Top 10 Best Artcell Songs

Artcell is one of the most popular metal/rock bands in Bangladesh.
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1 Dukkho Bilash

Awesome song I had ever heard in Bangla Metal Bands. So mostly my cheerful mind carries thanks to Artcell, the greatest band forever.

Excellent song. One of my favorite songs. This is my first guitar song, which I played with a guitar.

Good, but it's not their best song.

2 Oniket Prantor

Released this song and made them a legend. Guitar solo, lyrics, singing, riffs, bass solos, drum solos, the sound mixing, the screams - everything was so then good. Even though Lincoln lost his vocals, what he did in this song will never be forgotten.

The best progressive metal song in Bengali. I have no words for this song. I just can say that I love this song. I started listening to Artcell by Onnoshomoy. That wasn't very charming for me. This song made me one of the biggest fans of this Metallica of Bangladesh.

There may come new albums from Artcell, but there will be nothing like Aniket Prantor. Lincoln can barely sing now. (I am guessing he has some health issues).

3 Poth Chola

Starting with an extraordinary intro, Poth Chola is one of my favorite songs. It describes the ways of our life. The beauty of the lyrics and tune cannot be described in words.

Poth Chola's awesome. I think it totally deserves the top spot. Nice jammy tune. Totally the song to sing with your pals, playing the guitar. Vote for this song, people!

This song is famous for the opening acoustic riff.

4 Ei Bidaye

Good one again. I like the lyrics and the guitar.

I have to say, this song is a masterpiece.

My favorite track.

5 Tomake

It has that nice melody to it!

This song is awesome.

I love this song.

6 Bristi Veja Raate

World's best cool sounds.

Heart-touching song.

Love rests in peace.

7 Onno Shomoy

This is the best Bangladeshi rock song I've ever heard. How can this be so low? This song is just awesome. This song has got to be number 1. It needs to be number 1.

8 Dhushor Shomoy

Best song to date by Artcell. Wonderful arpeggios, a powerful solo, good use of synth. Melodic. Drums are very well played, and vocals are outstanding. Wonderful lyrics. In all, a perfect, complete hit song!

Dhushor Shomoy and Oniket Prantor are the two greatest songs Artcell have produced to date. Amazing lyrics, amazing composition! This song should certainly be number two, if not number one.

I wonder why this song has only 2% votes, no other songs of Artcell are better than this one except Aniket Prantor! Absolutely incredible song, this song touched my heart, you guys should definitely listen to it.

9 Bhul Jonmo

This song should be much higher in the order.

Should be ranked higher!

10 Chile Kothar Shepai

Spectacular metal song. What a composition! Nice one in Bangladeshi metal sights. Inspires us to listen to metal songs.

One of the awesomest songs I have ever heard, without any doubt one of the best rock songs of our country.

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11 Kandari Hushiar

I think that was the most powerful song of this band. Artcell has shown their talent by composing this song.

The bass intro is awesome.

12 Obosh Onubhutir Deyal

This is the best song of Artcell and one of the greatest songs from Bangladesh.

13 Oniket Prantor
14 Utshober Utshahe

The best from Artcell.

This one deserves the top 3.

This should be in the top 5.

15 Ei Brishti Bheja Raate Tumi Nei Bole

Super song. I wonder why it is not in the Top 10. One of the best Emo guitar works I have heard in a long time!

16 Chera Akash
17 Ghune Khawa Rodh

Seriously? Number 17?
I listen to various metal songs. This song gives no less energetic vibes than Master of Puppets, Tornado of Souls, Painkiller, etc. The solos and the ending. What a song! This should at least be in the top 10!

18 Odekha Shorgo
19 Rahur Grash

One of the best songs in my life. I can't stop this song, listening again and again.

20 Sohid Saroni
21 Gontobbohin
22 Mukhosh
23 Itihash (Shomoy-odrishto)
24 Lin
25 Kritim Manush
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