Top 10 Best Two Steps From Hell Songs

If you haven't heard of them, you don't deserve Zimmer's, Newton's, or any of the movie soundtracks.
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1 Heart of Courage

This song is great! There are a lot of others I like, but sadly, they are not on this list. Still, Heart of Courage is awesome. I could listen to it time and time again. In fact, this is what will be playing at my funeral. Two Steps from Hell rocks!

This song is perfect for what I like. It has a good, fast beat. The music is loud and epic. It sounds like a hero trying to conquer the hell this band is about, gathering up courage for the eventual epic fight. Truly a song from the gods.

The way this song builds up is just amazing. I first heard it on a Living Planet commercial and thought it was awesome. Later, my dad found it and we bought the song. My dad is a little hard to please with songs.

2 Protectors of the Earth

When listening to this with my eyes closed, all I can think of is me, leading an army into battle, sword in hand, charging against Satan's army. I confront Satan, the battle still raging in the background, as our blades clash, causing a great and fiery twang sound, until my sword cleanly cuts his head.

I catch it and raise it to everyone. The fighting stops, and all kneel before me, forever knowing me as the ultimate protector of Earth.

This is the first TSFH song I listened to, and it's still my favorite. The melody is wonderfully simple and is put to good use with the strings and choir. Not to mention some of the awesome harmonies and counter melodies done in the brass.

The last minute of the song is just so amazing with the climax reached and back to the melody ending with a high point and fading background. Epicness.

3 Victory

This song is the second song I've ever heard, and it's AMAZING and has a beautiful tune. Although it starts a bit slow, it's still way more captivating and exciting than Heart of Courage. Seriously, why do people like Heart of Courage so much? Victory has to be like ten times better! Anyone agree with me?

Most definitely one of my favorite songs from this music group. There's just this way that the music slowly builds, with pianos and woodwinds increasing in volume, only to explode into prominence with percussion and brass, then bringing back in pianos and woodwinds, and carrying it through until the end.

It's simply amazing.

4 Strength of a Thousand Men

READ: This song is by far one of the most amazing songs! This will make you push that last rep in, that last mile, or that last problem on your math test. I am telling you, this is the reason why I love epic music! This song right here is your ticket to epic completion!

Inspiring, epic, and so much more. This is an amazing piece of music.

Play this before a sports game, and you will be unstoppable. Play this before a test, and you will feel amazing. Play this before a workout, and you will feel like Rocky. Awesome song and in my top 3 for sure.

5 Dragon Rider

As I listen to this song, I see myself leading my small but highly skilled army into battle. I am a shapeshifter but have not yet had the time to master my powers. We begin the battle, pushing forward as our skill takes the enemy by surprise, and it temporarily looks good.

However, they soon recover, and my best friend is trapped in their ring. Reaching inside myself, I become a dragon, flying over them, rescuing my brother in battle. We continue fighting, eventually pushing to a victory.

It's a great song.

6 Archangel

The song gives you the feeling of being very powerful, as if you were the emperor of a huge dynasty. I love the fast-paced beats in the song. I get a feeling of strength when I hear this song.

It's such an awesome and the best energy releaser. It kind of gets you into such a real and different world. It mainly helps you to concentrate. You have to experience it to know it. Check it out.

Simply MAJESTIC. I first saw it in the Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag story trailer and couldn't get it out of my head ever since. It should be number 1 on this list. I truly believe it is their best piece ever.

7 Blackheart

This is one of the best pieces of moving music I've ever heard. The transition from one movement to the next is masterfully done. The distinct pirate theme reminds me of being free to roam the seas at will and feeling the salt spray hitting my face.

A very motivational piece of work. I absolutely love it and will have to incorporate it somehow into a memorial disc I'm working on.

It is Bergersen on the violin to whom this song owes its transcendence. He draws a dark, rich timbre from the instrument, which he exploits with nuanced phrasing to flawlessly deliver melody upon brooding melody.

While predictable, the buildup to the epic climax is well worth the wait. Enigmatic phrases trail off to leave fittingly unresolved a work that is sophisticated and Mephistophelian in mood.

8 To Glory

I listen to this song all the time, whether it be for homework or just to calm myself down. It has a combination of epicness and drama. I usually don't like rating my songs, but I have no choice with this song. I would give it 9001/10 stars.

The epic tune combined with the fast-paced background makes for one song that just fills you with courage, resolve, and strength.

I was sitting on my couch with my cat when this song started. By the time it was over, she had turned into a lion.

9 Winterspell

My second favorite TSFH song, after Blackheart. The piano is enchanting and mysterious, and the vocals are pure brilliance. The chorus really makes you think of a cold winter's day with the wind howling in your ears.

This song makes me think of a scene in the book Warriors: Bluestar's Prophecy, when Bluefur brings her kits to RiverClan on that cold night.

This song makes me feel so inspired. I feel like it's generally pretty overshadowed, with Black Heart taking so much of this album's spotlight. It makes me really happy to see this amazing song so high on the list.

10 For the Win

Oh goodness. Did I just defeat darkness? Save the world? Read the best book in the universe? See the best movie in the universe? Win an epic sword fight against the enemy of the free people?

I didn't? Well, it sure felt like it. This song is amazing. It's made up of courage, strength, the overcoming of struggle, hope, leadership, majesty, and the power of good. Rethink it all because this song is your fantasy dream.

Most songs take a while to catch onto, to learn the melody, before they become my favorites. On the first listen of this song (background for an epic Planetside 2 play on YouTube), I was so entranced, and it instantly became my favorite!

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11 Nero

This song is making its appearance everywhere lately, and the music has a haunting and light-hearted quality to it. I've heard it in the trailers of Anna Karenina and Joss Whedon's film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

There is a certain magic to it that you just can't deny! It is a perfect blend of epic triumph and refreshing innocence.

