Top 10 Best Enrique Iglesias Songs

For over two decades, Enrique has been serenading us with his soulful voice, evocative lyrics, and electric stage presence. This Spanish sensation has not only captured the hearts of Latin music lovers but has also amassed an incredible international fanbase that spans the globe.

Journey back to 1995 when Enrique burst onto the music scene with his debut self-titled album, gracing us with unforgettable hits like "Si TĂș Te Vas" and "Experiencia Religiosa." The years since have been a rollercoaster ride of chart-smashing albums, groundbreaking collaborations, and staggering record sales that exceed 170 million globally!

Whether you're into swoon-worthy ballads that tug at your heartstrings or pulsating dance anthems that get your feet moving, Enrique's versatile discography offers something irresistible for everyone.
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1 Hero

Hero is a word that often encompasses movie stars, but its role in someone's life means much more than what it actually says. This particular song describes it all. Enrique is the right person to convey this message with his heartwarming voice.

Great lyrics with superb music. I was so amazed when I heard this song for the first time. It's my all-time favorite. Everyone should listen to this song, especially if you're in love. What a heart-touching way to explain love.

This song reminds me of the girl whom I loved very much. She really took my breath away. She didn't love me, and I spent my life trying to prove to her that I could be her hero. I could kiss away the pain and stand by her forever (I actually did). But she still didn't love me.

At last, when it was time for me to get out of her life, she realized it. She cried for many days until I came back to her and whispered in her ear, "I can be your hero."

2 Tonight

I never leave for work without hearing this song. The fact is, I love all of Enrique's songs because they make a lot of sense, and I just can't control my tears while listening to Hero.

Amazing, just amazing! A day doesn't pass without me hearing this one.

Sexy song. This song is full of sizzling and fantastic beats! When I listen to this song, I get lost in a mood to dance. Amazing, astounding - no words. Dirty things happen during nighttime. Night is the period for going dirty, etc. You know what I mean.

I really love you, girl, but tonight's the time - that "Tonight I'm Loving You"! Loving this song.

3 I Like It

This is the best song. Enrique is the best singer here. This song is stuck in my head!

It is a really super song. It has nice music, and even the feature of Pitbull is nice. Really, Enrique is my best singer.

This song is awesome! It's the best song of Enrique Iglesias. I like it very much!

4 Somebody's Me

This song just makes me feel like there is someone out there who likes me too!

Absolutely heart-touching song with great lyrics. Enrique is at his very best in this song. Every time I listen, it feels like heaven to me.

It must be his best song ever.

"Somebody dreams about you every single night. Somebody's me." I think this is better than "Hero." The song touches your soul.

Enrique is super awesome!

5 Bailamos

The song I've listened to since my childhood still motivates me. When I listen to it, motivational energy circulates disastrously in my body. Man, what else do I need to say? He's an inspiration and a great composer of his time, i.e., the early 21st century.

The king who rules the hearts of true music lovers is still rocking the world. For those who haven't listened to him, I suggest rushing to listen to this one of the top singers' music and collection.

I LOVE Enrique Iglesias, period! Please vote for Bailamos, Addicted, and Can You Hear Me. These three songs should be in the top 5 without a doubt! These songs will break you. Please vote for them!

6 Dirty Dancer

The original with Usher is like the best dance song ever. Why didn't they make that one the official? Even now, it's being bought more on iTunes. It sounds awesome on its own. LOVE THIS SONG. Keep it up, Enrique.

Nice, man, it's the best of Enrique. Please, guys, vote for this. I never get tired of listening to this song. It must be in the top 1.

I actually love this song so much. It's awesome.

Great song. It's a pure pop dance song featuring Usher. This song should be in the top 5. It has amazing singing and incredible musical qualities.

7 Addicted

Such a wonderful song, really. It's just different from the others. This song definitely makes people addicted to it.

It should be among the top three, I guess.

