Top 10 Best Bangladeshi Rock Songs

Bangladeshi rock music can be traced back to the 1970s, where it first emerged as a means of cultural expression and political resistance. The young nation, having just won its independence, saw its youth turn towards music as a form of rebellion, storytelling, and identity formation. Early rock bands drew heavily from Western influences while still keeping the essence of their traditional music alive, resulting in a unique blend that resonated with many.

As time passed, Bangladeshi rock music evolved into various sub-genres, each with its own distinctive style. From the soulful ballads of soft rock to the intense beats of heavy metal, the industry continued to mature and diversify, producing numerous iconic songs that became anthems for generations.
The Top Ten
1 Boshe Achi - Warfaze

I like it both old and new version. Amazing composition. Powered vocal. Great one.

Nothing to say about this song. They did it very well, one of the best compositions ever.

2 Oniket Prantor - Artcell

This song sends me to the No Man's Land whenever I listen to it. It has got very good lyrics, epic guitar riffs, and a great transition of thrash and progressive metal. It's even better than other English metal stuff I used to listen to. Artcell is really a very good band.

This song is the best of the lot indeed. The music, lyrics, composition... everything is of another level. The words touch the heart, crossing the boundary of lands. You can play it in a loop (which you will), and you will love this song more and more. Thumbs up!

3 Cholo Bodle Jai - Love Runs Blind

One of the best love songs ever.

4 Moharaj - Warfaze

Awesome lyric, rocking composition!

5 Poth Chola - Artcell

Warfaze has a same song title as this. But this one is very, very awesome and popular. That's why people barely know Warfaze's songs, though both songs have only five years difference. But this song is timeless, while that song seems like very old.

This is one of the best touching songs I've ever heard of! Totally awesome!

Lower than Cholo Bodle Jay? Ayub Bachchu never could've held his notes like Lincoln.

6 Guty (The Finale) - Aurthohin
7 Tomake - Warfaze
8 Pakhi - Shironamhin
9 Chile Kothar Shepai - Artcell
10 Tomar Jonno - Arnob
The Contenders
11 Mon Chaile Mon Pabe - Love Runs Blind
12 Na - Warfaze
13 Chaite Paro - Aurthohin
14 Bhalobasha Tarpor - Arnob
15 She Je Boshe Ache - Arnob
16 Hok Kolorob - Arnob
17 Valobashi - Topu
18 Tumi Ki Sara Dibe - Black
19 Firiye Dao - Miles
20 Bondho Janala - Shironamhin

Simply amazing. Every single time I listen to this, it becomes more and more splendid.

21 Chhaya Oronne - Acoustic Shunnota

The first time I listened to this song, I feel I never heard a song like this. So cool.

Keep making good music. You guys rock!

22 Anmone - 2 - Aurthohin
23 Onno Shomoy - Artcell

Artcell surpassed a level that was necessary to make Bangladeshi rock culture flourish. Certainly, they are the 'Dream Theater' of Bangladesh. And 'Onno Shomoy' is one of the highly-rated rock/metal Bangla songs after 1971.

This song will be liked by the non-Bengali metal song lovers who have metal sense in them. I am pretty sure of that.

24 Shonali Shimana - O-Seventeen
25 Baranday Roddur - Bhoomi
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