Top 10 Best Train Songs

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1 Hey, Soul Sister

This was always my favorite ever since my mom showed it to me. I didn't know it would be first. I know all the lyrics to it. I just love it so much. Here I will sing some.

Your lipstick stains on the front door of my left-side brains, I knew I wouldn't forget, and so I would have let you blow my mind.

Was that good or what?

Need I explain? If you've heard the song, then you know how awesome it is. Love it. It's great to dance to and a classic. The guy's voice goes really well with the music. It's an amazing song. Listen to it. Love it a lot.

2 Drops of Jupiter

Great song. My best friend recently died, and I like to think he's still around somewhere in the universe. I cannot listen to this song without tearing up. Train recently performed at a conference I attended, and I waited all night to hear them perform Drops of Jupiter.

Right before they sang it, my friends - who had never heard of Train - told me they felt ill and needed to leave. Since I was driving, I left with them. As we were walking out, I heard the distinctive opening words, and I never wanted to kill someone like I did then. Not to worry - I'm going to see them next month, and I will finally experience them performing my all-time favorite song.

3 Drive By

I used to think Hey, Soul Sister was the best. Then I heard this. I'm learning it on guitar ASAP. It's one of the best songs I've EVER heard. As soon as it starts, my foot begins to tap. You just have to get up and dance. It also has a great meaning in the lyrics.

Just saw Train in an outdoor concert last night! They sound BETTER live, if that's possible. They are a humble band - so cool to see in this day and age! Focusing on gratitude and not greed is what their lead singer said.

The best song I've heard. I like this song like crazy. A song with amazing music and a beautiful story. This is such a song that it is liked by even those people who don't relate it to themselves or their life (I am one among them too!).

4 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

No matter how many times I listen to this song, I will never get sick of it. I know all the words, and I always seem to have it stuck in my head. It's my third favorite song after "Waves" and "Walking on Sunshine." The lyrics are cool, and I like the type of musical tone it has to it. Definitely the #1 Train song for me.

Best Train song yet. Funny lyrics, and I love the music at the beginning! I personally think it should be #1. Hilarious music video too. This song inspired me and is the first song by Train that I heard. This is what made me start liking them. Definitely worth listening to.

5 If It's Love

One of my favorites after Hey Soul Sister. This should be the second-best song by them.

This song carries sweet memories of me singing along with my sister. It puts me in a good mood every time.

I proposed to my girlfriend with this song in the background.

6 Meet Virginia

Amazing song. I think it's the best example of Train's ability to paint a surreal and, at the same time, so real story. This is the very first hit of the band, the prototype of their biggest success, Drops of Jupiter. It has this strange (in a good way) feeling that moves you in a particular way that other Train songs don't (or do in a different way).

But Meet Virginia, in my opinion, is the evolution of a Train demo, maybe the most emotional one, called Avery. If you love Meet Virginia, you'll certainly love Avery.

7 Marry Me

How is this only in 8th place? Excuse you all. This just so happens to be the absolute most romantic song since Endless Love. Far more sincere than the run-of-the-mill Marry You, where they marry for no good reason. This song explicitly shows the true meaning of being together forever.

One of THE most beautiful songs I have ever heard. "Hey, Soul Sister" is also an amazing song, but I think this one touches people in a more delicate manner. It reminds me of a friend I had who moved away, and I miss her so much.

I just can't stop myself from saying this every time I hear the song. I became a fan of Train after listening to this song! Hey, Soul Sister rocks too, but this song is just so much sweeter!

8 Save Me, San Francisco

Nothing beats this song! The best I've ever heard in my life! It totally describes my life. I listen to it every time I feel down and high.

This song is so catchy! Its rhythm is smooth and upbeat, and it gets stuck in your head for like a month!

So very catchy! Really good song, with a great background score and an upbeat tune. It ought to be higher than nine.

9 Calling All Angels

Good song. It should be number one, but people are just going on about how many times they've heard it on the radio, not on the quality of the song.

