Top 10 Best Dancers of All Time

Who springs to mind when you think of the world's most incredible dancers? The effortless grace of Fred Astaire? The groundbreaking energy of Michael Jackson? Maybe the vibrant moves of a Bollywood superstar?

Dancing is an electrifying art form - a way to express yourself, tell a story, and just let loose and have fun. The best dancers take this to a whole other level, mesmerizing us with their precision, artistry, and ability to make moves that seem almost impossible.
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1 Michael Jackson Michael Jackson (Michael Joseph Jackson; August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter. He passed away from cardiac arrest caused by a propofol and benzodiazepine overdose on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael... read more

Of course, I will miss him. It saddens me that I will never get a chance to see him. When he did one of his concerts in 1984, I was still an 11-year-old kid being raised in a small, backward hick town in the south, with no way to go and see him. Plus, I don't even think he came to my state. Janet did, but she is never going to be like him. No one will ever be him, and no one can ever replace him.

I was in Seoul in June of 1999, and he was there. But I didn't go because he only sang about 3 songs, as it was one of those concerts where many singers performed. I would have loved to have seen ONLY Michael performing many songs.

I am very happy that at least I can say I was inside the Raffles Hotel in Singapore last summer vacation. Michael is one of the celebs who stayed there in the past. That is the closest I will ever be to him. Someday, I will go to LA and put some gifts on his star at the Walk of Fame.

I feel sorry for those who bought tickets for his London shows, and they can't see him. They must be heartbroken and so disappointed.

2 Prabhu Deva

For me, Prabhu Deva is the god of dance and the number 1 dancer in the world. However, he is inspired by Michael Jackson, so I can place him at number 2. Most of his steps are so unique that it makes me wonder how people in the 1990s could not even think of the kind of steps he was doing. His steps, combined with that speed, are what we call the ultimate level. Yet, his steps are so clear that I can say the fastest men in the world are either Prabhu Deva or Bruce Lee.

He is a living legend. I know he stopped focusing on his dance after around 2004-2005, but he is still the number 1 dancer in India.

3 Allu Arjun Allu Arjun is an Indian film actor who primarily works in Telugu cinema. After playing as a child artist in Vijetha and as a dancer in Daddy, Arjun made his adult debut in Gangotri. Arjun then appeared in Sukumar's debut film Arya.

One of the finest talents in India. Just watch his steps. He is a true rockstar.

He might be confined to a region (Telugu and Malayalam), but he is definitely going to rock in the future.

What can I say about this guy? He is the king of dance, creating sensations with his moves. No one can dance like him. He's got speed, grace, and style. Even Prabhu Deva also said, Bunny is in my top list. Maybe his films are restricted to some areas, but his dance is reaching everywhere. He's got fans all over the world. Bunny rocks!

4 Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik should be the second best after Michael, as he is the god of dance and has a very good flexible body that supports his steps. All his recent movies and dance shows show how efficient he is in dancing.

He is the finest dancer in India. Fantastic. The way he moves is really pleasing to watch and worth seeing. Just dance!

As a dance lover, I feel that only speed in dance is not enough. There should be some clarity in the moves, which is very much present in Hrithik's dance. He is also very flexible and is very experienced in this field. He can also act well, which makes his dancing skills complete. The way he moves his body takes me out of my mind. Totally, he is mind-blowing and yeah, he deserves a lot more than this.

5 Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in... read more

By far, he is the best to ever do it. He can perform any style of dance. He stays current with everything he does. Not only is he the best in choreographed dance, but he also excels in freestyle. The man is an amazing entertainer. I won't put him in the same category as Michael Jackson in terms of global impact, but by the time he is done, he will be known as one of the greatest entertainers to have ever lived.

Chris Brown is the best dancer. He moves effortlessly and makes it look so easy. He defies gravity and is incredibly smooth when he dances. He had a performance at one of the music award shows where he danced on top of cubes of varying heights. Not only was he dancing, but he was also doing backflips off them. It was an amazing performance.

