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1 Yeah!

This is the best. I remember times when I heard this song everywhere: in every club, magazine, radio, gym... just everywhere, and all downloaded this song to their mobile phones. Me too. It was around 2005-2007. I think this song is the reason why most people know who Usher is.

It really sucks that this list only had three classic Usher songs: Yeah!, You Got It Bad, and Burn. There should've been more considering Usher's recent music quality. Anyways, Yeah! is Usher's best song. Everything about it is so great.

"Take that and rewind it back, LIL' JON got the beat to make your booty go.
Take that and rewind it back, USHER got the voice to make your booty go.
Take that and rewind it back, LUDACRIS got the flow to make your booty go..."
It was my favorite part!

2 DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love

Rock on, Usher. Amazing beats in the song. Usher in this song. Pitbull adds to the beauty of this song. Amazing lyrics and absolutely fantastic. This is a household beat. You've heard it whether you knew it was Usher or not. I have only one thing to say.

This song was voted the best video of 2010, and it deserves it. See the moves of Usher in this song. Pitbull adds to the beauty of this song. Amazing lyrics and absolutely fantastic.

Usher is primarily an R&B artist. Yet, this song proves that he can make a better pop song than most pop artists! Props to Max Martin for the production. Personally, it's my favorite dance song! DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love!

3 U Got It Bad

This is an amazing song. Usher didn't use so many techno effects on the song, and he could sing this great live, which makes me think he doesn't need as much autotune as most artists do for their songs. Overall: SO AWESOME!

Vocally, one of the easiest of Usher's pieces to deal with. It may not be as impressive as "Moving Mountains" or "There Goes My Baby," but for me, this probably works the best. Downbeat but effective.

The first time I heard this song, I didn't like it much. Then I heard it a couple of times and now I just can't stop listening to it! If you think this song isn't #1, then you got it bad!

4 Burn

Burn followed Yeah! as a #1 hit and topped the charts for 6 weeks. The instrumental is amazing, and the vocals are great. Right up there with U Got It Bad for his best break-up song.

Best Usher song without a doubt! This song showcases all of Usher's talents with some high notes and nice falsetto notes. Love this song!

Why isn't this in the top percentage at least? Obviously, the people voting here are all teenagers. I'm 23 and remember when this song came out. Loved it then, love it even more now after a failed relationship! Must be the pain, haha.

5 More

You must listen to this song. I can listen to this extremely entertaining song all day. Usher, you and your song will remain alive. Ever proud to be your fan.

Why in the name of God is this song at No. 4? It should be in the top 3 at least. Vote for this song, people! It is such a brilliant song!

Just an awesome song. It should be number two. Gonna push it to the limit, give it more.

6 Without You

Without You is the best song by Usher with David Guetta. It's a slow song with a little bit of club music. Whenever I listen to this music, I get some life back. David is the greatest DJ. I love both of them.

A great one by Usher. Oh, how I wish I could have a voice like Usher's. He is actually the best I've ever seen in my life. Love you. Best of luck for the future.

So sweet and nice! Just the perfect Usher song! It has the perfect flow of romantic tone and beautiful words. I can't stop lip-syncing to it when it's on!

7 U Remind Me

Underrated. This is some nostalgic song with a very catchy beat, an amazing piece of text, meaningful, and most importantly, with a message. And in the case of this song or "Yeah!" you can notice that old-school music never dies.

They both still just have it for the current times. Superb song! Please, people, at least vote for it. It deserves it.

This was Usher's second #1 hit in the US. It also won him a Grammy award. All around, the song is just amazing. The vocals are great, and the music video is great too.

This is Usher's best song of all time.


This song is my favorite ever. It should be first, with DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love second. No song is better than this. Vote for this.

Not only is this the best Usher song, but I could say this is the best song ever!

No other song has inspired me this much when I heard it for the first time.

9 Scream

Whoa, is this some kind of joke? Am I the first person to comment on this song? I thought it should have topped the list by now, at least would have been in the top three, but here it is not even in the top ten.

Please vote for it, guys. This is one of the best songs by Usher. It's kind of modern hip-hop, so good!

This is awesome. How is this not in the top 3? I can understand why DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love is first, but Scream should be second. Vote for Scream. It's really nice, and the background music is awesome!

