Top 10 Best Kasabian Songs

A compilation of the best songs from one of the best British bands.
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1 Fire

Sensational is an understatement when describing this song. Honestly think this is the 6th greatest song I heard in the last hour (out of 5). I like singing along to this wondrous song, setting myself on fire and running down the street, occasionally eating a burrito depending on what mood I'm in.

Best chorus of any recent indie song by a country mile! Legend song, Legend Band, KASABIAN!
Hope they play a gig with stone roses, How much would I pay to see that?!

I really think and know that kasabian is a one great band.
Fire is the first song that I heard from them.
It made me go crazy for them. I LOVE KASABIAN!

2 Underdog

Amazing song with brilliant lyrics. Especially the second verse. Really Kasabian in a nutshell...

The biggest hit. The best Kasabian song, a catchy chorus, great verses and emits a feeling like no other.

The best song ever heard it feels that this song should never end really amazing. I am Underdog!

3 L.S.F.

The first song by Kasabian I ever heard, as made famous by FIFA 2004

A masterpiece and significant for one of the best debut albums ever released.

Love this one, it sounds amazing live. I remember this huge crowd singing "Lalala lalalalalala" after Kasabian's performance at Open'er in Poland. It was awesome - the band left the stage and everybody still sang the song!

Amazing, one of the best songs around, listening to it is sex to the ears, actually, better than sex to be honest!

4 Club Foot

I heard their name over the radio, got curious, and now look what I've found! Unreal! Loving every bit of their tunes!

Dude, this song is amazing, I have to say, it's truly motivating, creative, and amazing-sounding.

I absolutely love this song, 11/10 because it is too awesome to be true.

5 Days are Forgotten

Proves to be a bit of a grower, as more listens reveal those textures and nuances that make Kasabian so exciting and unpredictable!

Such a spectacular lyrics and an amazing rhythm.
Of all the great songs of kasabian this particular one totally gets me..

Truly Addictive song! Great lyrics! Thought Christopher Karloff was irreplaceable but I was wrong.

6 Empire

To connect rock with violins is genius. Everything about this song rocks! I have a poster of this exact song in my room just because it's so cool. A definite number one! Put it back on top!

Haunting... Best song yet. Very strong song, the sound is almost alien. Can't stop thinking about it. If you look up the lyrics, you'll be amazed. Tom Meignan writes like Shakespeare!

Incredible... best song ever written! Listen to it everyday. It never gets old. It's the first song I heard... still my favorite.

7 Re-Wired

Man its video is also amazing... And it got my mind man
First my friend persuaded me to listen this song... And I told I never listen to this band... Its one of my favourite...

This is the song that got me into the band. It's really awesome. My favorite line is
"who made you the master, the lady caster? "

This is also the song that got me into this band; should have been the top one.

8 Goodbye Kiss

It is astonishngly perfect. Exact description of a relationship which was good for a while, but they both knew it wasn't going to last, for their own sake. In my personal opinion, it should be #1.

Perfect lyrics, amazing bass, great chords I can listen it over and over again and never get tired of it.

This song is indescribable and nostalgically good. It shot me.

9 Cutt Off

This song kicks ASS! Super funky, and works really well in their first album, following Test Transmission, and preceeding Butcher Blues. Their best, if you ask me.

10 Man of Simple Pleasures

So amazing, such good rhythm and lyrics, definitely deserves to be in the top 10 at least.

Just such a good song, deserves to be in top 10, almost genius... Scratch that... It IS genius.

Their best song!
That's all..
Music and words

The Contenders
11 Shoot the Runner

One of their best songs altogether! I can listen to it over and over and it never gets old, just like most of their stuff!

12 Fast Fuse

I always thought that this was considered a bigger hit for Kasabian than Fire but apparently not? In my opinion, it's a better song.

Agree with most of the list but live combined with Misirlou... Just awesome. Why are they not playing them in the states?

Absolutely brilliant track. Taking a retro sound and bringing it into the new age. This song got funk!

13 Switchblade Smiles

Come on get this up the list people, was actually the song that made me a huge Kasabian fan till then I just quite liked the band after this I ralized that almost every song they made I liked...Heard it on the film Killer Elite (closing credits) found out it was kasabian and have bought ever album...P

Wow can't believe this song is so low, not my favourite but definitely should be higher on the list... Sounds like the future of modern rock& roll, and liking the way that sounds!

This is such an awesome song. The future of rock & roll! And the video is amazing as well!

14 I Hear Voices

Really underrated kasabian track, iv'e seen them twice since velociraptor yet on neither occasion did they play this live shame really because it one of there best, be in my top 10 no question

15 Me Plus One
16 Processed Beats

This song has this mysterious sensation that just grabs your attention

17 Stevie

The introduction kind of reminds me of rock from the 60s/70s.
I can't stop thinking about the first 5 tracks from "The Wall".
Today I miss songs like these but Kasabian never disappoints, thanks.

18 Eez-eh

Mix of electro and rap. Hardly a rock band anymore. The song and album that ruined Kasabian. They were my last hope of listening to a modern British rock band. Huge shame!

People only listen to This song, listen to clouds, let it get to 1:30, don't skip though it's only good with the build up, doomsday, Bumblebee is not that futuristic, great song, Stevie, Treat isn't bad but is futuristic

19 You're In Love With a Psycho
20 Thick As Thieves

Why is this song on the 26th!? This is one the best and the first few songs I heard of this band, which made me listen more of the band.

Wow, this song is this low down? Very catchy and I absolutely dig the Mediterranean vibes.

This is the best of Kasabian, why it's here, why none before me add this song? WHY?!

21 Where Did All the Love Go?

''The rivers of the pavement, are flowing now with blood -
The children of the future, are drowning in the flood. ''

Best line in a song ever! And KASABIAN is one of the best bands I've ever heard! Totally psychedelic...

22 Take Aim

Simply one of the greatest songs ever created, an incredible build up too an amazing conclusion. Its also amazing live

23 La Fee Verte

Very psychedelic! Serge really should do a solo album some time, more of this kind of acoustic, slightly synthy, haunting stuff. If you like this, Neon Noon, the closing track to Velociraptor! Is similar!

Slow, but that's what makes it so good, very easy to sing along, also has a very mysterious sound, which makes it that much more awesome. Definitely Top 5 at least.

Very easy song to sing along to, has a very mysterious tune to it, simply one of Kasabian's most different songs, but I can't stop loving it for that reason.

24 Vlad the Impaler

Never Understood This Song Really. I just like the amazing bassline.

Really cool bassline!

Can't help stop singing 'Get loose, get loose'!

Joker meet you on the other side!

25 Reason is Treason

Why was this not on here in the first place!? It's a simple yet quality tune which really set the footholds on how they got to where they are today. One of the best songs they have done to date, and probably the best on their debut album, Kasabian.

Surprised to see this so low down - one of their best on the debut album.

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