this list is almost perfect already. Just move this up one and Petrified up to 5th.

Should be number 2 or 1 for guys, number 3 for girls. I get why Where'd You Go is so high, but not Believe Me or Petrified. Petrified shouldn't be on the list.

Some lines by Mike are really nice and it's true because these are so meaningful.

8 In Stereo

Wow, best lyrics: Turn the key, turn the volume up loud, roll right, roll every window down, let the whole block know what this is about, turn it up, y'all, burn that system out.

9 Cigarettes
10 Slip Out the Back

This is the first song by Fort Minor I've listened to, and come on, it is a banger. *Starts looking for more of their songs.*

It's the best "growing" track indeed. It starts smooth and takes you to a certain plane.

Awesome lyrics and so damn inspiring. Gives you all the courage to face the people around you!

The Contenders
11 Red to Black

Fantastic song. Real meaning and emotion. Top 10? Definitely! Brilliant lyrics. Awesome music. Probably my favorite Fort Minor song, with the exception of Remember the Name.

Why is this not at least in the top 10? It may be simply because I can relate to this song, but this is my favorite from them. The beat is so catchy, and the smoothness of the lyrics is awesome!

This song is so underrated. It isn't the best, but it should be at least number 6.

12 Feel Like Home

Good lyrics - My life like trying to swallow a pinecone. It's tough when you live fast, just to die slow.

13 The Hard Way

This should be in the top 10. Mike Shinoda was awesome. I love this song. Really awesome. This should be in the top.

Amazing song! Should be in the top ten.

14 Get It
15 Get Me Gone

Great beat, allows you to see the band from behind the scenes and how people saw them from the start. Also, Mike includes details about Linkin Park.

16 Right Now

This song is so dope! It makes you think, with great lyrics and a bumpin' beat. I'd even put this above "Remember the Name." And it's cool how he can be inspired by just looking out of a window at what the city does.

How isn't this the best song? Dang, it's the best and it also has the most meaning and stuff! The lyrics are dope too, along with the beat! It drives me crazy that this isn't #1 on the list!

The lyrics are simply awesome. The music is also very, very good. My favorite song off the album. This should be the 2nd best, right after "Remember the Name."

17 100 Degrees

Although not as mainstream as other songs like Remember the Name or Where'd You Go, this is definitely one of their best songs. The best in my opinion.

Woo. Best song. I love the start where the guy is singing low until at the end he is singing high. And it's not even in the main album, so not a lot of people have heard it, but it's awesome.

18 Second to None

Best and greatest song of all time now.

19 Be Somebody

This song is inspirational and also has awesome beats. This song should have been at least in the top 5!

Fort Minor is the best band of all time. It has great lyrics and good songs. It's a real rap-rock song.

Must be in the top 5. Great music and lyrics.

20 It's Goin' Down
21 There They Go

This is the best song of all time. The lyrics are very awesome and not copied from any other song.

This is a very nice song all the time. The greatest song ever. The lyrics are not copied from any other song.

22 Dolla

Tank song. Not a very well-known song by them, but very catchy, very good chorus, and it is a very good pump-up song. I listen to it every time before a wrestling match. Compares to Remember the Name, honestly.

23 Spell It Out

Why wasn't this on before? Come on, it's Cell's theme from Dragon Ball Z!

24 Strange Things
25 Tools of the Trade
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