6 Usher Usher Terry Raymond IV is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. Born in Dallas, but raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee was where he lived until moving to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 12 where his mother put him in local singing competitions all over the city.

Are you serious? Usher has been the man since his debut. The way he dances and the showmanship he has is fantastic. He can make the simplest move look so good. Who was the last person who could do that? I think that was MJ.

He inspired the whole world to see that dance isn't about difficult moves but how you sequence your steps to make a beautiful art. Usher is the best. He has to be ranked number two. I'm Nerio Young. Usher is my hero.

Usher should definitely be much higher up on this ranking. He is at least a better dancer than Hrithik Roshan.

7 Jr. NTR

NTR can dance both Western and Classical styles, and he has already proved himself. Even when his weight exceeds 100 kg, NTR proves he is number one in dance. The one and only dancer who can change his dance movements with good timing is none other than "Young Tiger NTR." South Indian dancers are next to NTR, and now NTR is a competitor for North Indian dancers like Hrithik.

Jr. NTR below Allu Arjun and Hrithik? Is this a joke? The guy is a dancing machine. He is right up there with Prabhu Deva. He can dance Western, classical, folk, and whatever else there is to perfection. On top of that, he is one of the best actors you will ever come across. He is a force to be reckoned with. No worries, though. The world will get to know him soon. It's only a matter of time.

8 Fred Astaire Fred Astaire was an American dancer, singer, actor, choreographer and television presenter. He is widely regarded as the most influential dancer in the history of film.

Unbelievable! Anyone in their right mind who could think or say that anyone else is even a close second to Fred Astaire has not watched one of his films. Michael Jackson, who many think was the best dancer of all time, couldn't tie Fred Astaire's shoelaces. Jackson copied James Brown and who knows who else. All his moves were virtually the same.

Take a close look at his dance moves. Fred Astaire was in a league all by himself, my friends, and make no mistake about that. He also choreographed a lot of his own dance and was the ultimate perfectionist. Wake up, people!

9 Justin Timberlake Justin Randall Timberlake is an American singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. Born and raised in Tennessee, he appeared on the television shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club as a child.

Wow, he's like an Usher and Chris Brown caliber type of dancer. Being in 18th place is madness.

He must be in the top 10. He is a better dancer than many above him here. He deserves a place in the top 10. JT rocks.

Best original dancer... He has the moves.

10 Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian-Spanish singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

If MJ is the king of dancing, they should be married because, you know what, she is definitely the queen. No questions asked! Have you seen the Give It Up to Me video? Then watch it and report back, and just try to tell me or anyone that she shouldn't be number one. Done.

What, number 10!? She makes me, a guy, and a straight one at that, try to dance like her when I see her videos! That's the spell she puts me under with her amazing, non-lying hips and crazy belly dancing. And I'm no Beautiful Liar, but when you put her and Beyoncé in the same video, it's almost too much!

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11 James Brown James Joseph Brown was an American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, record producer and bandleader. A progenitor of funk music and a major figure of 20th century popular music and dance, he is often referred to as the "Godfather of Soul".

Holy oversight, Batman! James Brown is the originator. There is none greater. All others who follow are merely imitators. Hammer, Michael, Usher - none of them would be on the list if it weren't for the man who made the moves and created the hooks that ALL of them sampled and reused. Take Superbad and Funky Drummer alone.

Yeah, I agree that he should be higher, and yes, he did teach MJ. In my opinion, Michael Jackson made his moves better, and that's because he was a better dancer. I can't see James Brown dance like Michael, but I can see Michael dance like James Brown. MJ can do anything.

12 Janet Jackson Janet Jackson is a singer and dancer who is well known for her sexually graphic records, iconic performances, and slightly weak voice. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and videos.

Janet Jackson is an idol. Without her, Jennifer Lopez wouldn't even have a career set for her. So she needs to be at number 3. She was an idol, and she could always dance and is still doing it at 45, so she's an icon. More like number one!

