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Social Distortion has been a staple in the punk rock scene since the late 70s, mixing raw energy with a unique blend of punk, rockabilly, and blues. With their sharp lyrics, gritty sound, and unforgettable melodies, Social Distortion has created a musical legacy that continues to resonate with fans old and new.

From the rebellious anthems to the heart-wrenching ballads, Social Distortion's catalog is filled with songs that speak to the human condition in all its messy glory. They've got tracks that make you want to smash the system, songs that soothe a broken heart, and tunes that make you feel like you can take on the world.
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1 Story of My Life

This is one of those songs which I sing in my mind very often, I can't believe that some people nowadays have the misfortune to say that they like Cow Punk when they have never even tried such musical material in their life. exquisite like the one from Social Distortion, and maybe I'm wrong but my message is clear! We need to be more united as brothers of Punk and to solve more the amount of albums and lost songs of the genre.

Before, I was struck by the idea of ​​having to choose between which of these masterpieces of social distortion I should choose ... Reach for the Sky, Story of My Life, Machine Gun Blues or Angel's Wings ... Now I have a more vision clear and I feel that my preference is for Story of My Life since it has a somewhat generic meaning but with touches of truth, and being the best, there is nothing that can lower it from Top Number 1 because it really deserves it!

2 Machine Gun Blues

The song it's very charming by himself. Really love the harsh advanced chord-guitar with all the vocals. This song is so Good

Inspiring choruses, good lyrics and very heavy pounding guitars! This song rocks

Great hard pounding beat and the video immortalized it.

3 Ball and Chain

I had never heard a masterpiece like this in my life, the truth is that I am not usually a big fan of punk-rock music but when I heard of Social Distortion from a friend, I did not believe it at first. Even so when I heard Story of My Life for the first time I was somewhat surprised, because it seemed like a somewhat intelligent song and with its methods, but when I heard Ball And Chain it was very different, it surprised me even more. The guitar is so friendly, the solo is epic and Mike Ness's voice is even better on this song.

4 Reach for the Sky
5 Don't Drag Me Down

How can this be at number 8? Great lyrics, an incredible energy, and possibly my favorite guitar riff of all time. A punk rock masterpiece.

Ok I agree that the lyics don't make that much of a sense, but they do bring out emotions, esp of sadness & FRUSTRATION... The leads and rhythm are truly amazing...

Lyrics make perfect sense, riff is awesome, punk rock at its finest.

6 Cold Feelings
7 I Was Wrong

When life stops me from me from doing great things in life, every time then I come here to rank this song up because it helps a lot with his lyrical meaning. Never cared so much about the band and I've never listen to any other song on here but this one it's clearly the exception, can't live a bad day without refugee myself onto this lyrics :(

More probably. Their best track, instead of putting Story of My Life 1st,! And don't get me wrong but it's just that there's better options to consider as Number. 1 and this one "I Was Wrong" it's a clear option. Better drums, more powerful usage of the double stomping guitars and much freshy vowel harmonies w. Chords!

8 Angel's Wings

These are some of the greatest rock songs ever made but Angel's Wings gotta' be that one special that takes the cake, this due to its amazing harmonic guitars and the great voice that Mike Ness has in this song, it's pure fire!

This song it's phenomenal! It has a great guitar solo and heartwarming lyrics that helps to battle a depressing day.

Almost cried for losing everything in my life, and also while listening to this masterpiece, beautiful song.

9 Ring of Fire

This is by far one of the best cover songs I have heard. Great interpretation of a Cash classic, period! Adds so much character to their eponymous debut. I have not heard all Cash cover songs, but I would say this is likely among the best.

Stupidest song I have ever heard in my whole entire life, and I mean I'm forty three and a musical genius. Playing several instruments. This song is really stupid and I really do not like any of it.

Best remake of a true classic song EVER! So good!

10 Through These Eyes

I feel like Ball and Chain could be the band's best song, this due to its interesting guitar melody and Mike Ness vocal intonation on it, but sometimes I feel like Through These Eyes is more clearly the best song here, this for which has a bit more convincing lyrics and the rhythms of the drums are harder but genuine, plus the bass is incredibly punk! If you know what I mean

The best example of a song that hasn't get enough phrase only because doesn't it sounds famousy, come on people, this song actually mind all the pre cording parts creating a new ascendent to drumming parade. The song may not be part of the most notable 90's series of Punk playlists, but haven't heard you the song, it's not supposed to you're a genius? Sorry if I express myself like that but I can't tolerate anymore the fact that people today, only care about the wrong side of music and not the real one (this) a shame 😔

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11 Mommy's Little Monster

No votes on Mommy Little Monster ? Oh come on, what's going on ! It's a decent song at least. Please! Vote it!

12 Another State of Mind

I have never been able to understand why the most outstanding songs are always taken as the lowest on the list. If I'm honest, this bothers me a lot! Because "Another State of Mind" is not a really simple song, but it even served as inspiration for Green Day to perform songs like "Brain Strew" or even "American Idiot" so inspiration was always it is taken from pieces as classic as this one. And if many still do not agree that this is the best song of the band, then I do not know what else holds for the future on this list of Social Distortion

13 Bad Luck

Some people like to gamble, some people like Rock n' Roll ... Epic phrase!

Someone wants to play poker with me ?

This is their best song I think.

14 Prison Bound

Amazing track, receives no support on radio or satellite radio, catchy hook, story telling lyrics... An absolute classic, best SD song out there... Plus, it basically was their come back to the music scene after being out for about 5 years...

Their best song... Great story telling... Sung with a lot of emotion and its great live also! Awesome lyrics!

One of their greatest songs in my opinion. Makes me want to go to lockdown! Plus it tells his story.

15 So Far Away

Great song

Awesome guitar work

This song should of been a hit song

Wait never mind it can't be a hit cause it has no music video

Well the song is still awesome!

16 Highway 101
17 Winners and Losers
18 Sick Boys
19 When the Angels Sing

Easily a top 5 song for me. Great vocals and relaxing instrumentals. I just love it!

20 Making Believe
21 Playpen
22 She's a Knockout
23 Ghost Town Blues
24 Indulgence
25 Far Behind

Many good SD songs in the top tier but Far Behind needs to move way up on the list! Mike Ness at his best!

We all know someone like this. Great lyrics and even better riffs

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