I love this song. It reminds us that even though there are bad people in the world, there are still many good people.

Love this song! It's a great song to listen to on vacation while chilling on the beach or at the pool!

10 When I Look to the Sky

INCREDIBLE SONG! I fell in love with it and Train the very first time I heard it. Yeah, it's kinda like Drops of Jupiter, but it has its own amazing, beautiful sound. It's heaven. What more can I say?

Amazing song, just amazing. Since the first time I heard it, I completely fell in love, and it completely changed my mind on Train. This is why I became a great fan of the band and later only of Pat Monahan in his solo album, Last of Seven.

I love this song. It's kind of similar to Drops of Jupiter. I went a few years without hearing it. Two months ago, I rediscovered it and fell in love with it again. This is one of Train's best songs.

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11 Mermaid

I love this melody. It definitely should be in the top ten. It's not really known now, but if it were, it would already be in the top ten.

Beauty in the water, angels on the beach. Gives me chills every time they hit those notes. The best song by Train and extremely catchy.

This is such a catchy song. Fell in love with it after the mention of Johnny Depp. Love, love, love!

12 Angel In Blue Jeans

The best work of Train. When the song starts, it just catches your attention and allows you to feel the slow roll of the musical instruments. Love it. Just try it!

The only reason this song isn't number one is because it's relatively new.

I was shot down by your love. My angel in blue jeans. What meaningful lyrics.

13 Bulletproof Picasso

I expect this to be higher. This is my fifth favorite Train song.

Great song. It should make its way up into the top ten!

Awesome song! It should be in the top ten. #Vanderbilt

14 Parachute

This song is so emotional, and the meaning of the lyrics sometimes hits me inside. It reminds me that no matter what, there will always be someone there for me.

Love the way it makes me feel secure and hopeful. Pat is never better than with the emotion here.

This song is far better than a few songs in the top ten. It must be in the top five, man.

15 Ordinary

This song is their most underrated hit. Hopefully, it's included on their inevitable greatest hits CD.

16 I'm About to Come Alive
17 Play that Song

I played this song every hour today!

18 To Be Loved

I like this song more than some of the top ten songs. I think it's more unknown since it was in the soundtrack for a movie that wasn't very popular.

WHAT THE HELL? This is by far their greatest song, and it's even used in a movie. Please listen to this song and vote it up the list. It should be number one.

Holy crap! This wasn't even on the list!? This is, hands down, their greatest song! Check it out.

19 Give It All

The best song from their newest album. Its lyrics are so touching and beautiful that it always makes me feel good.

20 This Ain't Goodbye

This song is for sure the best Train song. I'm a huge fan of their music, and I've listened to all of their songs. The combination of the beautiful sound of the violin with such amazing lyrics makes it a song that cannot be topped. Definitely my favorite Train song, and I even go so far as to say that it's my favorite song altogether.

This is a sad song but really beautiful. It's just one of those songs that seems to strike a chord in our hearts. This should be in the top ten. Simply worth listening to.

Pretty song. I think this should be somewhere higher than 19. Only Pat Monahan's voice sounds a bit rough, but think of it softly and if you can, then try and sing it softly. This Ain't Goodbye is actually a very, very beautiful song. Not to offend someone, but I think that it actually sounds a bit rough.

But anyways, I love Train and Train fans nonetheless. Hope everyone gets me.

21 Bruises

Wow, Bruises should totally be higher up on the list, people! Seriously!

Just reminds me of being young and at school. How innocent and how much I was in love then.

22 Hopeless

I personally got attached to this song from the time I listened to the full track. It has this feel of wanting to get a close connection, but it shows how love can be hard to show even when there is so much that can be shown. It has definitely become one of my favorites.

23 Brick by Brick
24 Free
25 AM Gold

Such a catchy and upbeat song! Easily an underrated song on an underrated album.

This song should definitely be higher.

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