The queen of pop and dance. Period. Her brother Michael would definitely agree. He would want his sister right behind him on any top dancer list. Him at #1. Her at #2.

Best female dancer ever. Belongs right up there with her brother Michael. Those two rule when it comes to dancing. They always will.

13 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer.

She is the best dancer, no doubt about it. She is also so beautiful, which makes her dance even more beautiful. No one can dance better than her. I don't know why she stands at 3. She should be at 1.

I like her dance very much, and I have a collection of her videos.

She knows how to look good. Also, she is really good at expressing herself.

14 Gene Kelly Eugene Curran Kelly (August 23, 1912 – February 2, 1996), known as Gene Kelly, was an American dancer, actor of film, stage and television, singer, film director, producer and choreographer. He was known for his energetic and athletic dancing style, his good looks, and the likeable characters that... read more

Gene Kelly is the most natural dancer of all. His style was unique and has never been matched, even by today's standards. Many say that Fred Astaire is the greatest dancer ever, but his moves were far less natural and athletic. He looks like a grandpa who took dance lessons all his life. Gene belongs in another list: the list of superstars in history, like Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson, Charlie Chaplin, Ayrton Senna, Secretariat, etc.

Like anything else, dance moves and styles evolve. We grow from the generations before us. In the case of Gene Kelly, he was not only comparable to Fred Astaire as a partner dancer but also had powerful gymnastic and athletic moves while dancing alone.

If not the top one, he is at least in the top five. What happened to Donald O'Connor? This list mainly features the current generation. Do not say All Time.

15 Elvis Presley Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Dubbed the "King of Rock and Roll", he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century. His energized interpretations of songs and sexually provocative performance style, combined... read more

Nobody even moved when they were singing before Elvis came along. He invented music and simultaneous dancing. He made 33 films, singing and dancing. He's the greatest entertainer, singer, and dancer ever, and in addition, he was the most beautiful-looking man ever. The King.

This guy rocked the stage. If you ever get a chance, look at Jailhouse Rock, the first music video, and Elvis singing Hound Dog. They refused to film him below the waist. The King will never die.

Fantastic dancer, beautiful body, beautiful moves. Dancing and singing simultaneously didn't exist until Elvis came along. What a star! But to have 19 poor imitators before him - what a joke.

16 Beyonce Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, is an American singer and actress, who started out in the popular pop/r&b girl group Destiny's Child. They had multiple top 5 hits such as "No, No, No", "Say My Name", "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Survivor", "Independent Women", "Bootylicious", and "Jumpin', Jumpin" from... read more

The Queen Bee always stings. As early as before age 12, she was already a good dancer. Her stage presence moves many. She really deserves the title Princess of Pop. Her most famous dance music videos, like Single Ladies, Run the World, and Beautiful Liar (featuring Shakira), are some of the best in pop history.

Beyoncé is one of the best female dancers of all time. The way she moves her body is amazing. She really shows how good of a dancer she is in her "Dance for You" music video. She needs to be ranked higher!

Beyoncé kills the others with her high heels. Can anyone dance like her in high heels? Well, no one can!

17 Ginger Rogers Ginger Rogers, born Virginia Katherine McMath (July 16, 1911 – April 25, 1995) was an American actress, dancer, and singer. She is known for her performances in films and RKO's musical films in which she was partnered with Fred Astaire.

She kept up with Fred, and she did it moving backwards! Incredible.

Ginger Rogers is the best female dancer of all time on screen.

Again, a great dancer and entertainer!

18 Joseph Vijay

Effortless dancer. Others listed in the post stick to one or two types of dance, or dance the styles that suit them best, but Vijay has the ability to dance to all types of music without missing a single rhythm. Even in a melody song, he will rock. He is the person next to Michael Jackson and Prabhu Deva because they choreograph and dance very well. He deserves at least the number 3 position, no matter if he is first. His moves are amazing and can't be beaten.