I think this is one of his best tunes. The beat, rhythm, lyrics, and an outstanding video place this in the top 10 of my top 100 of all time. He also gives back to the industry and helps groom and develop new talent.

10 Confessions, Pt. II

I loved DJ Got Us Falling in Love when I was 10 or 11 (it was released around the same year. I remember because it reminded me of a girl I had a crush on back then). Confessions is definitely a superior song. It's a toss-up between this and Moving Mountains for me. By the way, where's Lovers and Friends?

You 10-year-olds who voted for DJ Got Us Falling in Love obviously haven't listened to this album. Compared to Confessions, that song is nothing. This song represents Usher in every way: singing, lyrics, and rap. His best stuff.

There's no logical reason why this isn't number one. The melody and flow of the song fit perfectly with his voice. All the others don't even compare. His greatest song for sure. Should be number 1.

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11 Caught Up

This song has a great beat and is catchy even for people who aren't R&B fans. Also, the choreography in the music video is definitely the best of his career and is a close second behind My Way for best music video.

This is the song that did it for me! It has that 1970s bassline feel, and the lyrics are cool because they talk about love hitting you hard. I commented that the song There Goes My Baby is not good because it is out of key (if you sing it to yourself, then you will know what I mean).

I love this song much more than DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love. Great lyrics and nice.

12 Moving Mountains

This song is one of Usher's best, and his vocal performance is incredible. The lyrics are great, and the instrumental is absolutely perfect.

This song is very cool! Also, I love Scream. Usher, you rock, and I want to marry you. You're very sexy too, Usher.

It's an awesome song. I could hear this song all day. Usher, you rock!

13 My Boo

How is this song not in the top 10? Maybe I just prefer the old Usher more than most, but this song deserves to be recognized no matter the preference.

Everyone is officially nuts. Usher and Alicia Keys sound amazing together in this one!

Best song of Usher's. It should be number one, plus it's a classic.

14 Climax

No, no, no! I just can't believe it! Please, anyone sitting there, slap me. How is this possible? Such a nice song at 20? Guys, it should at least be in the top 5. It's such a nice song.

I just can't believe it is in this rank! Please, if you haven't listened to this song, go and listen now. I just can't stop myself from listening to it like a hundred times! Please, only three words: VOTE FOR IT!

20? Is this some kind of joke? Whoa, this song is so good. I can't stop myself from listening to it. It should be at No. 1! No. 1, that's what it deserves.

I just can't believe it. Guys, please vote for it. When Usher goes to high frequency, it is so good to listen to, and the tune is also amazing. Man, it should be at the top!

15 Love In This Club

For me, this song is Usher's best. I don't understand why it's not even in the top three. Man, this sucks!

I came on this page looking for Usher's best, and this song is far better than the above ones except for Yeah! and DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love. Is this rating nuts?!

It is the most amazing song by Usher. He rocks!

16 Nice & Slow

Nice & Slow is Usher's best song of all time. I have loved this song since it was released. It's one of the songs that made him popular. I really love this song. The music is so relaxing.

Everything he does is awesome.

17 My Way

This was one of the singles from Usher's second album, My Way. The song peaked at #2, and the vocals are just amazing! Also, the music video is definitely Usher's best and maybe the most creative video of all time.

18 You Make Me Wanna...

It should be in the top 10. It's his first hit. I am a huge fan of Usher. I love this song a lot. Best song by Usher.

19 Don't Look Down
20 U Don't Have to Call

"U Don't Have to Call" was included on Usher's 8701 album. The song peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and received several Grammy nominations. This is top 10 material, and any true fan of Usher would agree.

This song earned Usher Grammy nominations, and any true Usher fan would agree.

This song is easily the catchiest Usher song.

21 Somebody to Love

Even at top 19, this song is underrated! Also, Usher would sound great on Sonic the Hedgehog.

22 Tell Me

This is 8m 35s of magic, and it should be number one. The vocals are layered so perfectly with the music. Usher and Geniuz League are magic together. It's hard to tell if it's Geniuz's attention to Usher's vocal ability or Usher's attention to what Geniuz does with the music that makes them the perfect pair in this song.

Just when you think he can't get any better vocally, he does this. Tell Me proves why Usher is the best male vocalist in the industry today, and he has just gotten better vocally over time.

This is his best song, hands down!

23 Can U Handle It?
24 Love in This Club, Pt. II
25 Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)
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