One of the best they have ever made! The simple piano piece introduces you to this masterpiece, and the playful way it builds up and connects to the main melody is just breathtaking. I'm always in awe when I'm listening to this cream of the crop.

12 Star Sky

Star Sky is the first song I've heard from TSFH. The tune is beautiful, and the choir part is emotional. You must listen to this if you think Heart of Courage is the best. Star Sky is an amazing song.

Love this song, gotta be in the top three best ever from TSFH. Personally, I prefer the instrumental version over the vocal one, but either one is a powerfully emotional love song.

The climax is what does it for me, the culmination of contained passion exploding out in such a dramatic way stirred me to the very soul.

13 Freedom Fighters

Slow but unbelievably majestic. The buildup is super steady, and the climax is prime. The loudest point reminds me of that last push in a competition that propels a team to victory. All around, a great song.

Such a slow and magnificent buildup. Heard it more than 700 times and still loving it. Gives me goosebumps every single time.

Takes you to another plane of existence. If we are ever truly asked to be "freedom fighters," we'll want this playing as we go into battle.

14 Norwegian Pirate

Amazing mystery, wonder, and immense power in one song that I argue easily rivals Protectors of the Earth and Heart of Courage.

This is the best song in the history of all this music. This is the most intense piece ever. Every time I listen to it, I can see an epic pirate battle.

This song is from Pirates of the Caribbean, and it's named Norwegian Pirate because one of the two members in TSFH, Thomas Bergersen, is Norwegian!

15 Magika

Magika should be way higher on the list. It's enchanting, uplifting, and has a determined tune to it. Do both me and Two Steps From Hell a favor by listening to it and agreeing that this song is incredible.

So powerful. So positive. Every time I hear this song, I smile, instantly feel brave, and feel not alone. Best epic song ever.

16 Final Frontier

This song is awesome, calm at the beginning but becomes very epic. It reminds me of the greatness of space and its void.

By far one of the best songs. Should be top 5.

17 El Dorado

Great mix of different styles. The song builds up greatly, with one of the most epic melodies at the climax. It never gets repetitive or boring and succeeds in entertaining you throughout the whole experience.

I definitely agree that it has a South American feel to it (at least in my opinion). If I were about to embark on an epic treasure hunt or anything similar, this is what I would want playing in the background.

The song really rocks. Even a video producer used it for a video. The name of the company is EpicMusicVN, and they made a video of about 20 other tracks with videos from different sources.

The video "The Best of Epic Music 2012" features this song as the background to the Atom vs. Zeus fight and the video is bound to be seen.

18 Evergreen

Most relaxing, most uplifting, and most inspirational of the bunch.

I love the time signature and how well it dances.

19 Merchant Prince

How isn't this in the top five? It's so unique, epic, and beautiful. How come nobody knows about this? It's driving me insane. So many people know dozens of crappy teenage songs, but nobody actually knows about this beautiful song and appreciates it!

I'm literally ashamed of living with these people without the sense of real treasure. The people who have read Little Prince, The Alchemist, and stuff will know what real treasure is. Humanity has never been so apart from it as they are now.

This song really needs to be higher. Its beautiful melody is so uplifting and emotional. Such amazing use of the choir and soundwaves, period.

20 Remember Me
21 Skyworld

Not only is this song epic, but it's also one of the best motivational pieces TSFH has released. That's saying a lot, considering some of the other awesome songs that have topped this list. It simply moves me in so many good ways.

This song builds up so much tension. In the last 30 seconds, I felt like I was in the battlefield itself. The song overall is just so close to perfect. This should be in the top 3, in my opinion.

This truly has to be one of, if not the best, songs composed by TSFH. It has a familiar sound that will get your blood pumping. I highly recommend listening to it at least once, as this is the song that got me into TSFH. I only wish it was a little longer and that I knew where it was from.

22 False King

This song is better than all of the ones listed. It deserves to be much higher on the list. Definitely should be in the Top 5.

This song is easily one of their best. The first song that brought me closer to this band.

Thirty-eighth? Are you kidding me? Possibly one of their best songs.

23 Blizzard

The song begins with a soft snow flurry and builds into the most intense blizzard imaginable. This is an absolute masterpiece and will forever be my favorite TSFH song. So sad to see it this low on the list.

You get "chilled" when you listen to this track. Best name for the song and best song for the name.

Just fits very well with its name, getting more and more powerful. A very deep track.

24 United We Stand, Divided We Fall

This song is intense. While other songs have a build-up to the intense portion of the song and then fall off toward the end, this song gets you going from the one-second mark.

For example, Heart of Courage has a slow build-up to an elating, yet simultaneously mono-paced, midsection before dying like a dog toward the end. When comparing these two, as well as many others, United We Stand, Divided We Fall will almost always win because of its consistent intensity and ability to evoke a physical reaction within me like I'm getting ready to fight.

25 Flight of the Silverbird

Flight of the Silverbird is a rare accomplishment in epic music. Its impressive overarching leitmotif, combined with an ingenious use of instruments once thought primitive, comes together for an orchestral experience unlike any other song released to date.

This song builds fantastically and lives, breathes, and evolves throughout what most people would call just a song. It avoids the pitfalls that other songs have fallen into time and time again. It is long enough to feel like an adventure, unlike Heart of Courage, and has a memorable leitmotif (cough, cough, Heart of Courage).

The choruses, of which there are multiple epic ones unlike certain unnamed parties that start with an H and end with a Courage, actually build, and you can tell that more instruments are being added in. I know I'm picking on Heart of Courage a little bit, but seriously? Number 1?

If you agree with me, consider shooting me a comment. If you disagree with me, definitely shoot me a comment.

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