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1 Art of Life

I just love this song from beginning to end. A lot of people have their personal interpretations about the song's message. Some say it is about the dark side of life. But for me, I think it is a story of a brokenhearted artist at the brink of suicide who chose to live instead and ended up painting a beautiful red rose. But that's just me.

My favorite song/composition of all time, alongside Rachmaninoff's Piano Concertos No. 2 and 3 and Schubert's 8th Symphony (which Art of Life is based on, look it up, it's amazing. A lot of the melodies from Art of Life come from it). Nowadays, I mostly listen to more extreme metal, but man, nothing can beat Art of Life for me. I need more 20+ minute songs in my life. Pure progressive, symphonic epicness heading towards you at 200 km/h.

2 Endless Rain

This is by far my all-time favorite song by X JAPAN. It's literally the best power ballad I have ever heard in my life. It deserves to be at #1.

Beautiful vocals, beautiful instrumental - everything is beautiful about this song.

While the other songs are brilliant as well, I have to admit that at some point I'd get bored and switch to something else.

But Endless Rain is different. I never get tired of listening to this song. The opening, the ending, the melody, the drum beat, the guitar solo, they're all perfect (for me at least).

It's a must-include song whenever I create a playlist of mixed artists.

3 Kurenai

The choice was really hard because this band has so many great songs. I chose Kurenai because it has different parts and it will surprise the listener, at least when she/he hears it for the first time. This also reminds me of Hide's smile (Last Live). Kurenai is one of the greatest masterpieces in J-rock and also in music history!

So deep, an awesome song that has an awesome guitar and drum solo. The lyrics are magnificent and the power with which Toshi-kun sings them is magnificent as well. The intro is also one of the strong points of Kurenai.

4 Rusty Nail

Yoshiki's drum solo was simply amazing. This song is better than Kurenai. I love hide's solo too. Their last live version was even better.

5 Crucify My Love

This song has always been my favorite. The song is just very deep, and I could feel what he is singing about. And how come this isn't part of the Top 3? Or top 5 at the least. But again, I could listen to this every day many times. The lyrics look simple, but they have a lot of messages for the listener. I love you, X Japan!

What is this song doing here? This song should be ranked 5 or above! It's so touching. I just downloaded it and I'm so impressed.

6 Tears

I always sing this song at karaoke! I could cry singing this! Yoshiki's piano is outstanding along with his drumming! All perfect! Hide's solo along with Pata's is very touching, combined with the bass line and most importantly Toshi's powerful vocal! That's what makes this song so perfect!

Man, one of the great songs of X Japan. This song was dedicated to his father who died in his arms. You can feel the sadness and pain too, but there's still happiness.

I was first introduced to X Japan through this song, the instrumental version. I can't believe it came from a heavy metal rock band. Blame Tears, because now I am hardcore into X Japan.

7 Forever Love
8 Say Anything

How couldn't this song rank at the top? Its melody is too beautiful, and it might be as good as Endless Rain too.

You know, I like Art of Life, Endless Rain, and Tears better, but this song definitely deserves to be in the top 10. I'm surprised it's this low.

9 Silent Jealousy

Since the first time I heard this song, I loved it. I was expecting a melodic piano song, then boom! Explosive guitar. The solo is just amazing. It's melodic and aggressive. I think the best part is Toshi's singing. You can feel the sadness and emotion in his voice: "You dyed my heart in blood. No way to kill my sadness." Alongside Forever Love, this will always be my favorite X song.

Everything about this song is spectacular. It has to be heard to be believed. I love the heck out of this song, but it also makes me very sad because few people in the United States have ever heard it. If you're going to introduce anyone to X Japan, this is the perfect place to start.

10 Rose of Pain

I love the original version of this song, but everyone should listen to the live acoustic version before casting their vote.

It adds a whole new dimension of passion and beauty to this song that rivals the more famous emotional ballads like Endless Rain and transforms it into one of the most spectacular moments in Japanese rock history.

People usually associate this song with Elizabeth Bathory's life story. Ignore that perspective. In an implicit way, there is a "meaning" that is deeper than estimated. I can't speak thoroughly, but it refers to his father.

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11 Dahlia

This song describes the band's character: very powerful, memorable, progressive, and romantic. Hands down to Dahlia.

Powerful opening that carries all the way through, beautiful lyrics, inspiring. This has to be one of their most iconic songs.

12 Sadistic Desire

Best speed metal X Japan music. Very psycho and gloomy.

13 X

It's their anthem. Couldn't say much about it.

It's like with this song, they can call upon an army of X Freaks all around the world to sing along with them.

14 Standing Sex
15 Longing - Togireta Melody

I like the melody a lot, especially when Yoshiki is playing the piano and Hide is doing the guitar. The lyrics are awesome too. Maybe the song moved me because it could be transformed into an orchestra performing version. I would recommend this since it's one of my favorite songs from X Japan.

How come this song hasn't been mentioned yet?

The lyrics could be a bit stagnant, but this song has the most beautiful orchestral play, with beautiful piano tunes and a beautiful melody as well.

This has to be one of the best songs from the album Dahlia. Beautiful piano and orchestra.

"Sing without you, I'll sing without you, can you feel my pain?"

16 Joker
17 Scars

Best song from X Japan, period. No other song even comes close. The guitar riff, the vocal melodies, the solo, the break, everything is perfect. This is the only X Japan song that you can hear over and over throughout the years and it never gets old. Masterpiece.

If you listen to the last live version, you'll know the guitar solos and drum beat are pretty good. The guitar solo was extremely the best from hide.

Scars in The Last Live's version was too great! I've heard it many times, and hide's intro always gives me chills. Best song ever.

18 I.V.

The melody is a combination of hard and soft music, both piercing into my emotions deeply. Though I heard some negative comments about this song being the Saw IV main theme, I personally enjoy it anyway, be it the original version or the classical one. Yoshiki's piano is badass.

First song I heard by them. I can't remember where I heard it from. It was a while ago, but it's still my favorite of all time by them. I just like how his voice sounds in this song. It's just a really good song. It's just a pure classic.

19 Blue Blood

This song is just amazing! Full of energy! It's all you need to wake up in the morning or just to uplift the mood.

The riff, theming, and melodies are some of X Japan's best.

20 Without You

One of their greatest songs. Deserves to be in the top ten! Very touching, expressing grief and agony.

A very touching and beautiful song that shows so much sadness and pain.

This just has to be in the top 10. Please, guys, this song deserves that!

21 Stab Me in the Back
22 Drain

One of Hide's great masterpieces, or should I say, a song that delivers the most goosebumps ever. The music video is so unsettling, but I can't help admiring how powerful this song is. It's a shame this one is so underrated. You guys should listen to this for an instant ecstasy.

23 Weekend

It's the ultimate energy song feel-wise. It's in your face, with balls-to-the-wall riffs, fierce bass playing, and perhaps the greatest harmony in a rock song (not power/symphonic metal) with many instruments. The lyrics are unexpectedly about suicide/death on the weekend.

I think Weekend is the best song for me because this song has the best guitar solo of any other X Japan songs. I wonder why this song is not in the top 30. This song could be in the top 10 at least.

This song is really good. I wonder how this is not in the top 4 or 6. If you listen to the Last Live version, you'll know how sweet the guitar solos and drum beats are. This song reminds me of my high school life.

24 Orgasm
25 Jade

The whole song is totally incredible. The chorus is the best for me, even though the intro is too heavy. Overall, beautiful melody.

Is it a joke? Freak, this song is so many things together, really great! You guys have to listen to this song.

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