Almost every song of Enrique is just awesome, but this song makes me cry. I just love it, maybe because my life is related to it. I really don't understand why Do You Know is at tenth, even when Stay Here Tonight, whose lyrics are so good, and Sad Eyes, which are better than a lot of songs placed above them, exist.

This is the most awesome song I have ever heard. It takes us to heaven while listening to the song. The lyrics are great, especially the line, "There's a storm in my head, it lies on my bed." Extremely heart-touching.

8 Escape

This song is the best one by Enrique. I just love it. The second should be Somebody's Me, as voted.

Hero is not a good song compared to Tonight. It's really awesome.

I love this song so much. Though years have passed since Escape was released, I know this comment is a little late. I want you/them to know that I finally met the song that I want to share with the people I love. Thank you!

You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love. One of my most favorite songs. This song is the best one by Enrique. I just love it. And the second should be Somebody's Me, as voted.

Hero is not a good song compared to Tonight. It's really awesome. This beautiful song isn't even in the top five. Why? This track is amazing, and his vocal is so sweet. My favorite song by Enrique Iglesias! Old good times.

9 Bailando

Bailando is Enrique Iglesias' new Latin-flavored song that everyone needs to listen to. It truly makes you want to dance. Keep it up, Enrique! This song is part of his latest album, Sex + Love.

Best Spanish song ever. Best dance song ever. Sexiest singer ever.

Listen to it, and you're hooked.

This is an epic song! Guys, you have to vote because this song deserves to be in the top three!

10 Rhythm Divine

Rhythm Divine makes you feel alive and passionate. Even when I'm not in the best mood, this song pumps me up. It's beyond words to describe. I guess this is one of the miracles of music. I've been listening to this song for years and appreciate it more and more every time I listen to it.

Totally awesome song. Another hit from Enrique! I simply love this song.

I can't sleep without listening to it at least once a day.

This song is so soothing. And damn! It has captivated me, and it's catchy too. I love it.

Its rhythm is really divine. One of my favorite songs. What else is there to say, man?

The Contenders
11 Be with You

This is the best song of Enrique. Music, vocals - everything is just too awesome. It should be somewhere in the top ten. Just listen to it, guys. You'll just love it. Thanks, Enrique, for such a beautiful song.

This is one of the best songs by Enrique. It was my first song of his, and until now, it is my favorite one. I just love this song. It never gets old to my ears. Superb music and awesome voice. The beauty of Enrique is evident here.

Without a doubt, this is not only the best song from Enrique but also his best-selling song in the U.S. I think it is the best song in the world since the first time I heard it! No day goes by without hearing this song.

12 Finally Found You

Best! Enrique and his songs just never change. You know you can trust a song when you know it's from Enrique. The lyrics, the video, everything is so sweet!

It's a must-listen, guys.

He waits for a second chance to make love with her. I believe in second chances. That's why, in the end, when he finally finds her, his love will be unleashed. He couldn't control it.

It reminds me of my past, the pain, but I like the feeling. I still want her in my life. It's a great, painful feeling, but I like that.

13 Why Not Me?

Such a soulful song. Enrique must have put his heart into it because it makes you cry. I always feel the emotions, the sadness, and the desperation when hearing it. Just pure love in this song, people. I listen to it throughout my day. It will always touch your heart.

Why is it ranked seventh? It should be first, and Tonight should be second.

By far, this is the best song of Enrique's I've ever listened to. I just can't describe in words how amazing and soulful I felt after listening to it, not once but innumerable times. The video is an absolute tear-jerker. I literally had to blur my vision while watching it.

14 Do You Know?

Simply the best! This song is dedicated to me, as per my feelings. I love it more than any other of Enrique's hits. It's coded with deep feelings, which were inside me, and I never thought... I'm the happiest from the inside.

Actually, the first time I heard it, after I left my friends, it touched me a lot because the music is related to me. The song is full of love and emotion, and the video tells a story of love. For me, it's just like the video for Hero, aside from the girl.