He is a perfect dancer who captures what the choreographer wants. Even if the steps are difficult, he won't show the strain on his face. He is such a capable artist. He provides wonderful expressions while dancing, perfect choreography, and a power-packed performance. This combination is a treat to watch for people who love dance. Vijay rocks forever.

19 Bruno Mars Peter Gene Hernandez, professionally known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer... read more

Bruno is the modern-day Michael Jackson, with slick moves combined with a funky sound and great vocals. He should be higher on this list.

This guy has got all the moves you're looking for. He deserves a better spot on this list. I mean, it's Bruno, for Pete's sake.

Not only is he a good dancer, but he is also a good singer. I feel bad for Bruno in the song Grenade.

20 Madonna Madonna Louise Ciccone, known professionally as Madonna, is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She influenced a lot of singers such as: Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears. She is known as Queen of Pop and at modern pop culture specifically... read more

She's mastered many styles of dancing throughout her career. Although many are experts in their specific style, Madonna has changed and perfected a variety of dance forms. Not to mention, she is classically trained in ballet and extremely flexible.

Madonna started her career as a professional dancer! Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, and Shakira look great in one specific genre, but Madonna is more versatile. She created her own dancing genre, "Vogue." She has performed rumba, ballet, tango, hip-hop, tap, bachata, and even salsa. She added yoga moves to dancing. She's fantastic!

21 Raghava Lawrence

He is my favorite dancer. Look at his different compositions of dances and his expressions, which captivate masses in a great way. His effortless style, mannerisms, and charisma are way better than those of current stars.

In my opinion, he is the best. Dance is not about stunts but about craze. His dance makes every movement enjoyable compared to Allu and others.

She is the best among all! The most versatile dancer of all time. No one can beat her in expressions and clear moves. Her dancing is known as mysterious dancing.

22 Maddie Ziegler Madison Nicole Ziegler is an American dancer, actress, author and model. She was initially known for appearing in Lifetime's reality show Dance Moms from 2011 until 2016.

I truly believe Maddie should be at least in the top 10 and should be ranked higher than her rival, Chloe Lukasiak. Not only has she won two national titles and been the 1st runner-up at two other nationals, but she also managed to get into the top 3 at the Dance Awards, which is the most prestigious dance competition there is. Furthermore, she has won Best Dancer three years in a row at the Teen Choice Awards. Moreover, she is a featured dancer in Sia's music videos. She was phenomenal on Dance Moms. The only reason she is so low on the list is that the show is edited in a way to make her seem like a brat.

23 Mikhail Baryshnikov

MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV is the "God of Dance" and THE best dancer of all time, hands down! PARK JIMIN is working his ass off to be as good and is about as close as anyone will ever get to Baryshnikov. These dancers actually choreograph their own and others' dances, like entire performances.

How in the hell can you have Justin Timberlake above him? Timberlake was nothing but a wannabe, a one-trick pony, and in the comments, someone actually says, "he is better than anyone above here." Better than FRED ASTAIRE? Michael Jackson? I'm sorry, but this entire list is absolute bogus crapatude!

24 Jenna Dewan Jenna Lee Dewan is an American actress, businesswoman and dancer. She started her career as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson, and later worked with artists including Pink, Missy Elliott, and Christina Aguilera.

Jenna is just an amazing dancer. I loved her in Take The Lead and Step Up, and I think she deserves to be in the top ten.

She's great in hip-hop and as a ballet dancer. She is featured in Step Up.

25 Eleanor Powell

The best female "dancer" ever. If you've never heard of her (Google! ) In one of the all time best dance sequences EVER, Powell & Fred Astaire amazed to "Begin the Begine" in the movie "Broadway Melody of 1940." I watch it today and am blown away by Powell & her agility and rhythm. If you want to see "dancer" in the true sence of the word. Watch anything performed by Eleanor Powell!

Young people don't have a clue, first of all you had to dance even before you could act. Eleanor Powell was the best...

The best of he best. Should be number one. No female tapped danced lke her.
Fact check. Watch her video and see for yourself!

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