Amazing song. Simply awesome. Enrique has sung this song so beautifully that I am even unable to express it in words. Every time I listen to this song, I become speechless. Enrique has his own unique way of singing, and this makes the song even more appealing.

For me, this would be in the top five love songs ever. Keep it up, buddy.

15 Heartbeat

Man, it's so difficult to choose one of Enrique's songs! All of them are absolutely breathtaking! Hero, Somebody's Me, I Like It, Tonight, Addicted, Rhythm Divine, Be with You - I could go on, and the list would get longer.

But still, Heartbeat is definitely one in the top 5. So, please move this song up!

What can I say? It's just awesome. This song made me fall in love with Enrique. His look in this video is damn good. Enrique is the best. Love, love, love - lots of love for him.

His songs make me crazy all the time. Heartbeat is one of his best songs, so I think it should move up.

16 I Have Always Loved You

"And when you call, it makes me cry. We never made time for you and I. If I could live it all again, I'd never let it end. I'd still be with you. Oh, God, I miss you." I just love this part.

I just love it. The lines "I have always loved you. There's never been anyone else" touch my heart.

It's the best Enrique song I have ever listened to. I think if you are born as a human, then you must hear this song.

17 Tonight (I'm F*****' You)

This song is steamy, hot, sexy! Enrique's music is fantastic and rocking! This song fills my mind with excitement. My legs jiggle and it makes me dance. Whoo! Dirty things happen during nighttime. Way to go, dirty. I like that sexy blonde, Natalia Obradicoval. She's sizzling, man! I'm loving this song, not loving you.

Enrique's voice is so seductive in this song. Simply beautiful. Love ya, Enrique.

From this song, I became a very, very big fan of Enrique. Actually, I love to listen to all his songs.

18 Tired of Being Sorry

Heartfelt! Just amazing. I love to listen to the song again and again. Enrique's voice is just too good, and the pain he tries to convey through the song is simply so touching.

Best song from the "Melody Prince" Enrique. It's the right song for a 'broken heart' like mine. Someday this song will reach all broken hearts. There's no comparison for this soul-touching song.

This song must be at the top of the list! Come on, people, listen to it first. It's definitely his best song.

It should be at least in the top 5. Vote for this great song!

19 Could I Have This Kiss Forever
20 Sad Eyes

This is one of the best songs from Enrique! It should've been in the top five!

Great song. Once you hear it, you can't stop listening to it.

You people are fools. This is the best Enrique song ever.

21 Takin' Back My Love

Hey, this should be the first one, with lots of feelings that are flushing through the veins of the body. Enrique is amazing for sure. He makes painful songs all the time without compromise.

Wow, this song just rocks. And I also think Ciara's voice is similar to Vanessa Hudgens.

Awesome song. Listen to this emotional, attractive, and lovely song.

22 Mas Es Amar
23 Heart Attack

Actually, it must be in the top 10, I guess. The music is amazing! The guitars rock! The lyrics are heart-rending. When I listen to this song, I understand what it's like when someone's love fails. It's the best tragic song from Enrique.

Can't stop listening to this song. Believe me, guys, this is an awesome song and it's better than Hero. If you listen to this song, you're definitely going to love it.

What? Somebody's going to tell me they don't like this song? Well, they probably haven't heard it. Trust me, it should be among the top, maybe even the top 5.

24 Away

Oh, I love this song! It should be at least in the top 15.

Awesome song with heart-touching lyrics.

25 Ring My Bells

I agree. This should be number one or two. Amazing song! I absolutely love the beat. I heard it once and thought it was the most mellow, chill, relaxing, yet fun song of his to listen to. It made me want to just lay down and close my eyes while listening to the song.

I can listen to it over and over again and never get sick of it, which is unusual for me. The background sounds and instruments make the song almost sound like there's no gravity. Definitely my favorite song of his for the time being.

This song should be the first. I've been listening to this for a long time, but it's still my favorite. The meaning of the song visualizes a different world for me. I guess that feeling is not just mine, but for anyone else who loves this song.

I love his voice very much.

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